Flea Bombs Definition – Reason, Treatment, and Safety

Flea Bombs Definition – Reason, Treatment, and Safety

Insect infestation is something that we abhor upon. They’re a complete nuisance to everyone’s lives carrying risks to health and welfare in the community. Not just to health, they considered to be a natural disaster, damaging crops and around the environment especially if they exist in exponential numbers. That is why we always want to keep our friends and loved ones secure from these undesirable entities especially into our homes by using powerful pesticides particularly flea bombs, mothballs, neem extracts, insect repellants, or insecticide to eliminate these insects into our spaces.

Flea Bombs Definition – Reason, Treatment, and Safety

As much as possible, we tend to promote a safe and comfortable living without fearing of any pests that could hurt our family in times that we never expect to.

As we’ve known, there are a lot of insects that have known in history that had killed a lot of people. Notably, some mosquitoes carry poisonous stings that are known to cause chronic illnesses like marijuana or dengue that doesn’t have any existing generic cure or treatment. That is why the diseases in combination had already wiped out hundreds of millions of people for the past century.

Aside from the mosquitoes, the distinction of insects has caused numerous diseases that some are still unexplained and cannot be cured by existing medicinal technology. Some species of flies, midges, bedbugs, and ticks are vectors of transmission with diseases and illnesses. They are a carrier of viruses and bacteria that could destroy our cells and eventually kill us along the way.

Nonetheless, to be discussed in this article in particular fleas. These insects cause numerous bacterial infections that could lead to complications if not cured upon detection. That is why preventive measures and treatments should be done in order to assure that no one is going to experience the attacks of these ferocious organisms.

Flea bombs are used intuitively by a lot of people in order to kill around the spread of fleas into their spaces. Likewise, it is essential for everyone to understand everything about these substances in order to know how to use it properly and when to apply it as needed. As simple as it looks to be, these substances need familiarity and information.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to flea bombs as anyone should be informed on. Particularly, we will try to explore on some uses and procedures within it.

Fleas and their Harm

In scientific definition, fleas are flightless insects that thrive through consuming the blood of their hosts. These parasites could grow up to 3mm long, usually brown and flattened with few furs on their skin and strong claws used for gripping. They used their legs to transport from one location to another. Nonetheless, they are strong jumpers catering 150 times maximum as their body’s original length.

Currently, there are 2500 species of fleas that are known worldwide. They were said to be closely related to some flies, bats, and even birds. They have evolved considerably through time to what they are right now.

But nonetheless, unlike cute butterflies, these insects pose great harm to a lot of people based on history. Fleas have been the primary vector for the bubonic plague which is believed to have cause Black Death which had eliminated almost 50 million people in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Though rats had infected humans with this disease, fleas are said to be the main carrier who had infected black rats. Aside from the Black Death, a significant outbreak named Plague of Justinian in the year 500 had said to be caused by fleas. Though these facts are still debatable, historians had already held some basis regarding the involvement of fleas with these outbreaks.

Fleas and Diseases

Though most often people try to just neglect over these small creatures, fleas have known to carry diseases that could kill as any minute with few bites and scratches with them. They are mostly underestimated yet still the dangerous one, hidden well into your homes or carpets the way you’d never expected to.

That is why, to convince you on why you should invest on flea killer or controls into your house, then try reading these medical risks that fleas are known to get cause with. In order to follow around, just scroll below it as needed.

1. Murine Typhus

Usually, rats are the carrier of this disease but not all much known that fleas are the primary vector for this disease. Likewise, any animal or even human could be infected by this disease once bitten by a flea that is infected by one.

Consequently, a bacteria found in feces named Rickettsia typhi is said to cause the emergence of this disease. Upon the conception of this bacteria through fleas, these will infect upon through biting and causing wounds to whatever warm-blooded animal it’s into.

Symptoms of a person experiencing this disease include a headache, fever, and nausea. Initial symptoms may subject to rashes that spread around through arms and legs readily. Upon delaying treatment with this disease, it could lead to complications like diabetes and kidney disease could go along with the illness.

