Detis Vacuum Sealer Review

Detis Vacuum Sealer Review – Does it comparable with Foodsaver?

In order to be practical, we always had the intuition to save money the best as we can. Likewise, we don’t want to waste out a lot of food just to be spoiled or consume too much electricity using refrigerators for the sake of storing unnecessary food. That is why a lot of consumers purchase on vacuum sealer to address this problem. Vacuum sealing refers to the method of packing foods in a bag enclosed air-tightly preventing any oxidation or spoilage to happen. Detis Vacuum Sealer plus Starter Kit is one of these vacuum sealers that is being sold now in the market.

Detis Vacuum Sealer Review

This vacuum sealer is totally cheap suited upon those who want to try vacuum sealing for the first time. It has a simple sealing mechanism with food preservation up to 7x longer than normal spoilage duration.

If you’re interested in the Detis Vacuum Sealer, then check this review to know more.

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  • User-Friendly Interface

Operation of the device is quite easy. You don’t need to read the instruction manual to follow through the processes of vacuum sealing. Its main interface locating on the top portion of the Detis Vacuum Sealer includes menus and buttons to carry out the operation. Consecutively, there are five buttons intuitively use for vacuum sealing and pressure application within the bags.

  • Versatile Food Storage Application

The device is developed to be used for different food storage applications. It could be used into dry or moist food including processed meats, foods, and vegetables, liquid packaging, and canister-sealed goods. Aside from that, the pressure is readily adjusted with two options, normal and gentle operation.

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  • Hard to Clean

The Detis Vacuum Sealer does not have a water or stain resistant body. More likely, you’ll clean the surface of the device if it got smudged upon with food residues. Also, another problem is dust accumulation along the process. Make sure to clean your device before utilization it.

  • No Built-in Cutter

Unlike any other vacuum sealers, there is no integrated cutter that is pre-attached for this device. Nonetheless, you really have to bring on scissors or a cutter to facilitate the process of vacuum sealing. It may sound tedious but totally worth it for the cheap price to pay for this device.


Key Features of the Detis Vacuum Sealer plus Starter Kit

Key Features of the Detis Vacuum Sealer plus Starter Kit

Multiple Vacuum Sealing Modes and Functions
Sealing processes accommodate various modes that could be adjusted according to the type of food that you wanted to pack on. It perfectly sealed upon dry or moist foods which include meats, sous vide, fruits, and vegetables. It stores also liquid though you really just need to freeze it on before sealing. Aside from that, it seals or marinates foods through vacuum containers or canisters.

Powerful Suction Pressure
This new Detis model invigorates with a maximum of -0.75 MPa governing pressure. This Vac Strength pump includes adjusted two pressure modes, the gentle and normal as needed. Also, the Detis Vacuum Sealer incorporates a three-layered heating system to efficiently seal food bags even those which are moist or wet.

Fast Operation
You’ll be saving too much time with the utilization of this vacuum sealer. It operates quickly just within 10 seconds. Dry sealing which normally employs normal pressure lasts for 6 seconds while moist sealing accompanied with gentle pressure lasts for about 9 seconds on sealing.

Compactly and Engineered Design
This device is readily portable weighing about 4.09 pounds. This is a white polished device shaped rectangle-like measuring about 15.1 x 6.1 x 2.9 inches with curving on the sides of the device. Its interface is black coated with single touch operation menu. It is durably made incorporating quality and occupying less space needed for the operation.

Cater Different Bags
Though the device incorporates BPA-free bags, it does not mean that this bag exclusively should use this type of bags. Nonetheless, there are a lot of bag types that you could use to seal upon these bags. Maximum bag size it caters could go beyond up to 11.8 inches.

What users saying about Detis Vacuum Sealer plus Starter Kit?

There is really limited reviews as related to this product. But nonetheless, most of these reviews are quite positive saying how the product is easy and convenient to use. It has a simple operation with an intuitive interface. Also, there are those who adore the product’s design. Its surface may not be stain or water resistant, but the device efficiently still runs despite such flaw.

What users saying about Detis Vacuum Sealer plus Starter Kit?

Other than that, the device is very lightweight and compactly made. It consumes less space perfectly to be utilized in the kitchens. The product is versatile managing a number of sealing methods from dry, moist, to canister based processes. It is safely utilized, proven to be effective according to numerous lab tests.

Though, the device does not have some add-ons that some vacuum sealers incorporates. However, you could add some features to a vacated port intended for some of these features. But nonetheless, with the price of the device, it is readily understandable why the device lacks some features.

Compare with Foodsaver FM2435-ECR vs Detis Vacuum Sealer plus – Which is the best?

The first thing you’ll observe on while comparing these devices is the price. Foodsaver FM2435-ECR is more expensive about two times as the latter. Though looking at the features and the material build, it’s obvious that Foodsaver FM2435-ECR has definitely an edge as compared to the model being reviewed here.

Compare with Foodsaver FM2435-ECR vs Detis Vacuum Sealer plus - Which is the best?

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It also has a handheld sealer with patentable dishwasher safe dip tray that eases out the sealing process. This is indeed something to look out for vacuum sealing methods since we need to ensure the cleanliness and organization of the method itself.

But nonetheless, this is just minor features. Both devices employ excellent vacuum sealing techniques. Like Foodsaver, Detis also caters multiple types of food packaging from dry to moist foods. It efficiently sealed foods as necessary as it is.

Likewise, the increase in price is mainly for the additional add-ons and the quality that the FoodSaver vacuum sealing device incorporates. If you are just looking for cheap and simple vacuum sealing operation, then it’s more practical to use Detis Vacuum Sealer plus as needed.

Does it worth the money you spend on it?

Absolutely, yes. It’s relatively very decent for the price it incorporates. It has excellent vacuum sealing quality catering different food types and multiple bag sizes. Aside from some lacking add-ons, there is nothing to complain about this Detis Vacuum Sealer. Nonetheless, it is readily portable and extremely lightweight with a sleek design that you’ll really love on having.

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How better than any top rated Vacuum sealer?

With all the lacking features, in modest honesty, it really won’t get near to premium vacuum sealers that are very expensive to purchase on. Nonetheless, it will certainly compete on with related products on the same range of prices it incorporates.

This product not just induces cheapness but also quality comparable to vacuum sealers even those who are more expensive than this brand. This vacuum sealer may not come from a known brand, but it will definitely worth a shot of buying it.


A lot of people opted to buy cheap products. But nonetheless, a low-quality product could be bought only at a cheap price. Likewise, there are a lot of affordable products that induces quality even better than those expensive ones.

Nevertheless, this Detis Vacuum Sealer is just one of those products. If you are finding a vacuum sealer promoting cost-efficient price and astounding quality, then this product would definitely a must try.

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