Dyson v7 Absolute Vacuum Review

The Dyson v7 Absolute vacuum cleaner is one of the many vacuums Dyson has to offer. You may be familiar with the cordless Dyson vacuum. There are several on the market and all have similar features; we are focusing on the Dyson v7 Absolute because it has a powerful motor and lots of great features and accessories.

The V7 is an older model, as the V11 is out. However, it holds it’s value well and is still available new from many sellers.

Overall Design

Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA Cord-Free Stick Vacuum Cleaner, White

The Dyson v7 Absolute vacuum is both a stick and a handheld cordless vacuum. It doesn’t look or feel like a large traditional vacuum and that’s because it’s not.

It has a long, sleek tube with a simple component across the bottom for sucking. The motor and dustbin are on the top next to the handle which makes this ideal when switching out attachment wands.

The bagless dustbin features a new release tab on the v7 that releases the dust by pulling the lever on the top of the dustbin. This eliminates the need to get your fingers dirty by opening it from the bottom.

This new hygienic bin design lets you easily hold the dust bin over the garbage, release its contents into the trash, and keep going without the need to clean your hands or worry about dust flying onto them.

The handle on top is comfortable to hold and contains an easy on/off trigger right at your fingertip.

Right below the handle is the wand connection point where you can switch out any of the accessories to fit your need. You can remove the stick making this vacuum a standing vacuum to a quick handheld vacuum to be used in places like your car.

The long stick is narrow, making this easy to maneuver around furniture or slide under pieces of furniture. It also makes this incredibly lightweight.
Since it is cordless, it is no fuss.

You get 30 minutes of suctioning time with a full charge. When it needs to be charged, simply place it in its charging station, which can be mounted to the wall.

There are two power modes controlled by a switch on the handle. You simply slide a button on the handle to go between modes. There is a normal mode that gives you 30 minutes of suctioning. And a MAX mode that gives you 6 minutes of high power suctioning.

Both modes are available whether you use the motor head or the mini motor head.

Where Can You Use the Dyson v7 Absolute Vacuum?

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless HEPA Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Bonus Tools,...

One of the things we love about the Dyson v7 Absolute vacuum is the versatility. This lightweight, cordless vacuum comes with enough adaptors that it can be used on hard surfaces, on carpet, in your car, on stairs, or in crevices.

Hard Surfaces

Dyson V7 Cleaner Head, Gray
  • Genuine Dyson V7 Fluffy Cleaner Electric Head For V7 Absolute, SV11 and V7 Animal
  • Fluffy Soft Roller
  • Genuine Dyson Part # 96648908

The Dyson v7 Absolute is great for tile, laminate, or wood floors. When you are switching between carpet and hard surfaces, just take off the attachment for carpet and put on the roller for hard surfaces.

This attachment is a soft roller with a cleaning head made of woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber. It sucks up whatever is on the floor and collects any small particles like dog hair and dust.

This works great for regular dirt and spilled kitchen items like flour or sugar.

You may have difficulty picking up larger items like dog food or cereal. So, if you have a mess like that, you may want to use a different attachment such as the combination tool to get larger items.

But for a quick cleanup like dust and sand or dirt, it works well on hard surfaces.


Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Direct Drive Cleaner Head...

The Dyson v7 Absolute works well on carpet. The carpet head has a rolling plastic brush with bristles to deep clean dirt that is ground in. Dyson claims it is 75% more effective than the v6 model of this vacuum.

Since there is enough room between the roller and the carpet, and plenty of suction power, this vacuum works great on both low pile and high pile. You should have no problem cleaning up dirt and small debris.

Mini Motorized Tool

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We love that you can easily remove the stick on the Dyson v7 Absolute and quickly convert this into a handheld mini motorized tool. This is great for sofas or taking it out to your car, since it’s cordless, for fast and easy clean up.

When you want this to be used as a handheld, you can easily put the motorized brush wand on. This mini motorized tool becomes a powerful little vacuum that will easily grab items off of soft or hard surfaces.

Since the dustbin is by the handle, nothing on this vacuum changes except the length. It’s still lightweight and can go right back on the charging station. The mini motorized tool is just another wand attachment. We really love this part of the design because it’s fast, easy and not complicated.

Combination Tool

Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 9 Tools, Extra Tools for...

The combination tool is a wand attachment that easily switches from a hard plastic tube to a soft brush by just sliding the brush piece up or down. This is great when you have to switch between surfaces like along thresholds or from carpet to stairs. This attachment piece is also great if you need to suck up larger items like cereal that your hard surface roller couldn’t quite pick up.

