10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Acupuncture

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works

If you want to keep your best furry friend around for as long as possible, then you must check out the top 10 dog cushings disease natural treatment that works.

We have gathered a complete list of the best remedies that Mother Nature has to provide, which can prolong the lifespan of your pet, as well as to relieve the unpleasant symptoms, related to dog cushings disease.

On the one hand, dog cushings disease is a tricky one because it is very easy to confuse the indications that show something with your buddy is going wrong. But on the other hand, luckily, we are living in times when all the valuable information we need is only a click away, thanks to the open Internet communication.

Here are some of the most common signs which need to raise your attention that something might be going on with your fluffy pal, and you have to be watchful and prepared to act accordingly.

  1. Your dog has a huge appetite
  2. Your dog starts to urinate very often and more than it typically does
  3. Your dog wants to drink much more water than a typical daily portion
  4. You may notice various skin problems to hit your doggy
  5. Certain infections may tend to occur repeatedly as if becoming cyclic
  6. Your dog’s muscles can become weaker and this is easy to feel by the touch
  7. You may notice changes in your dog’s belly zone, such as obesity or/and bloating
  8. Your dog might start running out of breath often; it can also begin panting even without undergoing any physical activities
  9. Dogs who are already diagnosed with advanced conditions of pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism can show neurologic changes in their attitude
  10. Increased hair loss, even in the months when your dog is not supposed to change its fur


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Unfortunately, all of these signs can be deceiving, as they are also typical for other dog diseases, as well. Thus, your wisest decision would be to trust the professionals and ask for consultation the sooner you notice anything abnormal. Also, bear in mind that these signs are not to show simultaneously and it is often the case that your Cushingoid doggy can exhibit just some of those symptoms.

But what causes dog cushings disease in the first place? One of the major reasons for this unpleasant condition is linked to hormones. If your dog’s body produces too much cortisol, this can turn into dog cushings disease. On another note, corticosteroid drugs, such as prednisone, can also affect adversely your dog’s inner system and lead to various health concerns, including dog cushings disease. Thirdly, the cause for your buddy’s condition can be due to the presence of a tumor in the pituitary gland.

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But what causes dog cushings disease in the first place? One of the major reasons for this unpleasant condition is linked to hormones. If your dog’s body produces too much cortisol, this can turn into dog cushings disease. On another note, corticosteroid drugs, such as prednisone, can also affect adversely your dog’s inner system and lead to various health concerns, including dog cushings disease. Thirdly, the cause for your buddy’s condition can be due to the presence of a tumor in the pituitary gland.

You can identify the symptoms by running a blood test,  urine test, or abdominal ultrasound. You can also identify it by undergoing an ACTH stimulation test, in combination with a low dose and high dose dexamethasone suppression test.

Fortunately, in the case your dog hasn’t entered a more serious stage of the disease, you will be advised to monitor your pet and no treatment will be assigned unless the symptoms start worsening in time.

The other two options include hormonal therapy for repressing cortisol production, or surgery if a tumor needs and can be removed. However, it does not all sum down to suppressing cortisol levels because overdoing so can lead to the opposite problem, the so-called Addison’s disease.

How Long Can Your Dog Live with Cushing’s Disease?

If your furry buddy is diagnosed with canine cushings disease, the expected lifespan is an average of two to three years. It highly depends where exactly did the problem originate. For example, if the adrenal glands are involved in developing your dog’s condition, then you can prolong its life for an average of three years.

If the problem is located in the pituitary glands, then the expected lifespan of your dog is about two years. In the case additional tumor spreads or blood clot in the lungs appear, then you ought to consider whether it’s best to keep your pal on the brink of survival and pain, or humanely euthanize it.

The bright side is that if you get to diagnose your dog’s condition on time, you will be able to do everything possible to help your fluffy buddy enjoy a few more happy and vital years together. Furthermore, adequate treatment is obligatory so that you can avoid health issues, such as infection or diabetes, which are frequent complications of the canine cushing’s disease.

That’s why it is utterly important to stay calm and positive and help your furry friend in the best way to reduce the chance of further reducing its life expectancy because of the additional risks and difficulties.

Natural alternatives for treating dog cushing’s disease can help you ease your pet’s condition and pains. Nevertheless, doing the best for your buddy by employing some of these natural treatments can grant you more days, months, or even years together. Keep in mind that you should always monitor your dog’s behavior and the way it reacts to the therapy.

Some of these remedies from Mother Nature will work better than others and it all depends on the unique system of your dog. Observation is your best move, along with patience and a positive attitude. Don’t forget that your furry friend feels how you resonate, so by sending supportive vibes, you can work on a deeper than body level.

Below are the 10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment that you may apply to improve dog health:

1. Herbs for Detoxification

Dandelion root is one of the hottest recommendations for detoxifying your dog’s gallbladder and liver. It helps to balance the digestion and thus assists in the better management of canine cushing’s disease. Dandelion is very high in antioxidants and fibers, as well. When it comes to complications, such as diabetes and infections, this herbal warrior can assist in alleviating the risk of developing further health concerns.