But nonetheless, this disease is entirely treatable with existing antibiotics that could drink upon once you recognize to have this disease.

2. Mycoplasma haemofelis

While cats and dogs are most affected by this disease, there are cases that it is transmitted to humans by flea contact as well. Most often, related to infection of the red blood cells, this disease compromises the body’s immune system by attacking and destroying the red blood cells in the body.

They tend to cause anemia in severe cases which most of the time calls for blood transfusion as needed. Nonetheless, existing steroid medications are available today. Though, it will take you four to six weeks before getting fully recovered.

3. Tapeworms

As known, tapeworms are parasitic organisms that thrive sometimes to intestines of mammals. Nevertheless, fleas could carry the eggs or larvae of these worms accidentally. Most often, pets and dogs are usually the victims where they play and swallow around these fleas unintendedly.

Humans particularly the children and infants tend to get caught with this disease upon eating these fleas directly. Though there are a lot of medications on curing this parasitic infestation, it is still important to be vigilant on the occurrence of this disease. Upon prolonged treatment, this disease could lead to intestinal complications that could kill any being along the way.

4. Cat Scratch Disease

As to what the title refers to, cats are mainly the victim of this disease. Nonetheless, this is caused by the Bartonella henselae (B. henselae) which are brought mostly by fleas upon biting around the bodies of a cat. Symptoms could vary from vomiting, red eyes, to swollen lymph nodes.

Flea Bombs Safe for Cats?

As a contrary, humans could also acquire the disease upon exposure to the flea or the cat itself though licking open wounds, scratching, and biting the person itself. Humans who have suffered from this disease could affect internal organs like the brain, heart, and eyes with accompanied complications in the immune system.

5. Tungiansis

Originating in tropical countries, this disease is often caused by the burrowing flea or sand flea. This disease usually affects the feet where victims experienced burrowing of the skin. Nonetheless, it is advised for travelers to wear shoes, especially when going to sandy areas as needed.

6. Tularemia

A serious illness caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis usually occurred in rats or rodents. This disease is transmitted by humans through infected flea or tick bite. Symptoms upon experiencing this disease include sudden fever, chills, diarrhea, joint pain, and gradual weakness.

7. Allergies to Fleas

Normally, the saliva of the fleas tends to appear cause patches, rashes, or bumps into the skin upon getting bitten. But nonetheless, there are people and pets who reacts exaggeratedly upon just one sting with these insects. Asthmatic reactions primarily affect those who have subsequent allergies to flea bites.

Also, there are those who experienced spreading of rashes upon just getting few bites of these fleas.

Fleas Habitat and Reproduction

Basically, only adult fleas are parasitic. Its eggs and larvae most commonly reside in hidden places in your home. It is often located in carpets or places where your pets lay down or stay around. But nonetheless, eggs and larvae of fleas thrive through dark, moist, and warm places. Thus, as small as they are, eggs and larvae could be kept on your couch or tiles intuitively.

Though these organisms tend to not induce risks, they are easily developed and grow for few days’ right ‘til it finds a host, jump on it and suck for blood on it.

As contrary to people has known, fleas tend to be loyal to their hosts and mostly spend their lives on its body. A flea without feeding to blood won’t survive for 5 days as it needs to. Nonetheless, a female flea needs to feed blood to reproduce and lay eggs in its subsequent role. As much as we know, a female flea could lay down eggs right after 24 hours after its first feed.

Fleas rarely transfer to another host except it is already dying or there are a lot of flea dependents from a particular host. Studies show that 200-300 fleas are the maximum amount of fleas that a host caters. But nonetheless, these numbers rarely happens and only occur in extreme infestations.

Fleas could live as long as 50 days with only regular feeding activity to its host. Oppositely, it dies readily upon 4 days of not continuously feed or if it starves itself.

Why do we need to eliminate fleas?

