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Flea Bombs Safe for Pets – Is it True?

 Fleas are really disturbing and you would not like it to live in your house. However, there are times that fleas will visit your precious home and you will just be surprised by their fast multiplication. When this happens, you will find them stressful and for sure, you’ll find a way to get rid of them completely.

Flea Bombs

The good thing is that fleas can be killed. It is possible to get rid of them and protect your home from their intervention. However, unfortunately, the known possible ways to kill and get rid of fleas may harm human most especially to animals. This is why many people often ask, are there any flea bombs which are safe for pets? Knowing the answer for this confusion will make a difference. Find out in this article.

What are fleas?

Fleas are the type of insects which are flightless. When talking about flightless insects, they have no capacity to fly. What do they do? Fleas will simply suck the blood of their host and this is the reason why these small creatures are not just disturbing but damaging as well.

Fleas are lacking with wings which make them flightless. However, though they cannot fly, they have an adapted mouth parts that will pierce the skin of their host and suck its blood.

Different types of Fleas

Did you know that there are different types of fleas? Well, fleas will differ from each other considering that they have a different host. When talking about hosts, these are where the fleas will suck the blood. Each type of flea has different preferred hosts which are the following:

The Human fleas

When talking about human fleas, these are the types of fleas which are more preferred to suck the human or the pig’s blood. Although these fleas are associated with human and pig, they are not common in the homes of developed countries. Most of the time, human fleas are associated with wildlife. Sometimes, human fleas will come out in farms most especially in pigpens.

The Rat Fleas

From the word itself, Rat Fleas are those parasites which are associated with rats. Though this is not so common in homes, you might still encounter rat fleas if there are rats in your house. Rat fleas have the capacity to carry organisms which can cause diseases in human. Oriental rat flea is a type of rat flea which is the very common carrier of a certain disease like plagues.

The Hen Fleas

Hen fleas are a type of fleas which can be found in the poultry. Hen fleas are also known as sticktight fleas because of their ability to attach to their hosts. The fleas that infest the chicken can become visible in its comb, wattle, and eyes.

The Chigoes Fleas

Chigoes fleas are quite alarming when they will show presence in your homes or in your skin. This is because this type of fleas will infect and burrow in the skin of the infected human. When this happens, you may experience skin ulcers, swelling, itching and many more.

The Adult Fleas

If you have pets in your home either cats and dogs, you’ll have a high chance to encounter this type of fleas. Cat and dog fleas or also called as the Adult fleas will like to live in the fur. They love to explore between strands of the fur and it is difficult for them to live in the skin.

Getting Rid of Fleas

As you can see, fleas are not just a form of insect, but it can give great destruction as well. This is why, upon seeing some signs of fleas in your homes, you need to make a step in getting rid of them and preventing them from multiplying. Of course, when their number will grow you’ll never like it. A simple flea problem can easily develop into a severe flea infestation. When the latter happens, it becomes more challenging to get rid of them.

Since fleas are a type of insects, almost everyone is aware of how to get rid of fleas. The number one choice among many people is the use of flea bombs. However, despite the fact that flea bombs can work well, it has also a negative impact especially if you have cats, dogs, or any pet in your home.

What is flea bomb?

Flea bomb or flea fogger is a form of insecticide which is placed in a canister or a can. When you put this insecticide in the center of your room, it will release a fog and the insecticide will then scattered through the whole place. The moment that this happens, the fleas, larvae, eggs, and pupae will be killed and eventually die.

Most flea bombs are sufficient to use in getting rid of fleas. Some flea bombs even claim to be efficient in killing bed bugs, ticks, and lice as well. However, the fact that it is a form of insecticide makes it not suitable to use sometimes. In fact, flea bombs are typically used only in situations wherein a major flea infestation is involved.

It goes like this. Flea bombs are a form of insecticide. This means that they are some sort of harsh chemicals which can harm to someone’s health including your pets. Flea bombs consist one or more chemicals. This means that the use of flea bombs might cause intoxication due to its chemical content. These chemicals or active ingredients are Methoprene, Nylar, Tetramethrin, Cypermethrin, and Permethrin.

As you can see, these chemicals are present in flea bombs and note, they are harmful to any living things. The short answer to this issue is “ flea bombs are not suitable to use if you have pets or with pets”. However, don’t be sad, because fortunately, there are also available options you can do to treat flea with your pets and in your home.

Flea Bombs Safe for Cats?

Cats are very lovely and many people knew that. This is why, just like how many people love dogs so much, so as with cats. However, when your cute cat is with you, the chance of fleas is not impossible as well. This is why, as a cat lover, you must have an idea on how to get rid of it in an effective way but will not harm your cat too.