That’s because dandelion is known as positively affecting blood sugar levels and skin contaminations. The additional active compounds found in dandelion include Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Calcium, which are also extremely important for assisting the right body functions of your buddy. You can choose to use both the dry dandelion root in the form of tea or hot baths, or you can also opt for dandelion-infused supplements, such as capsules.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works

Boiling dandelion tea and adding it to your dog’s food and beverages is always a great idea but on another note, supplements are much more concentrated and their efficacy is considered greater than using herbal potions on their own.

Burdock is another robust detoxifier. In fact, it is often compared with the benefits of dandelion and both of these natural remedies are considered powerful and safe for your dog. Burdock can help to remove byproducts from the body. It is a potent blood purifier, and even though it is usually referred to as a milder treatment, as opposed to dandelion, you can still include it in your dog’s routine.

Nonetheless, Burdock is also a prevention means for diabetes, and research shows it aids in improving arthritis and combating cancer, as well. We can say that Dandelion cleanses the liver while Burdock cleanses the blood. Both of the herbs can be used simultaneously without affecting adversely other current treatments by prescription.

Milk Thistle is one of the herbs which slightly tend to lack behind in popularity for treating dog’s cushing’s disease but it is a good idea to think twice about its magnificent benefits. In fact, Milk Thistle has been used for centuries for treating various liver problems. This bright, purple-coloured flower is acknowledged for improving blood sugar levels.

Moreover, it is praised for its abilities to reduce the growth of cancer cells and affect positively the prostate and lungs. On another note, this herb has powerful anti-aging properties which can help to increase the lifespan of your dog. Much like with the two herbs mentioned above, you can use Milk Thistle both in the form of herbal tea, supplement, or combination of both.

Rosehip is among the little-known treatments for canine cushing’s disease. However, it carries an array of possible benefits especially when it comes to treating skin infections. Rosehip is abundant in Vitamin C. In fact, it is one of the best sources of this vital element, which helps to boost the immune system. Nonetheless, the Indians used to prepare compresses from rosehip to successfully treat wounds, scabs, and irritation.

Ginkgo Biloba hides another powerful quality for helping dogs, affected by the cushing’s disease. This well-known remedy has shown to decrease the speed of adrenal hormone release in the body. As Ginkgo Biloba helps to slow down this process, it also aids in managing lack of energy by benefiting the cognitive function. By increasing the proper blood flow, Ginkgo Biloba can also help to prolong the lifespan of your pet.

Turmeric is heaven-sent for fighting inflammation, which is mostly due to the unique active compound, called coumarin. Being choke-full of antioxidants, turmeric also helps to protect the heart and reduce the risk of developing issues, related to diabetes.

However, you must be careful when dosing turmeric for your dog, as the active elements in the herb are known for their ability to thin the blood. That means too much can lead to nausea. Apart from the convenient supplements, you can also stir a homemade turmeric paste for your dog.

Then again, make sure to start small and gradually increase the intake of the potion while observing your dog’s reaction to the treatment. Usually, one-eighth teaspoon of turmeric per 10 pounds body weight of your pet should be more than enough for a start. Mix one cup filtered water with ½ cup turmeric powder, ½ cup coconut oil, and add 1 and ½ teaspoon of freshly ground pepper. Pour the water and the turmeric in a suitable pot and cook for 8 to 10 minutes on medium heat. Don’t forget to stir the concoction well. Afterward, remove from the heat and add the coconut oil.

Proceed with adding the freshly ground black pepper, stir well, and leave it aside to cool down. You can store the paste in clean, dry, glass jars in the refrigerator and feed your dog with the paste daily or every other day. Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks. As mentioned above, you can continually increase the dosage from ⅛ teaspoon to ¼ for the first two weeks, and continue raising the proportions slowly, keeping track of your dog’s response to the treatment.

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2. Herbal Tinctures

Beneficial combinations of the herbs listed above can also be utilized in the form of a tincture. Being completely natural, tinctures are very easy to use and include to your dog’s daily routine. Moreover, some of these come in a potent combination of more than one of the herbal infusions we mentioned. On another note, tinctures are very concentrated and you will need only little amount at a time.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Herbal Tinctures

Nevertheless, their convenient dropper dispensers make it effortless to control the dosage. Thus, you can choose to increase it or subsequently decrease it with regards to the effect on your dog’s current condition. Tinctures have a good shelf-life and are trouble-free to store and use for long periods without constantly having to boil the herbs. These also make a suitable option for dogs, which don’t seem to enjoy swallowing capsules or pills.

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3. Put all chemicals away

As part of a suitable natural treatment regimen, it is crucial that you understand well the harm that various chemicals can be doing to your beloved furry friend. Even innocent tools, such as flea control can affect negatively the condition of your dog. Certain vaccinations should also be avoided, if possible, to ensure that your dog’s body will be free of intoxicating substances.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Put all chemicals away

Skip the dog’s shampoos and conditioners and opt for all-natural alternatives which are absolutely free of synthetics or chemicals. Even though you are only using these topically, many of the present ingredients can enter the bloodstream, and despite their small quantity, these tend to gradually accumulate in the system of your dog.