Fleas are disgusting creatures. Simply, we need to eliminate them because they create risks to not just health of humans and pets but also induces threat to comfort and cleanliness of your living space. Since these creatures are easily reproduced, it could kill and destroy around lives as we do not want to happen. That is why it is really crucial to treat over these creatures immediately upon evaluation of some criteria and symptoms. This includes the following things;

  • Scratching

If your pet or anyone in your house is abnormally scratching their hairs or furs, then most likely it’s a sign that there are fleas in your place.

  • Reddening of Skin

Other symptoms are patches or red burn-like stings into the skin. This usually occurs in the hands, heads, or necks of the victim intuitively. Often, victims also are experiencing loss of hair with extreme cases of parasitic flea developments.

  • Examination of the Insect Itself

Upon noticing over brown and small 2.5 mm in length insects almost flat bodied with six intuitive legs, then most likely you are referring to fleas. They usually hid around into furs or hairs and don’t have wings but jump to long distances as previously said.

  • Eggs and Larvae

While there is no insect is detected, there could be the presence of larvae and eggs in your house or through a host’s body. Flea larvae and eggs are usually white in color as it should be intended to.

Nonetheless, upon checking these few signs, then it’s best to seek immediate help or assistance to carry over the need for the elimination of this disease-causing insects. Hence, one of the few methods that most of the people use is flea bombs. These substances are considered the most used and efficient method for removing and eliminating fleas that could occupy your place.

What are Flea Bombs?

As the name implies, these substances bomb and kill fleas as needed. Like any insecticide, these substances are used around to destroy and eliminate fleas, larvae, and eggs around the area. Nonetheless, these chemical based substances could not be sprayed around your pets or to you directly. It is not intended to do so.

Though it is not a versatile brand to kill fleas, it has been proven to be the best way to flea control inside your space. Spraying or Fogging regularly on your living space is something that you should do to prevent the accumulation of these pests in your area. This is useful especially if you have a lot of pets in your area. Pets could be the most immediate host that your flea will thrive into.

Advantages of Spraying Flea Bombs

As said, these products are an efficient way to treat the growth of fleas inside your space. It removes larvae and eggs to darkest corners of every room into your spaces.

Aside from that, these sprays could be used outside your home, especially to your lawns and gardens where fleas could lay on their eggs and grow intuitively. Children and pets could get infected by these fleas outside since they tend to play around usually as they wanted. That is why it is important to spray around flea bombs regularly.

Disadvantages of Spraying Flea Bombs

Let’s start by saying that flea bombs are chemical-based. While it does kill fleas, they could also cause harm to pets and humans upon directly applying it on severe concentrations. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep things in control so that risks of poisoning or infections could get encountered along the way.

Aside from that, the residues of these flea bombs could adhere to the food or toys of babies inside the house. Tasting or inhaling these substances at strong concentrations could induce risks to the health of your family and loved ones.

That is why proper procedures and treatment should be employed while application of these flea bombs. To get to know more of these, just scan around below as needed.

What Compounds are Present in a Flea Bomb?

Flea Bombs or Foggers composed primarily of pyrethroids or pyrethrin. Usually found in pesticides, these compounds are class of insecticides that are usually derived from chrysanthemum flowers. These compounds and foggers considerably exhibit low toxicity with most of all mammals.

But nonetheless, these substances are mainly toxic to insects where it blocks around nerve signals and protein development. These annihilate in most cases variety of insects including fleas.

Aside from these compound, other chemical based compounds like Piperonyl butoxide, n-octyl bicycloheptene, and dicarboximide are utilized as an accessory ingredient to kill fleas as needed.

Risks on Prolonged Exposure to Flea Bombs

Even if you’re skeptical, you don’t have any choice but to pour around these flea bombs towards your living spaces. They kill around fleas intuitively considerably one of the best choices that you could use on removing fleas.

