FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Have you had a BBQ party in the recent past? If you have, then you can agree with me that a lot of food was thrown away after the party. It is such a frustrating moment when you dispose of food because you don’t have the right storage tools. As a result, the FoodSaver have introduced to the market the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System to help keep your food fresh up to 5x longer. With this food vacuum sealer, you are sure to enjoy foods that are nutritious, fresh and most importantly full of favor after you have preserved them.

FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Featuring a secure air-tight seal, your sealing bags are free on any air hence ensuring that your stored food does not get freezer burns. The pulsevac control comes in handy to ensure efficient air removal and in turn letting you to seal any of your delicate foods without the worry of crushing them. Other features include a handheld sealer with canister and marinate mode, convenient roll storage, and a removable dishwasher safe drip tray.

Key Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

  • Has an airtight heat seal that sucks out air from specially designed bags to ensure a secure airtight seal in order to prevent your stored food from getting freezer burns.
  • The non-BPA retractable handheld sealer is compatible will all FreshSaver containers and zipper bags, in addition to FoodSaver marinators and canisters.
  • This machine is capable of sealing any FreshSaver or FoodSaver bags, accessory and containers.
  • Its airtight vacuum zipper bag is double reinforced to keep the air out in order to offer a tight seal for more freshness of your food.
  • The pulsevac is manually adjustable to start and stop in order to control air removal hence making it easy to seal delicate foods without crushing them.
  • Featured rapid marinate mode lets you marinate your food including meat, poultry, pork in just a few minutes.
  • Having an in-built roll storage, you can customize your bags easily
  • The patented removable drip tray ensures that your kitchen is mess-free by catching all the spillages from the sealing process. It also makes cleaning easy since is dishwasher safe.
  • Has an easy to use , intuitive and control panel

Foodsaver 4980 2-in-1 Review – At a Glance

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How ease of use

The FoodSaver V4980 is so easy to use. Just place the open end of your sealing bags into the vacuum channel and then let this appliance do its work. And best of all is that the sealing bags are microwaveable, all you have to do is just cut a corner from each of them so as to let air in while it is cooking. Having inbuilt cutter, this kitchen appliance will also let you customize your bags effortlessly and with no time.

FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System Review

There are 2 vacuum speeds that can be adjusted automatically to best suit the type of food inside the bags, either the moist or dry options. And if you want to seal delicate foods such as vegetables, fruits etc., you can use the pulsevac feature that lets control how slow or fast the air is suctioned out from the heat seal bags to prevent your food from crushing.

What are users saying about the FoodSaver V4980 2-in 1?

So many positive reviews have been made about this vacuum sealing machine. Users who bought and used it liked the fact they can use it to even seal mason jars. They also appreciated the patented drip tray that collects all spillages to ensure a mess-free counter. Furthermore, this tray is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy and quick cleaning.

The pulsevac feature was also highly appreciated by most users. They said that it enabled them to seal their delicate food without crushing them and for any others food items, the just seal option was efficient enough. The intuitive, user-friendly control panel is not to be left behind. Users liked this system’s compact, upscale design with its fully automatic operation and a sleek control panel.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

  • Q: How can I achieve a tight seal for my uncooked chicken pieces?

A: Pre-freeze it and then make sure to keep the pieces separately to avoid them freezing in a clump.

  • Q: Between this model and the FM2100-000, which one is a better option?

A: Although the 4980 2-in 1 costs more than the Foodsaver FM2100-000, it comes with additional features that the latter doesn’t have. You will be paying more for features such as the zipper bag sealing attachment, In-built roll storage and cutter and an accessory port

  • Q: How many batches can it seal repetitively without overheating?

A: At least ten consecutive seals

  • Q: Is there a starter kit?

A: Yes and it includes one 11”x10′ Heat seal roll, five 1 Quart Vacuum Zipper and Heat-Seal bags and four 1 Gallon Vacuum Zipper Bags

  • Q: Does it have a pulse feature?

A: There is a switch on this unit named, Pulse Vac. You can use it to seal delicate foods without crashing them.

