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Food Sealer Reviews: FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer
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In case you prefer manual vacuum sealer and love being in control, then the FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer is absolutely the best appliance for you. This device does marvelous at preserving food and reducing wastage of food. The FoodSaver Professional Sealer is basically a manual sealer which will make sure that your foods are always correctly sealed each and every time, and it will keep all of your foods fresh and delicious for up to 5x much longer. Its’ wide sealing strip ensures a secure, airtight seal. Some of the other great features include a bag cutter, a roll holder, and a patented dishwasher friendly drip-tray; the tray collects any excess liquids that may happen to ooze out, when the device is sealing the bags.The FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer was designed to accommodate most of your fundamental packaging requirements. It was specifically designed with the sportsman in mind with conveniences which make the vacuum sealer easy, fast and simple to use. So if you’re a fisherman or a hunter, this appliance is for you. This unit will let you easily seal vegetables, fish, large game meat and much more.

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  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It has a very easy to follow “quick begin manual” which will get you sealing immediately.
  • The machine is very versatile and you’ll be able to seal different food types which in turn lets you store a really wide variety of foods.
  • The device can marinate food in minutes which saves you the preparation time
  • It’s very durable and performs many heavy duty tasks with much ease.


Feature And Specs of the FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer

  • It can be operated manually
  • It features a very convenient bags cutter and a roll holder
  • It has dishwasher safe, patented and removable extra large drip tray
  • It features a wide seal strip which creates secure, airtight seals
  • The unit comes with a hose vacuum and an accessory port which seals containers, canisters, jars and marinates foods in a matter of minutes
  • The machine comes with 1 year limited warranty

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The sealing strip that’s made by the FoodSaver Professional is two times as wide as strips which are made by most other vacuum sealer models. This basically means that the seals that are made by this device are much stronger and will ensure your food stays safely sealed for an extended period of time.

The bag cutter of this marvelous device is contained within the cover and makes it easy to cut the bags to the size your desire. You can use bags which you have made yourself and you will save even much more money since the rolls will work out considerably much cheaper than pre-made bags. This device also features an extra deep removable drip tray which can be safely removed and washed using the dishwasher.


This device runs on a 120 volt supply which fires up this baby giving you a strong and sturdy performance. It comes well fitted with a three prong polarized plug; one prong is much wider so as to prevent wrong insertion in the socket. The supplied power cord is short to ensure the cable doesn’t hang over the sides of your kitchen counter or get pulled on by pets or children. There’s a storage compartment and can be used to store the electrical lead whenever the device is not in use.


This device has a rugged and strong design. This machine was actually inspired and designed with the sportsman at heart. Its’ design is made such that it can handle the heavy duty jobs. The machine offers great performance and has a system which can handle multiple jobs with much ease.

Final Thoughts

The FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer is an absolutely excellent kitchen appliance which is not only ideal for the hunters and fishermen, but it’s also great for busy housewives who usually do lots of packaging. The vacuum sealer comes well packed with an array of features and it’s manually operated which makes it perfect for people who want full control. If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer which will give you great value for your money, then the FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer is absolutely the right product for you. Buy yours today, and begin enjoying the many benefits it offers.

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