FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 Review

FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 Review – Truly how better than any older FoodSaver 2 in-1?

One of the most important tips to save money on food is to store your food correctly. Storing your food in the most efficient way will help you save money, preserve its freshness and let you enjoy seasonal food items all year round. And one way to keep fresh longer, even up to five times longer, is by preserving it using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer.

The FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 Manual Operation Food Preservation System is a kitchen device that will let you preserve all kinds of food using vacuum seal bags. The FM3920-ECR is one of FoodSaver’s most popular models and this is because it is convenient, handheld sealer that will let you vacuum seal almost all kinds, shapes and sizes of food.

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  • A retractable handheld sealer that can seal all kinds of food
  • With roll cutter on lid to cut bags to any length you need
  • With a pull-out drip tray to catch any liquid from food
  • With a handheld sealer to seal bags and vacuum containers
  • With built-in roll storage
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • With free accessories such as vacuum seal rolls and bags and zipper bags

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  • You need to pay more to get more accessories

The FoodSaver FM3920ECR comes with free vacuum seal roll, vacuum seal bags and zipper bags but once these are exhausted, you need to purchase more just to be able to use this vacuum sealer. But of course this is just a small price to pay for efficient food storage.

  • Takes time to vacuum seal food  items

Compared to simply using zip lock bags or other regular storage, it really takes time for this sealer to work. Then again, it is really never easy and quick to vacuum seal items.


Key Features of the FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1

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Can seal a variety of foods and food item
One thing about vacuum seal technology is that anything can be sealed. You will be able to use this on any kind of food: cooked or raw, dry or wet food, small or big, veggies, fruits, grains and more. The powerful sealing system will keep these foods in great shape up to five times better than regular food storage systems.

With a retractable handheld sealer
The retractable handheld sealer is a bonus. You can use this to vacuum seal plastic for storing clothing, linens or accessories. It can also be used to vacuum seal containers and other vacuum storage systems. The handle even has a special cradle so it won’t be in the way.

With a handy pull-out drip tray catcher
The pull-out drip catcher will catch any liquid that may fall while food is being sealed. This often happens when sealing raw food as well as cooked food with sauces. This catcher is dishwasher-safe.

Will keep food fresh up to 5 times longer
You will save a lot of money and keep your family safe from eating contaminated food. This sealer will keep food fresh up to 5 times longer compared to other kinds of sealer in the market.

What users saying about FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 Food Preservation System

Users that have purchased and used the FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 Food Preservation System agree that this device gets the job done preserving all kinds of food. Many users say that they should have purchased this kind of sealer years ago to save money on food. Some users say that it is efficient in preserving food as well as other items and home items as well.

The retractable cord can be used to vacuum seal bags, clothing, shoes and linen to improve closet storage space. All-in-all, online users are very satisfied with this vacuum sealer and would want to use this again and again.

Compare with FoodSaver FM2435-ECR vs FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 – Which is the best?

Compared to the FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1, the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR is slightly larger and slimmer. Comparing the two’s appearance, the FM3920 is thicker and has a dark black outer cover while the FM2435 has a sleek silver body with black detail and trims.

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Both can vacuum seal any size of food and both are equipped with a handheld vacuum sealer. When it comes to performance, both sealers can seal food in minutes with the same manual operation. Both sealers are easy to use and will work on the same type of bags or storage system.

Durability and performance of the FM3920-ECR 2-in-1?

The FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1 will vacuum and seal using vacuum bags or with the retractable handheld sealer. You will find this easy to use and requires very little power to seal. It is very durable even when used on larger food items.

It has an all-black plastic body so it is easy to clean and will not retain smells or food odors. The retractable drip tray catcher will catch any spills or drips coming from food as it is being sealed. Overall, there are no notable performance issues with this vacuum sealer.

Truly how better than any older FoodSaver 2 in-1?

Compared to other older FoodSaver 2-in-1 models, there are no distinct differences from most models other than its outer cover or shell. Older models come in silver with black details, definitely looking very different from the FoodSaver FM3920-ECR 2-in-1.

But apart from the outer appearance, this FoodSaver model works very efficiently in preserving food as well as non-food items. It could be a good addition to your home or office kitchen to save on food.

FoodSaver FM3920 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealer System with Quick Marinate Mode...
  • SAVE MONEY AND SEAL FRESHNESS IN: Meat preserved with the FoodSaver System in the freezer can last up to 3 years and...
  • MARINATE IN MINUTES: Get optimum flavor infusion in the least amount of time! Simply connect the handheld accessory to...
  • INTEGRATED ROLL STORAGE & CUTTER: Convenient roll storage with built in cutter lets you easily create custom-sized bags...

Final Verdict

The FoodSaver FM3920-ECR is truly a good kitchen helper which can preserve all kinds of food to help you save money and even save time. Preserve using vacuum seal all kinds of food to be consumed later or preserve seasonal food to enjoy all year round.

This sealer is equipped with a handheld vacuum sealer to let you seal containers and bags with the touch of a button. It is made from strong and durable materials so you can use it to keep food fresh longer. The FM3920-ECR could be the vacuum seal device that you need at home or at the office.

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