FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review -Save extra money per roll

Did you ever use food saver vacuum sealer before to double your food storage time? If yes, then you might have had the experience of sealing bag wastage and pretty frustrated about it. The best and major differences between the FoodSaver FM2000-FFP vacuum sealer compared to others is that it has been designed for the less bag waste in mind. That means you will get more bags per roll compared to other food saver unit. FM200-FFP is the newer model of the V2244. The FM2000-FFP specs also indicate it is 5 lbs weight compared to V2244 at 1 lb.

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review

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The FoodSaver FM2000 is a small and compact vacuum sealing machine that doesn’t have slow, normal or speed selection to choose from. You can use any vacuum bag as you like for sealing, but that should be in the right size to fit with FM2000-FFP. Also, make sure they are “heat seal,” otherwise the bags will melt in your machine when you use it. For vacuum and seal, you have to use FoodSaver bags. in other hands, the manufacturer of this food sealer explained, all of their products that are sold in US and Canada is UL approved for the 110-120 voltage. So converted electric power may compromise the performance of this product.

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It has been designed to be a space saving model, thus far FoodSaver FM2000-FFP is the perfect vacuum sealer for a housewife who would like to save her kitchen space. But unfortunately, it does not come with a bag cutter or even a roll storage. Although, it does have a drip tray that you can detach whenever necessary. If you are going choose this vacuum sealer for your kitchen you should have a good practice of using a pair of scissors to cut your food bagging material manually. If you are not familiar with that, here is another space saver vacuum sealer model called FoodSaver FM2100-000. It’s also available at a low price. But FM2000-FFP cost far less than FM2100-000. It can be used with zipper bag but it doesn’t include the adapter that requires using with them. For use this FM2000-FFP with zipper bag, you will need to purchase FM2000-FFP handheld sealer apart. Scroll down to read more about this foodsaver FM2000-FFP review.

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review

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  • Reduce food bagging wastage
  • Comes with a detachable drip tray
  • Lightweight and Space-saving vacuum sealer
  • Low buying cost
  • 5 years warranty


  • Doesn’t include a cutter and roll storage

Users Opinion about the FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum Sealer

User opinion is the biggest point to understand not only the food saver product even any products that you will buy from the online marketplace. As I mentioned FoodSaver FM2000-FFP is a newer model of the FoodSaver V2244 that’s why I didn’t see as many reviews when I bought this food vacuum sealer. But nowadays, FM2000-FFP has a bunch of positive reviews, and it felicitated by its users as it should be. Most online stores ran out of their stock of V2244 and started selling the latest FM2000 vacuum sealer due to its low cost and 5-year warranty vs 1-year warranty of the V2244 model.

Many of the FM2000-FFP  users said, it has reduced the bag wastage by almost half and also satisfied with it’s extended warranty. Some of them also complained about, it’s come with a zipper bag but they have to buy handheld sealer separately.

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My experience with the FoodSaver FM2000-FFP

I using this food saver to try and keep my food costs down by buying bulk and freezing. I bought this because of easy to use and low bagging wastage that can also reduce my food costs. I can use any bags to seal any particular food such as fish-meat, vegetables, cheese, chicken, cooking sauces as left-over, fresh 5 times longer compared to normal food storage while maintaining its quality. Without having any problem, I can freeze jam via FM2000-FFP. If you like to vacuum-seal any liquid food, I will recommend, first freezing the food for a few hours (not completely frozen) after that scoop it into a food saver bag then vacuum and seal. Before vacuuming liquid food, it should be frozen otherwise the liquid would spill out of the bags. I prefer to use heavy bags when you plan to keep food in the freezer for a long time.

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review

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The FoodSaver FM2000-FFP is pretty lightweight and space-saving unit, its manual says I can’t vacuum seal fresh mushrooms, garlic and such kind of others foods. You know why?

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Because gassy or cruciferous vegetable such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, and onions cannot be vacuumed and sealed as perfectly unless they are cooked. Because those particular foods release a natural gas and that would collect in the vacuum sealed bags. Hence, it would be impossible to keep these foods fresh in the next few days if stored raw.

Why FoodSavar FM2000-FFP the best choice for home use?