Flea Bombs Safe for Pets - Flea Bombs Safe for Cats?

Using the usual flea bombs (those highly poisonous) to end your flea problem is not recommended for any pet especially for a cat. If your home has a presence of fleas in the carpet or in some corners and you have a cat with you, you can still use these types of foggers.

However, always keep your cat away from the vicinity where you are applying the flea bombs. Do not let your cat enter the place that you’ve treated before eight hours or its recommended time. This is to prevent your cat from the possibility of intoxication due to the harsh chemicals in it.

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Flea Bombs Safe for Animals?

When it comes to getting rid of fleas in your home and you have animals, you still have a choice to protect them the possible poison they can get from the ingredients of flea bombs. Just like with what you can do with the cat, you can use flea bombs as long as the animals are kept in distance of the space you’ve applied.

Flea Bombs Safe for Pets - Flea Bombs Safe for Animals?

Aside from that, there are flea bombs today which are less poisonous than those regular foggers. They claim to be safe to cats and other animals because they use non-poisonous products as their ingredients. These products cannot completely kill fleas right away.

Some of these products will require you to apply many times because they are not as powerful as those regular flea bombs. However, whether you will use the regular or the less-poisonous flea bombs, it is better to apply precautionary measures. Always keep away your pets and animals to protect them from any harm.

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How to Use Flea Bombs – A Step by Step Guide

You’re dealing with flea infestation and you have made a decision. Although it will require a bit of effort, you now want to free your home from fleas completely. Before you even start the process, read the following guidelines for safe and effective use of flea bombs.

The Preparation

You cannot just apply the flea bombs without any preparation. Always remember that foggers are highly poisonous ( unless you are using those less-poisonous). The chemicals in a flea fogger it cannot just harm your animals or pets but yourself as well.

  • Clean your house first!

This is the first thing you must do. Cleaning your house thoroughly will let you see those insects which are secretly hiding in the corners of your house.

  • Use vacuum when cleaning

When you clean, vacuum your curtains, couches, carpets, and those pieces of furniture where your dogs or cats are sleeping always.

  • Wrap those important things that you use every day.

Clothe and toiletries must be wrapped in a bag or any wrapping sheets. This is to prevent these things from the contamination of the flea bombs.

  • Move important things outside

If you have indoor plants, move them when you apply the foggers.  Might as well, keep away that delicate furniture you have, your pets and other animals, and those things you don’t want to have contact with the flea bombs. Also, moving your furniture can help you get the flea eggs that have settled deep into the fibers of your carpet.

  • Make the room flea bomb ready

When you are done packing those important things you have, cover the floors of the room where you will apply the flea bombs. You can use old newspaper to cover them up. Check your electrical outlet and unplug all wires and close your windows and shut them tightly while you are doing the process.

  • Always wear a mask

Do not forget to wear a mask while you are doing the process to lessen your exposure to the harmful chemicals in your flea bombs.

  • Let the flea bombs take its action

Wait 8-9 hours before you will open your house or room after fogging. This is the right time-frame to follow when using flea bombs for an effective and safe use.

The Application

After preparing all the necessary preparations, it is now the time to apply the flea bombs inside your house or your room.

  1. Before starting the application process, do not forget to read the instructions thoroughly. Aside from that, also consider the applicable quantity for your space.
  2. With the use of mask, cover your face. If possible, use those masks which are thicker.
  3. Shake the flea bombs. Shaking the fogger before using is always a must because it will shake all those chemicals which are enclosed there.
  4. Open the flea bomb. In opening the canister, check the release valve first and push it with an effort to have a strong release. This is necessary to prevent any sudden stop of valve release during the application.
  5. Start in the farthest part of your house or room and spread the chemical. Keep yourself away from the cloud which the flea bomb is creating.
  6. When the canister is now empty, go outside right away and don’t forget to close the door tightly.

What to do after flea bomb application

After 8-9 hours, you can now go back to your house and open the windows and doors. Use the fans to remove the odor inside and remove the newspaper you covered in the floor.

Avoid using the vacuum with your curtains and carpets right away, there might be some fleas hiding there. It is better to let them live there for a while until they will die after few days. After opening and cleaning your house or room, wait for at least one hour before you will take back your indoor garden again as well as your animals.

The best time to vacuum your curtains and carpets is two days after you apply the flea bombs. This is to ensure that the eggs and larvae are completely removed and are all dead.

You can repeat the whole process in every two months if it is necessary. In this way, you can get rid of fleas permanently.

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