Eureka AS3352A Review - Key Features of the Eureka AS3352A Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka AS3352A Review – Why Comparable with Bissell 1650A?

Cleaning big spaces is not an easy job. You have to dedicate time and effort in order to do it. Though there are some house cleaning services that you could avail anytime, it’s still best that you could do things all by yourself. The utilization of vacuum cleaners will help you to do cleaning conveniently.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of brands and types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. It’s really difficult to choose one that would be able to suit your entire needs. Thus, Eureka AS3352A Ultimate Clean Lightweight Bagless Upright Pet Vacuum cleaner might be the one perfect for you!

In this product review, we will evaluate the vacuum cleaner just presented. If you are curious upon what’s the features of this vacuum cleaner, then scroll down to follow this review.

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  • Well-Established Mechanism
  • Robust Material of Construction
  • Flexibility
  • Large Dust Capacity Canister

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  • Heavy and Non-Portable
  • Poorly Written Manual


Key Features of the Eureka AS3352A Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Pet...

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Powerful Suction
This cleaner induces an innovative suction mechanism to ensure deep and intense cleaning action. The device comprises of solid wide tubes to promote airflow into it. Nevertheless, this cleaner picks up anything from big to small powdery ones as needed. It even does well with the carpets for which other brands have failed to do.

Solidly Built
Weighing about 17 pounds, this device is fabricated mostly from plastic and metal material. It has the basic gold design with a bagless vacuum filter and a handle into it. This device is made for longevity as needed.

Versatile Function
Its brush roll is flexible to clean hardwood, carpet, to any type of floors or textures that you have. The device features several attachments including the crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand, and pet power paw that is used to reach through difficult areas.

High Capacity Filter and Dust Canister
This product is manufactured with a plastic based big dust canister. It could carry over multiple trash and dirt into it. Disposal is easily done by intuitively removing the canister and pushing several buttons to open out the canister as needed. The device also features an allergen exhaust filter to keep everything clean and fresh.

Easy to Install
Everything is quite understandable upon assembly. You just have to attach the long hose, the filter dust canister, and everything as it should be. You don’t have to spend hours to install everything. Just directly plug in and clean to run the device.

What users saying about Eureka Ultimate AS3352A?

Having excellent ratings on Amazon, it is undeniable that this vacuum cleaner has efficiently does its job. The device has an invigorating suction ability that could handle multiple floor textures and remove a variety of dirt as needed.

Aside from that, users love the big capacity bagless dustbin for which most vacuum cleaning products had missed out. Also, users are surprised to see a retractable 27 ft. cord incorporated into this device.

Though, a few users hope to see a longer one to enhance flexibility. The device is also built for longevity with durable tools, attachments, and materials of construction being used in the process.

However, there are few users who had complaints us to the weight of the device. It’s really quite heavy with 17 pounds. It does have rollers for portability yet still felt heavy especially if you’re running through stairs.

Though there are vacuum cleaners who are heavier as compared to this one, the device is still heavy as it seems to be. Aside from that, the manual seems to be tricky with few instructions written on it. Nevertheless, installation is quite direct so you don’t have to read it really intuitively.

Few users just hope that the device is self-propelled to haul it especially when you are cleaning through elevations. Other than that, minor complaints were about the accessories and the attachments that the product comes with.

Compare with Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser vs. Eureka AS3352A Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Just by looking into both devices, you will observe that both have a similar mechanism and a bit of design yet different color. While the Eureka one is in dirty gold, the Bissel is light green finished.

Both devices have similar weights and almost the same build, very solid and durable as it should be. Both devices offer versatile functions that you could use any floor textures from hardwood to carpets as needed.

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Both also come with multiple attachments such as the wand and crevice tool to use for difficult to reach areas. As to its canister capacity, both have intuitively large.

Though, the Bissell has more intuitive disposal for which is heavily patented as it should be. Aside from that, the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser features a tangle free brush roll for which the latter does not have.

Also, Bissell 1650A has a longer cord with 30 ft. as compared to the latter with only 27 ft. There’s an approximated fifty dollar difference as to the price of both devices wherein the Bissel is more expensive. This is totally reasonable given all those features it has.

What’s the disadvantage of the Eureka Ultimate Clean AS3352A?

The only thing perhaps that is really not good for this device is its size. It’s quite bulky and heavy to use especially if you want to do it through stairs. Though this is a direct consequence of the durability and quality you’ll be getting, it’s totally reasonable for weight it has.

Minor issues of attachments and tools are also experienced though not that serious as one mentioned.

How reasonable is the price according to the Eureka AS3352A specs?

Comparing to the other vacuum cleaning brands, the device is truly is worthy of the price it has. In fact, there’s really not much to complain about this device besides the weight that it induces. It has great suction capability and it’s very flexible among different floor textures.

Eureka PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Pet...
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: Wraps 25’ cord with a push of a button for hassle-free storage
  • All-floor Powerful Cleaning: By turning the 5 floor selection dial, this versatile vacuum cleaner with 12. 6"-wide...
  • Lightweight & Lift able: It is easy to carry around the 12. 3-lbs upright vacuum cleaner for easy and quick cleaning

The Eureka AS3352A also has big capacity dust canister that is removable and easily disposed of. It’s definitely a price that you should pay.

Final Verdicts

Overall, this vacuum cleaning device is durable and sturdily built with great suction ability. Though there’s nothing to do with the weight, the manufacturer could do something to its design as to improve on this certain characteristic without sacrificing its function. With its price, the device is truly worthy of taking a shot on.

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