Dolphin 99996403-PC review - How it's pool filtration system work?

Dolphin 99996403-PC review – How it’s pool filtration system work?

Having a pool at home definitely has a lot of perks but most pool owners would probably wish to just skip the cleaning process. Who wouldn’t be? The mere thought of spending hours of your spare time scrubbing and sweeping different kinds of debris may not exactly be on anyone’s to-do list of how to spend their free time. It is a good thing that we now have a lot of modern cleaning inventions like “Dolphin 99996403-PC” that will make this chore convenient to do.

Dolphin 99996403-PC review

In the world of robotic pool cleaning, 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is definitely a front runner and this Dolphin 99996403-PC review will highlight all its strengths and why it can be a perfect choice for you as well.


  • Filters are easy to clean and maintain, which includes a spring clean-up options
  • Does not create irritating sounds when it operates unlike some robotic pool cleaners that tend to make awful noise.
  • Cleans in a timely manner for approximately 2.5 hours only
  • Easy to install and use. Once submerged in the water, just plug it and it’s ready for work


  • Replacement filters are very expensive, in case it breaks down, but in which case, Dolphin 99996403 is durable and has an increased tool life and has an easy-fix modular components for easy replacement with less cost.
  • Weighs heavy especially under water. Due to the solid and robust construction the machine may tend to be heavy like any other robotic pool cleaners.
  • Cleaning pattern is a little inconsistent. However, given the time and its sensor technology that works on its own system, all areas are covered at the end of cleaning.

Dolphin 99996403-PC review – At a Glance

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Key Features of The Dolphin 99996403-PC

Dolphin 99996403-PC review

Patented Swivel Cable

As one of the most prevailing problems with robotic pool cleaners and other corded tools, Dolphin 99996403-PC employs a system that allows its free movement in the water without the cable getting tangled and may hinder the continuous operation.

With the patented swivel cable, it allows the cord to rotate in 360 degrees, as this robotic cleaner move around the pool so it stays free and clear for a compete full cleaning coverage.

CleverClean Technology

Exclusive to Dolphin cleaners only, it makes sure that the entire pool is clean with no debris left and area missed out.

This technology allows thorough cleaning including the floor, tile lines, walls, and steps of your in-ground pool with the maximum length of 50 feet. Hence, Dolphin 99996403-PC will leave your pool crystal clear when it’s done.

Pool Scanning

Similar to a vehicle GPS, this Dolphin cleaner is designed with an integrated smart software that scans the dimension and shape of the pool for optimal coverage regardless of the size and form.

To ensure efficient and timely operation, knowing the pool’s area allows this robotic pool cleaner to create a systematic route to maximize the cleaning process.

Efficient Filtration System

Dolphin 99996403-PC is built with an extra-large top access filter system that features two full set of different filter cartridges for removing different sizes of debris for a thorough cleaning operation.

It comes with a pleated polyester fiber set and the mesh screen for fine and coarse filtration respectively.  In this way, large, medium and small-sized particles are filtered out efficiently leaving zero dirt in the pool.

Self-Contained Filter

By working independently from the pool’s pump and filter results to using less energy to clean the pool and decrease the need to backwash your pool filter by as much as 30 percent.

Through this, it does not only help you save on energy but also time and money and most importantly, this water circulation and filtration system eliminate the use of any chemicals that is not good to your health.

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Compare Dolphin 99996403-PC vs. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic

Having individual unique features, let us see the how the Dolphin 99996403- PC compares to the Polaris F9559 Sport Robotic.

Aquadynamic in design, Polaris F9559 Sport features oscillating brushes that removes stubborn dirt as it moves swiftly around the pool and climbing through the walls with its four-wheel drive. The Dolphin 99996403, however, employs an all surface PVC bristle brushes and climbing rings that allow it to scrub and climbs the pool virtually as well.

Both robotic cleaners work with a sensor technology for an optimal cleaning and navigation for a wide coverage. The Polaris features ActivMotion Sensor Technology, while Dolphin has a built-in software installed for it.

Polaris is designed with a Propriety Vortex Vacuum Technology that picks up larger debris and store in a large filter canister. Debris that is etched under the stairs and small corners are removed by its forceful rear water repulsion water system. Dolphin 99996403, on the other hand, has its own filter system with two different cartridges for different sizes of debris.

The Dolphin robotic cleaner is updated by a weekly timer. The Polaris F9559 however, with its highly advanced features and the system has a 7-day programming timer, pre-programmed cleaning patterns and even has a motion sensing hand remote for a more convenient cleaning operation. Thus, it is more expensive than the two.

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What users saying about Dolphin 99996403-PC

This is by far the best investment for any home pool owners. I went through extensive research about different pool cleaners before deciding on this Dolphin robotic. The scrubbing and smart technology of this cleaner is what sold me after comparing it with others. I love that it is very easy to use and after the first 30 minutes of cleaning, you can already see the results.

Dolphin 99996403-PC scrubs the floor and even gets in the slopes really well. It climbs the walls with no issues too. And the best part is, the cord does not get tangled, which can be totally irritating with my other corded tools. We super love ours and even gave it a name. Cleaning our pool has never been better.

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Dolphin 99996403-PC performance review compared to its price

Among the different types of pool cleaning devices, robotic cleaners are obviously the most expensive. Rightfully so, it is because of its highly advanced and innovated smart technology that works efficiently and conveniently. It cleans the entire pool from all kinds and sizes of debris and even climbs through the walls and through the stairs, which other methods cannot reach.

Dolphin 99996403- PC works independently from the pool’s filtration system, hence it actually saves on the energy consumption. It is easy to install and maintain. This Dolphin robotic cleaner is updated by a weekly timer to ensure the quality of performance.

One of its great features is, Dolphin Nautilus 99996403-PC is eco-friendly and safe as it does not use any chemicals when cleaning. And it reduces your cleaning time by a long shot, as it can scrub, vacuum, filters and cleans your entire pool in just 2.5 hours. As it is said, the value of time and effort is priceless.

And ensuring your safety is a top priority, which is why it is worth every penny spent. It may be expensive but will all its benefits, you will get a great value for your money and will surely pay off eventually as you will be using this robotic cleaner for a long time.

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Final Verdicts

Considering its great features, superior performance, and convenience of use, Dolphin 99996403- PC is for me a good choice for home pool owners to keep their pool clean. With the time and effort saved by having a cleaner that works efficiently and intelligently, it is definitely a wise investment.

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