Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Triton Plus (Maytronics 99991079-PC) Review

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Clearing down particulate matter in pools is exhausting to do. This is most often recognize on large pools for which cleaning is quite difficult. Aside from that, everyone is leading a busy life whether in work or school and we all don’t have any more time to manually clean the pool as it needed to be.

That is why to save money and time, it is better to purchase a best robotic pool cleaner to ensure efficiency on cleaning your pool surfaces from the top to the bottom portions of it.

Presenting, Dolphin Triton Plus (Maytronics 99991079-PC ) Robotic Pool Cleaner. An ultimate pool cleaning system that will blow not just the dirt but also your mind away with the incorporated quality and cleaning efficiency it possesses.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in this pool cleaner, then check this review given below to find out more.

Key Feature of the Dolphin Triton Plus (Maytronics 99991079-PC) Robotic Pool Cleaner

INCORRECT Listing for Triton PS Plus
  • This is the INCORRECT listing for the Triton PS Plus.

Power Stream Technology
All new Dolphin’s pool cleaner brags about its innovative technology incorporating in-depth cleaning service and effectiveness to its users. This new technology allows the cleaner to navigate around where dirt is detected upon.

Aside from that, this cleaner ensures superior cleaning not just through tiles but also the walls of the pool. Also, it easily propels upon multiple directions to induce cleaning easily.

Intuitive Brushing Ability
Swiveling while on the operation, the device contains a large active brush rolling upon the front and the rear of the device. Mainly gray in color, this powerful mechanism effectively removes debris, very fine particulates, and any matter at different sizes that resides in the pool.

Maytronics 99991079-PC brush spins around two times faster than the speed of the pool cleaner itself.

Smart App for Control Capabilities
Install the MyDolphin app to manually steer upon your pool cleaner the way you wanted it to be. Just control on the device using a joystick or an internal gyroscope incorporated into your smartphone to control everything.

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  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate
  • High Capacity Filter Basket
  • Durably Made with Engineered Design
  • Energy Efficient Device

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  • Tangling Cable

In contrast to what the advertisement says, some users have a problem with the coiling of the cable which is 50 ft. long. It should have an anti-tangling algorithm that should be incorporated as one of the product’s features.

Nonetheless, if this won’t work and you’re annoyed with the cables, then don’t worry because you could use a caddy and your android phones on maneuvering the pool cleaner. This means that you’ll have an option to remove the cables as necessary.

  • Awkward Manual Steering

If you are a first time, then you’ll basically get confused on using your smartphones to maneuver the device itself. But nonetheless, like any other skill, it needs proper practice, timing, and finesse to do it effectively.


What users saying about Dolphin Triton Maytronics 99991079-PC

Generally, reviews are prettily positive for this device. A lot of people are satisfied with the utilization of the product. It is mainly easy to use with powerful cleaning features effectively removes all the dirt and fine particulates from the pool.

Not to mention that it also climbs the walls of the pool and cleans it as needed. It also cleans filters easily with a simple operation. It saves electricity, time, and effort on pool cleaning. Some users even tease around of buying three of this pool cleaner to show their extreme likeness for this product.

What users saying about Dolphin Triton Maytronics 99991079-PC

INCORRECT Listing for Triton PS Plus
  • This is the INCORRECT listing for the Triton PS Plus.

But nonetheless, some users just wish on that the manufacturer should consider adding cleaning mode options. It would be better to increase the cleaning cycle to three hours instead of from one to two hours.

Though still premature, a lot of users find its remote control function a bit weak. Nevertheless, the manufacturer should take time on improving also that feature.

There are also users who have queries on the dependence of the Maytronics 99991079-PC to the shape of the pool. It does not work too well with non-rectangular pools as compared to those who have structures exhibiting such shape. Other than that, issues such as tangling cable and minor defects are addressed for the device.

Compare with Hayward RC9740WCCUB SharkVac XL vs. Dolphin Triton Plus Maytronics 99991079-PC

Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner, Blue/Black/Grey

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Coming from two different manufacturers, the first time that you’ll observe with the two pool cleaners is its size. Hayward RC9740WCCUB SharkVac XL is quite bulky weighing about 22 pounds as compared to the latter which weighs about 16 pounds. Also, its design is quite really different.

ShrkVac XL is mainly white finished mainly operates through rollers while Dophin’s Triton Plus black and yellow polished with gears at the bottom of the device. But nonetheless, ShrkVac XL is made from cheap plastic and unreliable for long-term utilization as it should be.

As for its cleaning operation, both devices have great raving reviews. Though, there are really more users who have issues with ShrkVac XL than the latter.

Most problems indicating how the device does not climbs high as it should be into pool cleaning. Aside from that, the operation is a bit complicated with recurring filters that are also hard to clean and open on. Additionally, the cord tangles excessively and very disturbing upon cleaning the device.

Looking at its price, Dolphin Triton Plus is definitely more expensive than the former. But nonetheless, as a smart buyer, we should choose a product that lasts long and cleans effectively your pool the way you wanted it to be.

Money could easily be found but the effort, energy, and maintenance that you’ll spend will go wasted upon utilization of a product that you are unsure of.

What’s the disadvantage of the Dolphin Triton Plus Maytronics 99991079-PC

Generally, this product has just a few disadvantages. Most of the users are really satisfied with using the device. Though, they’ll just hope that the manufacturer should have multiple modes to extend on every cleaning cycle. An hour or two is sometimes not enough especially for cleaning large and very dirty pools.

What’s the disadvantage of the Dolphin Triton Plus Maytronics 99991079-PC

Aside from that, the smartphone app requires some improvement. It has some potential but still needs some working to be as good as it should be. Also, it would be good that the pool cleaner will include its package a remote control and caddy. Though, you could easily purchase one online if you needed it.

How reasonable price according to the Dolphin Triton Maytronics 99991079-PC spec?

If you are talking about quality and reliability, then the product is intuitively astounding. It is highly flexible cleaning different kinds of particulates and matters into the pool. It climbs the wall and has a great filtering system for which is also easily clean.How reasonable price according to the Dolphin Triton Plus spec?

Thus, the overall features and quality it manifests meets the expensive price that it possesses. Most of its users are saying how worth their investing on, knowing it lasts long and made from durable materials.

Though there are some weak features, most of those features are just add-ons and not really put effect much on the cleaning operation of the device. Overall, this device is a must-buy and worth a shot considering all the features it possesses.

Final Verdicts

This Dolphin Triton Plus (Maytronics 99991079-PC ) Robotic Pool cleaning device is literally really expensive. However, if you are looking for some quality cleaning, then this pool cleaner will absolutely suit upon its main purpose on pool cleaning. It consists of a lot of features with versatility on cleaning that you’ll really like.

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