Food Saver FM5480 2-in 1

FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 Review – Is it Better than prior 2-in-1 FoodSaver?

Do you know who the enemy of freshness is? Air! The major cause of dehydration and freezer burn of eatables stored in refrigerator, freezers, and pantry is the dry air. Ordinary storage techniques will trap the air inside, causing the loss of nutrition and flavor to the food over time. With the FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 food preservation system you can fight the enemies –dry air and bacteria with the air-tight seal.

FoodSaver, Black/Silver FM5480 2in1 Food Preservation System, reg

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FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 system helps in storing and protecting your food, thereby preventing any kind of wastage caused by freezer burn and spoilage. In addition, you can indulge in a huge amount of savings by purchasing in bulk and still getting fresh food through the long-term storage.

The presences of vacuum view window help in providing the view of where you can seal to get optimal control and also for reducing about 30-40% of the roll wastage. Of course, compared to other food preservation system, this reduces the time but can be on a higher side in terms of budget.

Features and Benefits of FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1

  • Manual Start and Stop for Controlling Air: The FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 helps in sealing delicate food without crushing and breaking them.
  • Rapid Marinate Mode: It has one of the best marinating modes that help in marinating in minutes rather than in hours.
  • Retractable Handheld Sealer: The FoodSaver FM5480-2 in 1 contains seal vacuum zipper bag, accessories, and containers which can keep the items in the fridge and pantry fresh for a longer time.
  • Pull-Out Drip Tray Drawer: Besides having a good pull-out drip tray drawer, the food preservative system is compact in size, thereby making it easy for countertop storage. Also, it has the feature of install roll which makes sealing of the food easy and less tedious.

Why is FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 the best?

Food Saver FM5480 2-in 1

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There are a variety of reasons on why FM5480 2-in-1 is worth giving a try. Just check out the given features-

  • Design

The sturdy look that Food Saver FM5480 2-in-1 has, makes it compatible and fit in any kitchen. Even though it is not tall or long, its major attraction is its solidity. The best part of this FM5480 food preservative machine is the operation button and retractable sealers which are easily visible and accessible, right in front of the machine. Also, it has a built-in cutter and roll storage.

  • Performance

No doubt, the FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 is the Mercedes-Benz of vacuum sealers. Not only it looks magnificent but even works better compared to the lazy ones available in the market. The best part of this food preservative machine is that it provides versatility as it has various settings for dry and moist food. Plus, it is fully automatic.

Just place a bag near the seal strip and it will get automatically captured. For operating this tool, just press a single button and it will stop automatically when done. And it is easy to use on jars, canisters and zipper bags, because of the presences of the retractable handheld sealer. In addition, this mean machine helps in vacuum sealing non-stop as it has a high-capacity motor. So it means you don’t need to stop in between seals.

  • Usability

One of the best features of FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 is that it is fully automatic, thereby making it easy to use. The presences of the automatic bag detection feature make it commendable to use. Just press a single button to begin the vacuum and seal. And it will automatically stop when done.

Frankly, by default, this food preservative tool vacuums and seals dry food; however, there is a button which can be adjusted to handle moist food like fish and raw meat. Also, you can keep track of how far along it is in the process of vacuum sealing as there is a performance light present along with other buttons.

Furthermore, the retractable handheld sealer makes it easy to use. It is quite easier to use than having to utilize the attachments and hose. Even though it model is versatile, still it is quite user-friendly.

User Opinion about FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1

According to various users, this FM5480 food preservative machine is perfect. Some might feel that this machine can’t do canning properly as it doesn’t release suction. But that is not true. This machine releases suction when you remove the hose (now this only takes a second) and then you take out the jar sealer and place another jar and attach the hose again. Also, removing the hose is not a huge deal even though it takes a bit of time; still it ensures that the jar is sealed.

Another interesting aspect users liked about the FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 is that it is not huge but does have a weird shape and looks. Still, it functions well as per normal standards. Also, most users assumed the machine to be heavy and were surprised to find that it was light and allows one to view how much is left in the roll, thereby replacing it without opening the machine.

FoodSaver FM5480 Firsthand Experience

With the entire hullabaloo going on about the effectiveness of FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1, I tried it and found it to be a complete family loving product. Being a single mom, I like to bake and fry and this food preservative tool was handy. My eldest daughter is a fitness freak and she does munch on the cakes and fries but in a limited arsenal.

Food Saver FM5480 2-in-1

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Often she complains when I reheated or re-cooked the food of the previous day. But with the FoodSaver FM5480, I can preserve the food and my daughter beams with joy each time when she has it, the next day. Furthermore, my boy always complains that his food remains cold and dry during the lunch, and with the FoodSaver 2-in-1 FM5480, I was able to ensure that his food was fresh and tasty all day long.

Comparing FoodSaver FM5480 2-in-1 with FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1

FoodSaver 4980 2-in 1 Review

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If you compare the FM5480 2-in-1 with FoodSaver 4980 2-in-1, you might see a slight difference in terms of design and performance. The design of both the food preservative looks same, sleek and attractive. But in terms of performance, the FM5480 2-in-1 got a better edge as it is smooth to use and provides efficient means of reducing wastage to about 40%. While the 4980 is manual, the FM5480 is automatic.

Final Verdict

No doubt, the FM5480 2-in-1 is a great product for preserving food. It is the upgraded version of the previous manual model and the presences of multiple features make it enjoyable to use. Of course, the only setback you might feel is that it can be a bit above your budget, but definitely worth your money.

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