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Exercises For Golf: What Should You Do and How?

When all your swings keep going wrong, and you can’t achieve longer drives, you might be lacking in strength and flexibility- the two absolute necessities for any golfer out there.

The secret to building your strength and increasing your flexibility lies in taking up exercises that target the core muscles you’ll use on the golf course.

In line with that, allow me to share with you nine important exercises for golfers that are worth taking if you want to take your game a level higher.

9 Simple golf exercise for beginner and experienced golfers:

1. Hand walks

Probably the easiest exercise on this list, hand walks helps protect your elbow while reducing the risk of the notorious shoulder injuries.

How to do it:

You should start hand walks in a standing position. Bend forward at your waist reach out to the ground with your hands such that you’re set on all fours. Slowly walk out your hands into a pushup position. Then, walk the toes toward the hands- making sure to keep the knees straight!

When you start feeling a stretch, walk the hands back out; repeat the process for up to 10 times.

2. Physioball pushups

When you do pushups on a physioball, you’re simply challenging your scapular stabilizers. These play a huge role in moving your shoulders and back more flexible.

How to do physioball pushups:

Begin in a pushup setting, with your feet on the floor and hands on the physioball. Lower yourself until your chest barely touches the ball. Now start pushing up while controlling the ball- i.e. push your chest as far as possible from it.

Repeat 10 times.

3. Dumbshell bench press (one arm)

Unable to hit your ball with such force that it travels yards and yards away? If that’s your case, you’d want to take up dumbshell bench press (one arm) workouts to build our shoulder ability as well as your core muscles strength.

How to do Dumbshell bench press (one arm):

Start by lying down on the bench- with your left shoulder blade and left glute on the bench and the right shoulder blade and right glute off the bench. Hold the dumbshell with your right hand and use the left hand to hold on to the bench above the head. Slowly lower this weight until the elbow becomes horizontally level with the shoulder. Return to a standing position.

Do 10 sets and switch sides.

4. Standing Ys

For enhanced shoulder mobility as well as combating the negative impacts of sitting, doing a set of standing Ys works out the trick!

How to do standing Ys:

Stand in such way that you’re bent over at your waist as if you’re about to embark on a deadlift- i.e., with your chest up and back flat. Hold a club with supinated grip (where your palms face up). Pull all your shoulder back and down and raise the arms over the head to make a Y. Go back to the starting position. You’ve just completed one rep.

For the best results, do 10 reps.

5. Seated rotations

Seated rotation come handy when you want to enhance your rotational mobility- a fundamental aspect of a golf swing.

How to do it:

You’re doing it while sitting (you might consider squeezing some towel/pad between your legs or while straddling a bench). Using your arms, hold a golf club behind your back such that it sits in your elbows’ crooks. Put your palms flat on the stomach and maintain that posture.

Rotate your torso to left and hold for 2-3 seconds; go back to starting position and continue to the right side for another 2-3 seconds. When doing the rotations, DON’T move our hips!

Do about 10 sets for each side.

6. 90/90 stretch

A 90/90 stretch focuses on opening your shoulders and helping build your hip mobility and flexibility.

How to 90/90 stretch:

It’s simple. You lie on one side with your bottom leg straightened up, and your top leg bent with the knees inside on the ground. Next, start rotating the trunk back as you attempt to put your top shoulder blade on the ground and hold for 2-3 seconds.

Return to the starting position and do 10 reps, then switch sides.

7. Medicinal ball parallel throw

You’ll need this to improve your energy storage and release capabilities and further enhance your swing speed.

How to do Medicinal ball parallel throw:

Stand about 3 ft. away from a solid wall holding the medicinal ball at your waist level. Now rotate your body trunk away from the wall…then in a single motion, start the throw process by thrusting the hips in the wall direction, followed by your body trunk, arms, and ball. As the ball bounces off the wall, catch it (with one hand behind it and the other below it, and the arms slightly bent).

Do this 1o times and switch sides.

8. Medicinal ball perpendicular throw

The speed of your swing heavily depends on your core power and muscle balance and this golf exercise will help you build both.

This is how you do it:

The process here is more like in the previous exercises, with the exception that your hips should be perpendicular to the wall. Rotate your trunk 90 degrees away from wall, then rotate 180 degrees, and throw your ball to the wall. Wait to catch it on rebound.

Repeat 10 times before changing sides.

9. Lateral pillar bridge

Lastly, but not least, you’d want to loosen your hips and keep off back pains by doing the lateral pillar bridge workout.

How to do it:

Lie straight on one side of your body, with your feet stacked and elbow under the shoulder. Next, push the hip off the ground to make a straight line from the ankle to shoulder. Hold it for 3 seconds. Do this 10 times for one side and then switch to the other.

NOTE: Ensure you keep your head in line with the spine, no sagging- no bending.

Final Word

That’s it- the nine basic, simple golf exercises that will help keep you highly flexible and stronger than any other player on the course. As you might have noted, the work outs are aimed at loosening your hips, stabilizing your shoulders, and boosting your overall body power, and strength.

Collectively, the exercises will fully bake you for the longest drives and craziest swings you’ve ever made in your golf life.

Try them today!

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