How do you compare if any particular food saver that best suits your need with any other food vacuum sealer in the market? If it happened to me, I would review the user opinion, features, costs of the product and longevity etc. You also consider those things when you decide to buy a particular food saver. Well, first of all, FM2000-FFP is a kind of vacuum sealer that reduces bag wastage, it’s lightweight, and if you having the issue with low space in your kitchen countertop, then FM2000-FFP is the perfect space saving vacuum sealer for your home. And most of all, you can get this sealer at the very low price compared to other food vacuum sealer in the market.

Also, compared to other FoodSaver products, this vacuum sealing machine can save up to 40 percent of your packaging materials.

Comparison between FoodSaver FM2000-FFP vs FoodSaver V2244

As mentioned FoodSaver V2244 is also a lightweight and space-saving sealer that makes your food sealing process very simple, easy to relocate anywhere in your kitchen. Though it comes with a plastic body, people who used this vacuum sealer think it’s very useful and durable compared to other food sealer in the similar price range. There is not much of a difference between the two food sealers. Although, you have to spend a couple of extra bucks for getting this V2244.

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP Vacuum sealer Review

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Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver FM2000-FFP vacuum sealer

  • The sealing process works with other bags too but for vacuum and seal, you need to use only FoodSaver bags.
  • Easier to handle and relocate anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Reduce bagging wastage and get you more bags per roll
  • Can be used with zipper bag but you have to buy handheld sealer separately.
  • Due to not having cutter and roll storage, you have to use pre-cutting bags for sealing process.
  • Cheap vacuum sealer but it’s done his duty perfectly.
  • Lightweight and space saving sealer for the small kitchen.
  • Five years warranty is huge for a tiny invested vacuum sealer.

FoodSaver FM2000-FFP – Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Q: Can I use it with 8” roll?

A: Yes you can, it’s compatible with 8” roll.

  • Q: Can I use it with vacuum zipper bags?

A: You can use but you need to buy FM2000-000 handled sealer apart.

  • Q: How can I connect it with 200-240 V power source?

A: You can connect with a power converter but converted electricity may compromise the performance of the product.

  • Q: Does the hose compatible with mason jar sealer?

A: Yes you can use the accessory hose that includes with the product, but it works with only FoodSaver jar sealer.

  • Q: How to vacuum soft items like cheese, ice-cream without freezing

A: I recommend you to freeze the soft or liquid food for a couple of hours (not fully frozen) for making it little harder, then scoop it into the bag and vacuum, otherwise it will lift up over the bag.

  • Q: Manual says, can not vacuum seal fresh food like onion, garlic, mushrooms but why?

A: Some Gassy or cruciferous foods can not be vacuum-sealed until those are cooked because that kind of food like onion, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, and such other vegetables release a natural gas, it would gather in vacuum sealed bags.

  • Q: What’s the difference between FM2000 vs V2244?

A: it’s a newer version of the FoodSaver V2244, the major difference is, it designed to reduce bagging wastage and FM2000-FFP does it perfectly.

  • Q: What voltage is perfect for this vacuum sealer?

A: It works well with 110-120 V electric power source.

  • Q Can I select normal, fast or slow speed while vacuum seal?

A: No this food saver does not provide any selection option for the sealing process.

  • Q: What are the dimension of this product?

A: It’s about 17 x 6 x 4 inches

  • Q: How this machine seal the roll? Do I have to seal both sides of the bag?

A: Yes exactly, you have to seal one side of the bag, the put food into the bag and then seal another side.

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Final Review of the FoodSaver FM 2000

If you’re aware of reducing food wastage and save extra money by lowering your monthly food cost via buying foods in bulk, then FoodSaver FM2000-FFP is the best food saver vacuum sealer for your kitchen. With this food saver, you can vacuum-seal chicken, fish, meat, even liquid and jar foods just in a couple of minutes.
It’s very lightweight and space saving sealer that can be fit anywhere in your kitchen. And you can save more money with less bagging cost because it’s designed to reduce bag wastage and you will get more bags per roll compared to other food sealers. Isn’t a good deal for you? You can get this FM2000-FFP just in a Nominal price and save more than $2000 in a year by reducing your food cost.

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