dyson v8 absolute review

Dyson V8 Animal vs Absolute Review

All around the world the Dyson name has become synonymous with superior, modern, efficient vacuum cleaners with state of the art technology and innovation. It is one of the most favored brands in the industry and whatever cleaner a consumer opts for from the Dyson range they feel confident about its top cleaning capabilities. The Dyson V8 & Absolute are such example. While there may not be such a thing as a perfect vacuum, Dyson certainly comes close every time.

Dyson v8 Absolute vs Dyson v8 Animal- Comparison

The Dyson V8 Animal – a closer look

There are a lot of great aspects to the Dyson V8 Animal that make it a great buy. It is a battery powered cleaner so it is cordless but it is one the most powerful cordless cleaners you can get. You get 40 minutes of cleaning time in general but with tools that turns to 25 minutes and then if you have max power mode turned on it is 7 minutes.

You get a variety of useful cleaning accessories with it that are easy to release when its time to use. Those with allergies will be happy to see it has HEPA filtration, the best system there is. Then there is a docking station for it to charge at and of course it comes with a full 2 year warranty, though Dyson offers that for all of its vacuum cleaners. It weighs just 5.6 pounds, the dust bin has a capacity of .14 gallons and when completely charged you get 31/2 hours of battery life.

The Dyson V8 Absolute – a closer look

When you get the V8 Absolute from Dyson home and take it out of the box you should find the vacuum itself along with several accessories and tools such as, a mini motorized tool great for handheld mode, a direct drive cleaner head, a crevice tool, a mini soft brush for dusting, and a combination tool all of which have connectors with quick release. There is also a docking station where it charges and is stored.

Another bonus is the extra floor tool, a soft roller cleaner head, perfect for non carpeted surface cleaning. This has a carbon filament that is anti static on the brush bar so it is great for the finest of dust particles up to larger debris. Unlike with similar attachments in other cleaners the visor on the soft roller head does not come into contact with the floor giving it higher clearance and making it more efficient at picking up larger debris rather than pushing it around. This means the Absolute is really great for homes with a lot of care floors like hardwood, laminate or tile.

Comparing the Dyson V8 Animal with the Absolute

Really the main difference between these two cleaners is the soft roller cleaner head on the Dyson V8 Absolute. Both come with the other accessories and tools mentioned, both have an extension hose and both have great reviews for cordless vacuum cleaners. Both can be used as handheld cleaners, as stick cleaners for quick cleaning and on carpeting and upholstery. Both V8 machines have better cleaning performances than the V6 line, emptying the dust bin is easier and cleaner in the later line too and the run time is longer. The Animal is just a very little lighter than the Absolute, with the former being 5.6 pounds and the latter being 5.8 pounds.

Reason to Purchase Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

There are several reasons to be impressed with the Dyson Vacuum cleaner. The Dyson name itself is one of those reasons, these people know what consumers want and have amazing features on their machines. Dyson has many kinds of models, but upright vacuum are the basic models they now make. It is a bagless model so there is a dust cup to empty no bags to have to change and remember to buy. It is clear when the canister needs changing as the bin is transparent. Just a quick click over the garbage can and your dust canister is empty and you have not had to play in the dust and dirt.

All Surface Cleaner

It is good for cleaning all floor surfaces, carpeting, wood, tiles and so on. You can use it to clean your rooms and your stairs, no need to have separate vacuums for the jobs you have to do.


Being lightweight almost anyone can use Dyson Absolute and V8 animal, and they are easy to move and carry. There is no doubt too that it is especially effective at cleaning carpets. With just one pass over a carpet everything gets sucked up. From larger debris like cat littler or dry oatmeal to small particles and fine dust like flour. It is also very good at reaching into corners some cleaners cannot get into so there is less need to play around with tools or accessories.


Also while this may be a basic model the Dyson does still come with some accessories to help with the cleaning. They attach to the machine and are easy to take off, use and then click back on again.

They attach to the hose on the back of the cleaner so you can easily do the job when you come to it rater than having to store them separately and having to dig them out when it is time to vacuum the stairs or clean the furniture.


If you are looking at either the Dyson V8 Animal or the Dyson V8 Absolute really the only thing that might change things is whether you need that soft roller floor head for hard flooring. If your home is almost all carpeting the Animal is great and about $100 cheaper. However if you do have hard floors to clean up as well as carpeting then the Absolute is certainly worth that bit extra for much better hard floor cleaning.

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