Vacuum Sealer Review: FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System GM2050 000

Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 Review

The right vacuum sealer is all you need to preserve your food for a longer time. It helps to get rid of the air and moisture from the food and keeps it fresh for a long time. With many vacuum sealer reviews on the internet, it can be difficult to know the right type. Nonetheless, the Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 stands as a top unit that you can consider.

Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 Review

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The sealer has been made to work in different environments, and you can be sure of an easy time when using this unit. The unit has been made stable enough to handle 40 high-density seals at a go. Even with the consecutive seals, the sealer will not overheat or perform poorly. Even though you can use it in the kitchen, the unit has been specifically designed for the outdoor environment. If you are a fisherman, a hunter, or you are out camping, then this unit is designed for you. It has a nice, black display and the design is also classy. The sealer also weighs under 3.5 pounds, so you can carry it without difficulty as you go out hunting. It is also reasonably affordable, compared to other vacuum sealers out there.

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User Opinion about Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000

Users have highly rated the GameSaver Outdoorsman GM2050-000 Vacuum Sealer. It has still managed top score compared to it’s contenders due to it’s convenience, ease of use, functionality, and tits overall performance.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of high-end machines, users still love its few integrated features. They also love that it has a small price tag and better yet, its performance surpasses that of its contenders.

One of its biggest advantages is the compact design. Users like the fact that it fits on small space. So, they don’t have to sacrifice space in the kitchen to achieve an effective seal. Being lightweight also makes it easy for users to move it from one place to another in the kitchen.

A common comment noted in most reviews is that it doesn’t overheat too fast like most others. Users said that they would seal at least 15 bags consecutively, after which they would stop sealing to let it cool down.

The ultimate goal of using the FoodSaver GameSaver-GM2050-000 is to reduce wastage and save money. Users were happy that they could store their food while maintaining its flavor up to 5 times longer than the standard food storage methods. Also, it uses a technology that reduces bag wastage and in turn saving up on cost.

Some users complained about sealing issues. Here are some tips that could come in handy when sealing with the FoodSaver bags

  • Pre-freeze your beef, poultry, fish or your game for an hours before sealing
  • To help your food maintain its moisture, pre-wrap it in plastic bags before putting it in your sealing bags

Cut a larger portion of your sealing bag than you would normally do to avoid moisture from getting stuck up in the bags.

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FAQ About Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000

  • Q: Since you can seal up to 40 consecutive seals, what happens after that?

A: All you have to do is let the machine cool down for 15 to 20 minutes before the next sealing cycle

  • Q: Is it cordless and how can you power it?

A: It comes with a cord that is beneath the unit. It is UL listed for 110 to 120voltage. However, it doesn’t include connectors or adaptors.

  • Q: What size of sealing bags does it seal?

A: Usually, 11’’ bags work best with it. It doesn’t come with bags or rolls but with the featured inbuilt cutter, you can custom-make your bags.

  • Q: Is the accessory hose includes?

A: Yes, it is

  • Q: Does it save on bags?

A: Yes. This unit uses a new technology that reduces bag wastage up to 40% when sealing

  • Q: With some of FoodSaver models, once you cut a section from a roll, it wouldn’t seal because the other end was open. Does the same apply for this particular model?

A: Because it is manually operated, then it gives you full control of your sealing process. You can choose from seal/ vacuum or seal options.

  • Q: Is it compatible with the Mylar bags?

A: You can use the Mylar bags, but you wouldn’t love the experience

  • Q: Can you achieve a double seal?

A: There’s only a single sealing strip, but since this unit can be manually operated, you can still get a double seal. Simply, open the lid, re-adjust your bag, close and lock the lid and finally re-seal.

  • Q: What are its actual dimensions?

A: It measures 16.25″ Long x 6″ Deep x 4″ Tall.

  • Q: What is the warranty cover on this unit?

A: It has a 5-year limited warranty.

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Advantage of Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000

This is one of the top vacuum sealers that can seal your meat for a long time and still stand strong. It has been designed to handle forty consecutive seals. That equates to about 120 pounds of meat out in the wild. So if you are hunting big in the woods, you will not have to worry about the meat rotting when you have this unit. Even with the forty consecutive seals, this unit can still stand strong without overheating.

Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 Review

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The FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 Vacuum Sealing System  is also quite easy to use. It doesn’t require a lot of setups before you can seal your food. Once you have placed the food in the specific plastic bag, you will then place the open end of the bag into the vacuum sealing channel. After that, you will then close it and lock the lid, then finally press the Vacuum and Ordinary seal button. The food will be sealed perfectly, and you can store it for the longest time possible.

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This vacuum sealer has been designed with a perfect, compact size. It measures 17, by 5.8, by 3.8 inches. This means that it will be compact enough to fit in your space. The sealer does not consume much space, so you can carry it along with other camping or outdoor stuff. Even when you are not camping, you can just place it in your kitchen, without using much countertop space. The design is also classy to fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Foodsaver Gamesaver Outdoorsman-GM2050-000 Review

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The sealer sucks out the moisture, air, and water from the food and the plastic bag. The water is then drained in a patented drip tray. This tray is removable and dishwasher-safe. With this, you can easily remove it and drain it whenever the water is too much. The good thing about the drip tray is that it is big enough to limit the times needed to drain it.

Not only is this unit used to seal food, but you can use it to keep your outdoor items clean and safe. If you have cutleries along your camping trip, you can seal them using this unit and keep them safe enough. You can use the unit to seal anything, but it should not be too big or one of an irregular shape. Any item that is flat and of a regular size can be sealed using this unit.

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Final Verdicts

This is one of the units you will want to have when you have outdoor activities, or when you want to go on a fishing trip. It helps to preserve your food, and it also saves a lot of time since it is user-friendly. It can run for forty seals non-stop. With such a sequence, you can enjoy your fishing or hunting as you preserve the meat. What’s more, this unit comes with a limited warranty of five years, meaning that it can serve you for the longest time possible. It is also lightweight and of a compact size, so you will not have a problem carrying it around. It has been made with an innovative technology to limit paper wastage.

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