Q: Yes. Q: What is the difference between the 4880 and 4980-2 in one?

A: The 4980 2-in 1 has a dry and moist feature while the Foodsaver 4880 doesn’t have.  This feature allows you to seal any food like cereals, chips, pretzels, etc.

  • Q: Is it compatible with bags of other brands?

A: Yes it is, but it will not work with the ordinary Glad and Ziplock pressure sealed bags. However, FoodSaver models always work best with FoodSaver bags.

  • Q: Will it work with Mason jar sealers and gallon size bags?

A: Absolutely yes. But with the jar, you must first clean it and wipe in with a paper towel.

What is my opinion about this kitchen appliance?

I love eating meat and in fact, it doesn’t lack in most of my core meals. Going to the market each time is very inconveniencing hence I am left with no choice other than buy the meat in bulk. It is for this reason that I bought the FoodSaver V4980. Well, I must admit that I have used other food vacuum sealers before and I have never been satisfied than I am with this particular model. With this sealer, I am guaranteed that my stored food will remain fresh for long without losing its flavor.

I really am in love with the rapid marinate mode of this machine. Unlike with the regular marinade, which usually take up a couple of hours, with this function can marinate a variety of foods in just a few minutes. And best of all, my marinated foods taste just as good, if not better, owing to the fact that it can create a secure airtight seal.

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How affordable Foodsaver 4980 is?

Doesn’t feel great to have buy an item for the price of one? If you are on a tight budget yet you are looking for a food vacuum sealer with features and functions close to those of high-end sealers, here is the perfect choice for you, the FoodSaver 4980. This appliance removes all guesswork in your vacuuming and sealing process, producing an airtight seal on your bags for increased freshness in your stored food.

At an affordable price point, check Amazon for price, the FoodSaver 4980 comes loaded with functions such as retractable handheld sealer, pulsevac, rapid marinate mode and a convenient roll storage among others. This food vacuum sealer is not only a great addition in your kitchen but will also give you good value for your money.

Compare FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 and the FoodSaver V3860

You would be torn between buying the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 and the Foodsaver V3860. Why is that? Well these two amazing appliances come with so many similar features. Some of these features include convenient roll storage, marinate mode, 2 sealing settings for moist and dry foods among others. Although the V3860 comes at a higher price tag than the 4980 2-in 1, regardless of the machine you buy you will still get good vacuuming and sealing results.

FoodSaver V3860 Review

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Why the FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 is the best choice for home use?

You will not get such an amazing, beautiful and affordable machine with an outstanding performance as the FoodSaver V9880 2-in 1. This vacuum sealer will automatically detect any of the FoodSaver bag, as soon as it is placed into the mouth of this food sealer. It then starts the vacuum sealing immediately, and better yet, you will not require to intervene. By doing so, it makes life pretty easy especially when you are preparing your next batch of vegetables, fruits and meat among others, to be vacuum packaged and stored.

This appliance comes equipped with a retractable handheld sealer that is compatible with FreshSaver containers and zipper bags in addition to FoodSaver marinators and canisters. This lets you utilize the containers that you may already have and in turn saves you money. And if you like you can use either the FreshSaver or FoodSaver container, bag or even accessory airtight vacuum zipper bags for sealing. Speaking of which, the zipper bags are double reinforced to keep air out and seal freshness in.


  • Has both manual and automatic operations
  • Includes a convenient roll bag storage
  • Has a removable tray that is easy to clean
  • It automatically detects the bags and immediately starts the vacuuming and sealing process.


  • Sometimes it overheats

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Final Verdict

If you have always wanted to have a vacuum sealer in your house but you are not sure what would be the best match for your, then the FoodSaver V4980 2-in 1 is what you need. Being a 2 in 1 once, you will love how great it will vacuum and seal your food items, ensuring a secure airtight seal for more freshness in your stored food items. This appliance comes with many benefits and rich feature set that you will sure love. For the price of 2 in 1, what more would you want? Give the FoodSaver V4980 2-in 1 a shot and share your happiness with your friends and family.

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