But nonetheless, it is important to employ proper procedures when you’re applying these substances. These are mainly chemical based that are known to be still toxic for human consumption. Thus, here are some of the known complications and diseases that could develop around during the acquirement of the disease. This includes the following;

1. Impairs the Neurological Function

As known, they block around pathways for nerve signals. As for humans, instances like this happen when one has consumed these substances in very high concentrations. Upon small amounts, you’ll get to experience muscle twitching and numbness. That is why upon detection of these symptoms, you’ll have to consult with a physician to do something more about it.

2. Skin Sensation

Upon prolonged exposure, your skin will be most vulnerable with. These substances could induce allergic reactions causing the development of rashes and stinging as needed. Burning and itching could happen along the way. Nonetheless, its best to employ topical treatment or just wash it thoroughly with water to prevent further development of these occurrences.

3. Promotes Cancer

Though there is no subsequent evidence for this, there are a lot of people who could testify upon this myth. Nonetheless, there is still no existing study to support this myth since it is deeply forbidden in the laboratory to test around pets or humans intuitively.

4. Birth Defects

The same thing with cancer, there are a lot of occurrences most specifically to pregnant women who are previously exposed to these substances. Nonetheless, upon giving birth, infants most likely experienced birth defects which mostly premature development of its organs. Though this holds no adequate truth and study since it’s not being studied, there are a lot of scientists who could explore how mutations occur through these substances.

Not much as everyone knows, substances that are used on making flea bombs are consumed or inhaled unknowingly within our systems at very small concentrations. These substances are used as pesticides containing in foods and rarely in water that we drink. They are also present in the environment unknowingly in small amounts.

To believe or not, we all have pesticide prints into our body though only in very small concentrations. To check it over, you could test your urine or feces to prove its viable existence.

Procedures on Flea Bomb Application

There are actually three major steps that you should remember about flea bomb application. Nonetheless, it is important to get familiarize with these steps to avoid experiencing complications to health with these flea bombs. To help you out, here are just some of the things that you should look into. This includes the following;

  1. Preparation For Fogging

Fleas and their Harm

  • Vacuuming and cleaning the house

This treatment should be done in order to maximize the removal efficiency of fleas that often hide within carpets and floor mats. Vacuuming exposes the fleas, eggs, and larvae that stay on carpets and floor mats. Nonetheless, cleaning also could sometimes eliminate and kill these substances as needed.

  • Turn off your electricity

To avoid some problems, its best to turn off any electric gadget or appliance to your homes. Unplugging the switches and turning off TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems should be employed few hours before completely bombing all over the house. Accumulation of these substances could cause static noises and potentially store charges as avoided.

  • Vacate things as much as possible

This is a requisite especially for toiletries including toothbrush, combs, and other things that you’ll use directly into any parts of your body. This is to ensure that accumulation of any residue won’t stick around with these devices.

  • Close all the windows

It is important to seal around the windows intuitively. You could use a duct tape to do this. This procedure is essential to ensure that no fleas would escape upon spraying as needed. Also, this is vital in ensuring that any residue would not go outside your space.

  • Vacate any living thing inside the space

May it is plants, pets, or people, you should keep them away from the location while spraying these substances. As known, it induces dangers to health. Nonetheless, these substances are sensitive to babies that is why to make sure to keep them away to stay safe as needed.

  • Wash all the clothes and other fabrics

If possible, do laundry before fogging around. These substances may adhere to your clothes promoting risks as intended. Additionally, fleas could creep around these things as you’ve never wanted to. That is why washing them around regularly is a must thing activity that you should do.

  • Wrap around everything

Though this may sound overdone, there are a lot of users who intuitively wrap every furniture or things with newspaper before application of flea bombs. This is to ensure that there’ll be no residue that will stick around as needed.

  • Secure Food and Consumable Materials

Keep your kitchen vacate as much as possible. Important utensils such as spoon, fork, and knife should be removed as needed into your space. This is to ensure that you’ll not get consume around these harmful substances. Aside from that, make sure to keep your food away when you are bombing or spraying around.