Crevice Tool

When you need to get between sofa cushions or along the crevice in your stairs, the Dyson v7 Absolute provides a crevice wand. This is a feature you see standard with most vacuum cleaners and we are glad that Dyson included it with the v7 Absolute. It’s a critical tool that has many uses. It easily pops on and off of the v7 Absolute and can be added the handheld configuration or when you need the longer stick.

Soft Dusting Brush

Fullclean Attachment Replacement for Dyson V10 V11 V7 V8 Vacuum...

When you need to clean something delicate like a computer keyboard or around vases, you can use the soft dusting brush. The bristles are much softer and glide effortlessly over items so you can be assured nothing gets scratched or ruined during cleaning. The suction is still powerful so we don’t recommend vacuuming something that could get bent or easily sucked forward.


The Dyson v7 Absolute has a 3.5-hour charge time that can be done from the charging station. With a full charge, you can vacuum for approximately 30 minutes with a suction mode of 1.

The vacuum with the regular motor head for carpet weighs 5.3 pounds and is 49 inches long. The width of the dustbin handle portion is 8.2 inches.

The dustbin volume is .14L.

The vacuum provides 100AW of suction power on Max mode.

The vacuum comes with a washable lifetime filter.

What Comes in the Box With Your Dyson v7 Absolute?

When you purchase the Dyson v7 Absolute you get the following in the box: motor head (for carpets), soft roller cleaner head (for hard surfaces), mini soft dusting brush, mini motor head, crevice tool, combination tool, docking station, and power cord/charger.

Other Models of the Dyson v7

Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner-Extra Tools for Homes...

Dyson has many other versions of their cordless vacuum. There is the v6 series and v8 series. Within the v7 series, Dyson offers a Dyson v7 Allergy, Dyson V7 Pet, and a Dyson v7 Motor Head.

The Dyson v7 Allergy features advanced filtration which is great for those with pets or allergies. It comes with four tools and attachments: motor head, combination tool, crevice tool and docking station. It does not come with the mini motor head and soft roller cleaner head that the Dyson v7 Absolute comes with.

The Dyson v7 Motor Head is the same as the Dyson v7 Absolute but it just doesn’t contain all the same tools. It’s the same vacuum and motor with only four attachments: motor head, combination tool, crevice tool, and docking station.

It does not contain the mini motor head and soft roller cleaner head that the Dyson v7 Absolute comes with.


The Dyson v7 absolute is easy to maintain. The parts are all sleek and made of high-quality plastic so a normal wipe-down every few uses will keep your vacuum looking clean and dust-free. You should empty the dustbin every time you use it and wash the attachments periodically.

Make sure hair and strings don’t get caught in the motor head. Since it is clear and easily visible, you will see anything that might get tangled or caught in the brushes.

Your filter can be washed and has a lifetime guarantee. It is recommended that you wash the filter once a month with cold water and then let it air dry until completely dry for about 24 hours.

With the soft head roller, you will want to pop it out and clean it when it looks visibly dirty or after a hard clean. Again, since the plastic around this piece is made of clear plastic, you will easily see when it looks visibly dirty and when it needs to be cleaned. You can clean it under the sink using soap and water.
Set it out and let it dry before using it again.

Perks That Come With Buying a Dyson

XIGOO Storage-Stand-Docking-Station-Holder Compatible with Dyson V15...

A great thing about buying a Dyson vacuum is that you get a great warranty and other perks.

When you purchase your Dyson, you get free tools with your auto-registration exclusively on Dyson.com.

Dyson offers a two-year limited warranty on all their Dyson vacuum cleaners.

If you wish to return your Dyson, you have 30 days to do so for a full refund.


The Dyson v7 Absolute vacuum is a great option for those looking for a lightweight, bagless, cordless vacuum. With all Dyson vacuums, you are getting a well-designed, high-powered suctioning motor that gets your floors cleaned.

It works great on hard surfaces and on low pile and high pile carpet. Plus, you get an array of attachments for any cleaning surface.

We recommend the v7 Absolute over the others in the v7 series because the Absolute comes with so many more attachments. There is not much of a price difference between the v7 Motor Head and the v7 Absolute. So if you can splurge, we recommend going with the unit that has the most versatility.

The mini motor head is great for when you need a hand-held vacuum that is easy and powerful. It’s great to take around the house to get high areas like furniture but it is also a great cordless option when you need to take your vacuum out to your car for a quick clean up.

We also love the new dustbin design on the v7 model that lets you empty the dustbin from the top, keeping your hands clean.

We give the Dyson v7 Absolute high marks for a well thought out design and a powerful clean.

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