Best Food Saver - FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System

Food Saver V3460 Vacuum Sealing System Review

The Food Saver V3460 Vacuum Sealer is a hands free, vacuum sealing and marinating dynamo which comes in a space saving, vertical design. This device helps in protecting and preserving delicate, moist and dry foods for a long time. The V3440 sealer features a built in roll holder, a bag opener, a cutter and liquid detection which help in preventing spills and the marinating mode infuses food with great flavor in a matter of minutes.

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This unit is sleek, compact and features convenient built in add ons which simplify your everyday sealing tasks. This essential food storage system offers many functions and features, which makes it much more superior to the metal foils, plastic bags and zipper bags. This high tech vacuum sealer sucks the moisture and air out of the multi layered bags, thus keeping the food tasty and fresh for a long period of time.

The V3460 also comes with 3 quart size bags, 2 gallon size bags and one roll of bag material, that helps in preserving a wide variety of foods such as soups, meats, vegetables and many others. This powerful vacuum sealer has 2 vacuum speeds which operate automatically, assisting bags to seal perfectly. With the additional roll holder and a bag cutter. this device will help you customize the bags according to the actual size of your food portions. The FoodSaver V3460 can automatically sense the bags and the particular type of food, and will seal the bags accordingly.

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The FoodSaver V3460 also comes with the drip tray which is able to hold the excess liquids and has a wide sealing strip where heating occurs, thus allowing for a much more precise airtight seal.


The vertical and compact design of the Food Saver V3460 means that one can place it comfortably on the kitchen counter and easily operate it. The unit works equally well with bag rolls and pre cut pouches. The built in roll holder accepts 8 inch and 11 inch wide bag rolls, and has a bag cutter which produces customized lengths of the bags. The Food Saver V3460 features a marinate setting which allows the user to marinate meats in a matter of minutes. In addition, there’s a vacuum port that’s provided for the unit’s hose attachment, which can be used to seal jars, canisters and bottle stoppers.


The Food Saver V3460 has been very thoughtfully designed and takes very little counter space in your kitchen. The vertical configuration has minimal footprint, and also included in its’ compact size is enough space to store its’ bag roll. The unit has a very modern look and its’ control panel which is at the top features many light indicators all arranged in a horizontal strip which is spread all across the appliance’s face. The unit’s door which is at the front side opens and then drops down revealing the vacuum sealer’s interior.

Ease Of Use

Operating the Food Saver V3460 is very simple. The 1st thing you will notice when using the V3460 is just how easy it is to operate/use. The instructions are well laid out, all you need to do is follow them; Place the food you intend to store in the multi layered Food Saver bags, and then place the bag’s open end in the Food Saver, press the kind of sealing for that type food you want to preserve and the machine will automatically start the sealing process.


The drip tray is easily removable and is dishwasher safe. You can remove it from its’ slot in order to drain out the excess liquid overflows. The gasket that surrounds the vacuum port can also be removed and washed. To extend the lifespan of the appliance, it’s wise to clean the gasket at least once every 3 months and then replace it with a new 1 every year.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Food Saver V3460

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  • The unit’s vertical design gives it a stylish look, and uses less space in the kitchen.
  • The Food Saver V3460 is rather affordable. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most budget orientated vacuum sealers in the market. -Apart from being affordable, this unit also provides many outstanding features.
  • This unit is very easy to use. It doesn’t even require using a manual, all one needs to do, is follow the packaging box instructions.
  • The V3460 allows users to select various settings, each depending on particular food types; the dry and moist food settings will help you control the actual vacuum speeds according to the particular food items.
  • This vacuum sealer features a rapid marinate mode, that helps marinate fish, chicken, and meat much faster.
  • It has a Crushfree instant seal which allows the user to handle exquisite food items.

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Final Verdicts

This vacuum sealer does not only offer great value for your money, but it also helps reduce wastage of food. The Food Saver V3460 is currently 1 of the best Food vacuum sealers available on the market. The unit has great innovative features which ensure a fresher and healthier way of preserving food items. Get Food Saver V3460 today, and start enjoying the many benefits it offers.

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