  • Prepare what you should be wearing

It is important to keep yourself secure while spraying around these substances. Never wear a dress that exposes directly your skin while utilization of these flea bombs. It is essential to completely cover everything with your body from eyes, nose, to every inch of it. Wear a suit, gloves, headgear, masks, and goggles if possible to makes sure of it.

  • Read the label and procedure

Before using the flea bomb, it is important to read the back labels intuitively. It could be different from the previous flea bomb that you have been using. Make sure to follow the instructions and read the caution part to assure complete safety and security while utilization of these substances.

1. Deploying the Flea Bomb

These are the things that you should remember during the utilization of the flea bomb. To get you more information, just check it out below as needed.

  1. Lay a newspaper in the center of the room before application. Place a canister in every room before deploying the fogger around the house. This is an important thing that few people failed to remember during application of it.
  2. Make sure to check again the checklist above to ensure that you are ready for fogging. It is important to not miss anything to avoid experiencing problems related to it.
  3. Before starting, it is important to shake around the flea bomb carefully. Start from the farthest room as much as possible as needed. Lay down the flea canister in the center of the room and gently push the top of the flea bomb to start the process. Run immediately towards the door and close it firmly.
  4. If possible, seek help from an expert or a family member during the spraying process. This is to ease out the fogging and make things quick as much as possible.

2. Post-Bombing Instructions

Approximately 8 hours from bombing your house or space, you could directly go back and check on things as needed. Here are some few tips that you should remember, this includes the following;

  1. Do not bring over any pets or your loved ones after the said duration. Open the doors and windows and left it for approximately an hour.
  2. Check all power outlets and make sure they are all working as needed before bringing anyone into space. Foggers are flammable, leaving a power outlet open could induce fire or explosion into your house.
  3. Vacuum again the floors to ensure that all the remaining fleas, larvae, and eggs are removed and killed intuitively.
  4. Not just vacuum, clean every corner of the house or space to remove all the residues that could accumulate in your space and home.
  5. It is recommended to apply these substances before leaving for holidays or during travels to make sure that everything goes exactly as it should be.

Safety and Some Important Concerns

Is flea bombs safe for babies?

Basically, it is not really safe for direct human spray and application. Nonetheless, babies have highly sensitive skin and undeveloped organs. That is why its best for them to keep them away from any exposure to these chemical substances that could further risk their safety and security. It could pose health risks primarily allergic and asthmatic responses that could kill them along the way.

Is flea bombs safe for babies?

That is why it’s highly recommended to vacate infants and children readily before application flea bombs as intended. Put them possibly far away from the fogger itself to prevent the occurrence of these things.

But nonetheless, these are still no concrete scientific basis for this fact. However, it’s for the best of everyone to just keep your babies away from any chemical based products to prevent further complication.

If in the case, it happens that your babies could have been dominantly exposed to this toxic substance, then it’s best to get him or her to a physician immediately to check things readily.

Does it Kill you Immediately?

No. Pyrethroids, its main component are indirectly eaten or even drinking by a lot of people. Though exists generally in very small concentrations in the environment, it could be potentially harmful if you are always exposed to it. Nonetheless, never spray around always your house with flea bombs. Twice or thrice a year would be totally intuitive. It is important to never do it monthly or even weekly to prevent maximizing its amount in the environment.

How long is its Residue Stays on the Surface?

Pyrethrins, easily degraded upon high temperature and direct exposure to UV light. Nonetheless, a lot of its users spray around during summer to avoid the occurrence of prolonged residence in the environment.  Approximately, the residues will stay on the surface for about 1-2 days after application before it evaporates. Thus, it is avoided to spray around during winter or rainy days. It isn’t really quite healthy that it goes with water. Nonetheless, these substances are highly toxic to fish and marine creatures. We don’t want also to drink around or eat things highly intoxicated with insecticides.

Is it Flammable and Toxic?

