Dapai Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review
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Dapai Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

There has been significant improvement in the field of technology and it has led to the invention of mind-boggling devices and electronic gadgets. What if I tell you that storing fresh fruits and vegetables just got upgraded a notch higher or two? One may argue that refrigerator can serve the same purpose. But it has become too clichéd, hasn’t it? Besides, there are other things that need more attention in the fridge than vegetables and fruits, particularly after the invention of this staggering device. DaPai has invented the new Automatic Dapai Vacuum Sealer that is capable of storing fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh for days. Let us now dive a little deeper and find out what exactly it is, and how it works.

key Features of the Dapai Vacuum Sealer

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  • One of the most viable substitutions for the storage space of fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator, the Automatic Vacuum Sealer can store fruits and vegetables easily for days, without compromising on its quality.
  • There are two different kinds of sealing modes according to the need of preservation. The ‘VAC Seal’ creates a vacuum and stores the fruits and vegetables inside it, while, the ‘Man Seal’ mode lets air pass in it, but sealing the opening in order to prevent the fruits from getting stale.
  • One can use it store cooked foods, grain, medicinal materials, canned jars, and other marinated boxes, thus highlighting more than mere fruits and vegetables. And it does not stop here. If you are thinking that this machine is limited to only storing food items, you are completely mistaken. DaPai realizes the importance of traveling and camping and that is the reason why you can store dry fruits and other camping travel essentials in this Dapai vacuum sealer.
  • Be it documents, clothes, books, jewelry, or any other valuables that you wish to keep away from spying eyes, this is the place for you. This can take in everything and anything yet does not fall prey to easy traps and is extremely essential to preserve your items in the right place.
  • Noise cancellation is at its best as compared to other products of its class. It ensures that everything you keep here, stays sound and tight in this smart vacuum environment.
  • The quintessential starter kit, which includes 10 pieces of 8 x 12” kit for food saver comes with the package, so that you do not need to invest any further and Dapai vacuum sealer can be used with canisters and tube as well (not included in the pack).

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Benefits of using DaPai Automatic Sealer

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  • Easy and simple to use, this machine is completely automatic, and shuts itself down when not in use. Not only does it decrease the effort required behind this, but also cuts on the electricity, at the same time, doing its job.
  • Basically anything and everything that is meant to be stored in a vacuum environment can be sealed using the machine.
  • Can also be used to store dry fruits and other camping travel essentials in the vacuum sealer.
  • Makes zero noise and helpful in maintaining a peaceful environment.

Compare DaPai Vacuum Sealer v/s Useful UH-VS140 Vacuum Sealer

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  • Though both the products are equally matched and at the same price point, there are a few differences that set them apart. The strong built-in Piston pumps in the UH-VS140 model enjoy a slight advantage over the DaPai model, with no such facility. Though it hardly makes a difference, the piston pumps are essential mainly keeping dry fruits safe while trekking or camping for long days.
  • The sealing modes in UH-VS140 vacuum sealer feel a little cheaper with just normal and dry modes, compared to the Dapai powerful and sophisticated VAC Seal and Man seal modes, which seal and create vacuum a touch better than its counterpart.
  • Though both the machines are on equal terms as far as the storage is concerned, the UH-VS140 model feels a bit bigger compared to its counterpart, rolling up to 12 inches wide and can be an easy fit for canisters and tubes. However, in the DaPai model, canisters and tubes can be incorporated with ease as well.
  • The Commercial quality sealer is better in terms of storing food in the DaPai model, when compared to the UH-VS140 model. Both are better than the conventional models; however DaPai enjoys a slight advantage here.

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DaPai Automatic Vacuum Sealer- A product best fit for domestic purposes

A lot of customers have been raising the question whether this product is fit for industrial purposes or not! While the answer is no, one can most definitely use it for domestic purposes. Storing things on a small quantity will benefit the item and expand its life span rather than trying to fit in everything at once, which would have been the case if it was used for industrial purposes.

The small structure and the fact that this can be used to store vegetables and valuable documents is itself an indication that this product is made for nuclear families for domestic purposes only.

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Using the DaPai Vacuum Sealer

How can I not use this small portable storage container especially when this is drawing more attention that anything right now. I must say that I am extremely impressed by its applications. As mentioned earlier, this product is extremely easy to operate and is completely automatic, thus reducing all the work.

Just provide it with all the things that you wish to store at a leisure pace and sit back and relax while it makes its own space and store everything on its own, saving a lot of time and energy. The modes work just fine, particularly with all the food items stored in it. It can easily store food items for more than a week without compromising on their quality.

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Final Verdict

I do not need to put further stress on the fact that this is a must have device at your place if you are running short on storage places. Even if you are not, this is worth every penny spent on it and you should definitely look forward to having one at your place

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