esab rebel em 215ic review

Esab Rebel EM 215ic Review – MIG/TIG/STICK

Hi, I am an automobile engineer, and I currently own two workshops for all sort of automobiles. Also, I build prototype sports cars for clients with special requests.

Precision is my main focus, and even if it is a small work or a big project, I try to deliver with 5-star customer’s satisfaction. All thanks to Esab Rebel Emp 2151c for its preciseness and flexibility.

I don’t have any complaint about this multi-process welder. This product encouraged me to work on prototypes because unlike other similar products in the market, it served me in multiple ways and it allowed me to have mobility around my workshop.

I currently own four of these, and they never failed to deliver once throughout the lifetime.

Esab Rebel Em 215ic Review

ESAB 0558102240 Rebel EMP 215IC Multi-Process MIG/TIG/Flux/Stick...

Unlike any other machine, the Esab rebel has all the processes for all types of welding work. Not a single welding machine serves as much as Esab rebel. This one includes Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG), Flux corded welding or Stick Welding just out of the box.


Also, it supports Tungsten Inert Gas Welding; it is commonly used in welding stainless steel and ferrous metals. In addition to that, it also applies in some nonferrous metals such as aluminum and magnesium.

The rigidity is extreme on this one. Also, this welder can be used for any light to heavy industrial work and can also be used in home-based projects. Why is this welding machine unique if you may ask?

Well, this machine can get a wide range of 120-230 Volt, which makes it very smooth and a lot sturdier than the machines present in the market. The feature that I liked most about this is the part where you can create profiles and settings according to your preference.

Like if you’re using the MIG gun for welding aluminum, it remembers your preference and sets the profile according to your likings.

If you did not notice, it has a high pixel display option which enables you to operate the welding machine in a much simpler way, and it keeps track of what you are doing and what you are going to do next.

Key Features of The Esab Rebel Emp 215ic

Features hands down are the most important thing that anyone checks before buying a product and this is also true for me. Let’s discuss some key features of the ESAB REBEL EMP 215IC.

  • Multi-Process Functionality

There are tons of welders in the market which claim to have multi-process functionality, but after using a few, I found out that only the Esab Rebel can only serve true multi-functionality.

MIG (Metal Inert gas), Flux- cord, stick welding which includes 6010 stick electrodes, and also TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) are its multi-process functions.

  • SMIG (smart MIG)

It is a special feature added to the Esab Rebel Emp; it allows the user to personalize their desired style of using the device.

This feature adapts and learns the welding techniques to provide a stable arc control. The machine language learns how the user performs welding work to increase the productivity for the experienced welders and reduce the time for newbies.

  • Plug & Play

After purchasing this device and you decided to start working immediately, do you have to configure the device, or go on facing complicated setups?

Plug & Play

No, the Esab rebel is always ready out of the box. No waiting time is needed, and the setup is easy.

  • Build Quality & Design

The Esab Rebel emp is designed in compact uni-body steel construction, which made it lightweight. For more portability, it includes five handles in a roll cage structure.


The engineered structure of the Esab Rebel makes it lightweight compared to the welding machines in the market. It weighs around 25kg. Carrying it around is not at all a hassle from one place to another.

TFT Screen:

There is an in-built 4.3-inch high definition screen. It simplifies for the users to operate the device, and navigate through different features of this machine. It also allows the user to change the language for their desired one of preference. All the processes are shown real-time in the screen for further understanding.

Industrial Grade Rigidness: Solidary factor of this one is in world class structure. It is made for heavy duty usage, and all the part of the device are replaceable if needed a repair.

High Tech:

All the feature and process are well tailored with the help of the recent technological advancements.

So, when you get the Esab Rebel, I can promise you that you won’t go back to using a conventional welding setup. The color combination of yellow and black gives a pristine look to the device; it makes you want to look back all the time when you place it in your workshop.

  • All the parts for welding are included, no need to buy MIG or TIG guns.
  • Different modes are available for experienced and novice users.
  • The TFT screen allows the user to get real-time status of the ongoing welding processes.
  • Dual voltage is available ranging from 120v-230v.
  • Esab Rebel can run-on Heavy-duty generators.
  • Smart modes are customizable.
  • It gets hot at times.
  • It only runs on DC.
  • A bit expensive.

If you are in search of an all-in-one welding package, I would suggest you get the Esab Rebel. The high-quality design makes it stand out from other products in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Esab Rebel made in?

A: The rebel is designed in the USA, but assembled in China.

Q: Can it weld Softer Aluminum?

A: Yes, it can, but you will need a spool gun for welding soft Aluminum.

Q: What is the market price of the Spool Gun?

A: The market price of the spool gun is around 350 bucks.

Q: Does it come with the MIG (inert metal gas) gun with the package?

A: Yes, you will be getting the MIG gun in the box when you purchase the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic.

Q: How thick steel can it weld?

A: It can weld 3/8 steel.

Final Words

The Esab rebel is a DC-only machine. With this, you weld aluminum, but you will need a spool gun for softer aluminum.

Another thing that needs to be in consideration is that the Esab Rebel falls under high-end welding equipment, so it needs to go under regular maintenance check from time to time. Avoidance or negligence can damage the device eventually. So, maintenance is must thing to do.

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