Throw away any powders you might be using, as well as avoid exposing your pet to conventional perfumes, sprays, or deodorants. Bear in mind that while you are putting on a particular aromatic product on yourself, the tiny particles still roam in the air and get in touch with your pet. Even the smallest step for preventing chemical penetration can prolong the lifespan of your fellow, and we know that every single day counts.

4. Change your dog’s diet

Much like with humans, the food we choose to consume has a huge impact on our overall well-being. It is much the same when it comes to dogs, so changes in your pet’s diet plan are obligatory if you want to help your fluffy pal. Furthermore, a proper nutrition program will help to boost the health benefits of other natural treatments you are providing for your pet.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Change your dog’s diet

Your best move is to completely stop your dog’s grain intake. The most suitable diet will be high in quality sources of protein. Dog canned food is also recommended but it has to be top quality. Great protein sources for your cushingoid dog include cottage cheese, raw eggs, organic raw lean meat, as well as probiotic-enriched yogurt. Brown rice, quinoa, and lentils, among others, are fantastic options for providing your dog’s body with essential healthy elements. Raw or boiled fruit and vegetables but especially those low in carbs and starch are also a must.

Adding fish oil or flaxseed oil to your dog’s diet can greatly improve your dog’s condition. That’s because the Omega fats balance is crucial for maintaining steady blood sugar levels and a stable, proper blood flow.

5. Acupuncture

Though some people may find acupuncture a very unusual method for alleviating the issues, related to dog’s cushings disease, you might be missing a lot. Yes, acupuncture is not a miracle overnight treatment but it can largely decrease some symptoms, including nausea and lack of appetite.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Acupuncture

On another note, you will only need to undergo the acupuncture procedures about every two months. Despite not being the ultimate cure, this method will make the condition much more tolerable. Doing so will also help to avoid complications, related to diabetes, as well as liver and kidney failure.

6. Sulphur

Sulphur is listed by experts as one of the suitable alternatives to conventional treatments for dog’s cushing’s disease. You can find both Hepar Sulphur and Sulphur available on the market. The primary purpose of adding Hepar Sulphur to your dog’s regimen is to help heal infections.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Sulphur

On the other hand, Sulphur is best prescribed for its ability to reduce thirst and moreover, to improve digestion. Sulphur itself is a chemical element which is essential for life and long-known by the ancient nations of the Egyptians, Chinese, and the Greek.

In fact, it is also mentioned in the Bible under the name “brimstone.” This element is found naturally in many meteorites, however, most of the sulphur products on the market are created through a chemical reaction for removing sulfates from petroleum and natural gas.

7. Mercurius

Mercurius, or also known as Mercurius solubilis, is a homeopathic remedy which is shown to decrease symptoms, such as thirst and digestive issues as well. It is derived from cinnabar. This natural element is a red, bright mineral. This particular mineral consists of mercury sulphites.

Even though mercury is listed as poisonous, it is being treated in special ways which remove the toxic properties entirely. Mercurius is shown to address well issues, related to an enlarged liver. In the world of homeopathy, Mercurius is also prescribed to patients for relieving and alleviating chickenpox, cystitis, and gingivitis, among others.

8. Arsenicum

Arsenicum’s beneficial properties are similar to those of Sulphur, however, there are some differences as well. Arsenicum is part of the top four recommendations for treating dogs Cushing’s disease, according to an intricate research of experts on pet holistic care.

It serves for relieving vomiting and nausea but also stimulating the proper function of the digestive system. Arsenicum is a suitable option for addressing skin problems in their various forms, such as burning, itching or scaly patches. It is a good means for aiding in excessive thirst issues. Urination concerns can also be treated successfully with the implementation of Arsenicum.

9. Seaweed

The various kinds of seaweed deserve a special place in the list of the ten natural treatments for dogs’ cushing’s disease, due to their one of a kind structure and genetics. The underwater environment creates powerful beings, which are highly beneficial for both humans’ and pets’ well-being. Rich in selenium and iodine, seaweed is a mighty booster of the adrenal function.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - Seaweed

Moreover, the combination of these two essential elements and a blend of Vitamin C has a fantastic impact on improving the work of both the immune and the digestive system of your dog. On another note, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of seaweed are so strong, that research shows its correlation to decreasing tumor size. And nevertheless, seaweed-rich diet has shown to prevent cancer.   

10. More time spent in nature

Sometimes unfairly underestimated, walks in nature are one of the best things you can do for your dog’s sake and health. Physical activities lower the risk of your dog becoming sedentary and subsequently obese and also make it possible for you to prolong your pet’s life.

10 Dog Cushings Disease Natural Treatment That Works - More time spent in nature

On another note, walks in nature will help to speed up the proper blood flow of both you and your buddy while supplying the cells with oxygen, instead of polluted air, filled with toxic particles and substances.

The Bottom Line

Life is never easy when you hear the verdict dog’s cushing’s disease. We all love our incredible fellows so much that having to see them suffer equals the same amount of pain to be experienced by owners.

However, by adopting the most suitable out of the 10 dog cushings disease natural treatment that works, you can enjoy more time with your beloved furry friend and help to reduce future problems, related to the disease.

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