Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean Review - Few mentioned disadvantages

Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean Review – Few Mentioned Disadvantages

Swimming is one of family or friends’ ultimate bonding activity. We tend to rent around pools or go to beaches to get a dip, dive, and flaunt through the heat of the sun. Nonetheless, it is important to every pool or beach owner to keep the water conducive and clean as much as possible. Though there are manual pool cleaners existing nowadays, these cleaners are somewhat energy intensive, especially for large and highly crowded pools. That is why, if you are in a rush, then you should purchase this all-new Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean. This automated pool vacuum cleaner provides power and efficiency to your cleaning system.

Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean Review


To know more about this amazing pool cleaner, then take a peek at this review given below.

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  • Innovative CleverClean Technology

This 14 kg automated pool cleaner incorporates a software that efficiently scans and navigates the pool to clean and scrubs as necessary. It allows the device to climb the walls and clean the drains. Aside from that, this premium technology is highly flexible to wide-ranging sizes of the pool. This technology empowers anti-tangling mechanism preventing coiling and twisting of cables while the device is running and in operation.

  • Active Brushing

Looking at the façade of the robotic pool cleaner locates an intuitive swiveling brush that rotates on while it is in operation. These brushes clean over even the smallest dirt and sands that usually accumulates in the pools. The brush also has the capability to remove algae and even bacteria through your pools to keep you safe while utilizing it. Nonetheless, this feature is quite quick. It is said to be two times faster than how the device runs on.

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  • Limited Cable Reach

It is important that this device only caters pools that are 40 ft. in length. Nonetheless, its cables measure only about 50 ft long. Thus, since the pool cleaner is generally wired, it is expected that it won’t go beyond 50 ft. as needed. Though, you’ll rarely encounter pools with such length. As exception includes Olympic sized pools which measures as much as a 100 ft.

  • Weak Detachable Filter

Though the loaded filtration container on the top of the device could be readily utilized, most users noted on how poorly manufactured the design might as well the material used. It easily gets broken as it not should be. But nonetheless, these cases are quite rare among few users and the manufacturer identifies these parts as a factory defect. Once noticed with these defects, you could immediately call the attention of the manufacturer and avail their 12-month warranty.


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Key Feature of the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Highly Organize Cleaning
Every instruction for this pool cleaner is direct and understandable. All that needs to do is turn on the power plug and the device will immediately maneuver around as it scans for particulates. You’ll save time and energy for this device because it has a weekly timer that could be set on with a two hour cycle time for efficiency.

Ergonomic Design and Build
Weighing about 14 kg, this automated pool cleaner is mainly black finished atop with a high capacity filter basket that is readily identified readily polish in blue. The device runs through four gears attached on evenly to the sides of the pool cleaner intuitively. Nonetheless, the cable is linked on to a slot in the top of the device. The device is portable mainly plastic build with a water and dirt proof surface.

What users saying about Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean?



Basically, there is mixture of queries regarding this pool cleaner. Nonetheless, most of the reviews are quite a positive explaining how they love the product itself. It is completely lightweight, easy to use, and works around even at salt water. It does not just cater dirt and sands but also leaves, worms, and any insects that could swarm around the pool.


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As there are concerns related to filter container attached to the device, there are also who intuitively love the incorporation of the basket filter into atop the device. It is highly intuitive and easily clean as it should be.

Also, the device does not need to be directed upon. It cleans on without any careful supervision. Some users even left behind their pool cleaners at night

However, there are few users who have problems with the product. Aside from factory defects, most complaints were on the cleaning ability of the device. It does not remove very small dirt and algae as it should be.

Nonetheless, make sure to check your brush if it’s properly installed. Also, the device does not go well with very curvy pool surfaces. The device is generally designed for rectangular surfaces. Though there are few users who don’t have rectangular pools, still the device intuitively works as it should be.

Compare with Dolphin Escape Robotic vs. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The first time upon looking both the devices, you’ll perhaps mistake one from the other. Indeed, both pool cleaners come from the same manufacturer and even the same brand. Nonetheless, there are few differences like the technology and the design of the filter basket which is still located a top of the product itself.

At a closer look though, you’ll eventually choose on Dolphin Escape Robotic for its small and durably made design, but the truth is that both devices weighs similarly about 14 kg and ensures the same cleaning quality as what witnessed by a lot of both device’s users.


[mks_one_half]Compare with Dolphin Escape Robotic vs. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner Check Price[/mks_one_half]

[mks_one_half]Compare with Dolphin Escape Robotic vs. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner Check Price[/mks_one_half]


However, like any other product being sold, there are still complaints with Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner. Issues related to its cleaning ability by raised upon some of its users.  Though, these issues are about few so it must be a defect or a misuse as to most of its users are satisfied with the product.

Since both devices run with quality and efficiency, let’s gave the last verdict to its price. Realistically, Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is about a hundred dollar cheaper than the latter. Nonetheless, it is not just important to every user to get a decent pool cleaner but also to save money when buying it.

What’s the disadvantage of the Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean?

There are few mentioned disadvantages of this automated pool cleaner. Aside from factory defectives, some users find the device just decent for the price it has. Basically, it does excellently with its cleaning operation, but some users felt that the device should be given with such a price.

Aside from that, the reach of the device is quite limited. It does not intuitively cater pools that are beyond 50 ft. in length. It relies much on cable yet still rely on automated operations.

What’s the disadvantage of the Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean?

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The filter basket incorporated in the Dolphin Nautilus CleverClean is badly designed. Though it’s easy to use and clean, it potentially gets broken or detaches after cleaning it a few times. It’s best to carefully manage the filter to avoid such thing happening.

Basically, these disadvantages are minor ones. All of the users of the Nautilus CleverClean have different perspectives on it. Though, these are the most common complaints that few users have said upon the device.

How reasonable price according to the Dolphin Nautilus Performance?

Though there are users who felt that the device is way too overpriced for its quality, this is totally opposite to what most of its users said to the device. With its technology and cleaning ability, it does not disappoint most of the users of the device.

Yes, it’s expensive but absolutely bearable given all its amazing features that would ease every pool cleaning experience that you have. Aside from that, a lot of users had this device for months ever since its purchase. Thus, you could guarantee that is made with quality and durability.

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Final Verdicts

This product is entirely good. It’s mainly expensive but worth a shot at buying incorporated with all features it possesses. Though, we just hope that the manufacturer considers going wireless to cater on very large pools. Nonetheless, this could be a bit difficult for the manufacturer but this will serve them as a challenge on developing their product.

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