Improper utilization and storage will definitely cause fire and explosion with flea bombs. That is why it is best to secure this substance in a location where it’s kept at room temperature. Never put it in a place near ignition switches or easily flamed devices like power outlets or LPG.

It is also important to never put in a location where it’s directly reached by pets or children. They could inhale or spray it even into their eyes or any part of their body. These substances are highly concentrated and if dominantly exposed, could poison them as avoided.

Make sure to read the instructions on the back label of the product of your choice to know more details regarding this.

Is there a medical exam to detect the degree of exposure?

Yes, there are existing methods to examine the existence of pyrethrins or pyrethroids by providing a blood, urine, or feces sample to the medical technician. Nonetheless, metabolites of these chemicals are examined within these samples. Aside from that, you could measure amounts of these chemicals into food, air, and even to drinking water intuitively.

Thus, there is special equipment that facilitates these processes. You could contact universities and hospitals that are affiliated with Centers for Disease and Control Prevention to get more details regarding it.

You could also call the National Pesticide Information Center in the USA to get more details related to it.

Where to contact if experienced flea bomb poisoning?

It’s best to call immediately the local hospital with the given codes in your community. If you are in the USA, you could call the poison control center with their hotline number 1-800-222-1222 as needed.

Always prepare a first aid kit and employ the first aid treatment located most likely at the back of the substance itself. First aids are keys to prevent worsening of the poisoning or condition that your loved one could experience. There’s really no particular first aid treatment that you could do, it entirely depends on the circumstances. That is why, before utilization of the fogger, check always the label and the first aid treatment located at the back of the substance.

Nonetheless, it is important to stay calm and not panic when poisoning is happening. If it’s into skin or eyes, wash thoroughly the affected area with running water. If it’s swallowed and inhaled, rinse the mouth with plenty of water as needed.

Other Options

While flea bombs are known, there are existing products that you could add as a supplement for your flea bombs. This includes the following;

  1. Since you could not spray directly these flea bombs into your hair or into pet’s furs, then it’s best to employ hair and fur treatments to remove the further occurrence of these fleas. It is best to check into an expert to know what treatments suits to the condition of the said person or pet.
  2. Use insect growth regulators and repellants to prevent the growth and accumulation of fleas inside your spaces. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that these substances do not eliminate or kill any fleas as it should be.

Where to Buy Flea Bombs?

Generally, flea bombs are much cheaper than you think it is. Though depending on the brand, prices with this substance could line up from $9- $20 as it should be. Nonetheless, more expensive products tend to kill fleas and eggs more efficiently as compared to the cheap ones.

Nonetheless, you could buy flea bombs to respective convenient and hardware stores within your location. Aside from that, there are those who legitimately sell around flea bombs into online and web stores. You could easily search it around on the internet as needed.

Recommended Flea Bombs

With a lot of flea bombs around, it’s really hard to find a brand that suits your likes. Likewise, safety is a priority and you don’t want to buy just any random product into the convenient stores. That is why we are giving you a few recommended products that one could buy into the stores.

These products are federal approved and safe for utilization. This includes the following;

  1. Raid Flea Foggers

It does not have any CFCs on its solution for which was known to be harmful to the environment. Aside from that, it was known to be efficient in killing any fleas that it encounters. One application is good for 4 months though with secured free-fleas into your homes.

  1. Zodiac Flea Bomb

The product has been used by a lot of people because it has really a strong smell. It does not contain any IGN that most flea bombs contains and this is efficient on killing any phases of flea growth from eggs, larvae, to adult fleas.

  1. Hot Shot Flea Bombs

This flea bomb does not just killed fleas but also lice, ticks, and even bugs. This versatile flea bomb induces a greater coverage with a large canister on it.


While a lot of people are still unsure upon utilization this substance, it has been proven to be useful on removing fleas as needed. Nonetheless, skepticism could create further risks on related flea diseases into the health of your family and pests.

As contrary to what everyone tells, flea bombs could be helpful to people. It is considered safe even for babies. Though, it is very important to follow procedures and precautions while utilization of it.

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