FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer Review

FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer Review

Are you afraid that quite a lot of your food goes to waste or gets spoiled because of being kept uncovered or in the open? Hail FoodSaver v3860 to the rescue! With a load of amazing features, this FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer allows you to keep your food fresh, five times more than any other means. The automatic operations integrated by state of the art tech in this machine allow it to judge the type of the food and the bag to create an air tight perfect seal.

FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer reviews

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With its SmartSeal Technology, you don’t need to worry about anything other than inserting the food saver packet- the rest is perfectly handled by the machine. The sealing can be done in two levels which allows you to package both the dry as well as moist foods in the best possible manner. The sealing strip has been deliberately made extra wide for the strongest seal to protect your food items. The machine also comes with a retractable host (built-in) which undoubtedly makes it one of the top preferences in food saving packaging machines.

User Opinion about FoodSaver v3860 Automatic 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer

What can you say about a machine that costs you around 200 bucks and helps you save more than ten times its actual cost in just a few months? The FoodSaver v3860 has been whole heartedly received by the users worldwide who have simply loved its automatic operational capabilities that do make it as a useful appliance for the kitchen. According to the users who have used it for over a year, the machine has proven to be a durable appliance that has never ever disappointed with its functionalities. The two sealing levels and the two sealing modes have been appreciated as added advantages.

However, a major glitch has been reported by many users which tells that the company is no longer providing the bag opener in the machine as advertised due to safety issues reported. But according to the perception of the users, this still doesn’t bring down their opinion of the machine that has helped them save food and money at the same time. The machine has been recommended by a vast majority of its users as it helps keeping the food fresh and uncontaminated.

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How affordable and attractive this FoodSaver v3860 is in your kitchen

Imagine not worrying about the surplus food getting wasted- yes, that’s what this FoodSaver does for you, living up to its name in the perfect sense, to every last detail. The FoodSaver v3860 does not cost more than two hundred fifty but helps you save around three grand in a year. This sealing machine has been designed to represent tech for utmost comfort for the user which is why the user experience with the sealer is easy and great! The two modes of sealing- one for marinating and other for the canisters can seal the pack/canister well for the item to be used later in the future.

Not only can you seal and keep the different food items like cheese, meat, vegetables and other stuff safe, even the kid in your home can easily do that.

My Experience with the FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer

I checked out quite a lot of machines and perused through the reviews to finally narrow down to this automatic sealer – v3860. It is so easy to set up and use that even a 6 year old could operate this machine perfectly.

FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer Review

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The bag opener however was missing which I later got to know has been removed from the recently manufactured units because of safety issues. Nevertheless, the roll cutter works fine as a bag opener for me. Not only do I get to save my wet vegetables and dry nuts for later consumption, I also do not have to worry about vacuuming operation as the machine’s smart sense judges the type of packet and starts its magic. The two sealing modes are brilliant, enabling me to seal pack and preserve almost every type of food item. Be it a can or a food pack, I do not have to worry about making any change in operation or following any other step. What’s even better is that it has liquid detection to avoid spills while I seal liquids like wine and juices in the canisters.

What I loved the most was the starter kit that accompanied this machine; it really helped me around in learning how to use the machine efficiently.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer

  • Q: Does it come with a starter kits?

A: Yes. It includes One 11″ x 10′ FoodSaver Roll, one 8″ x 22′ FoodSaver Roll, 5 Quart Size FoodSaver Bags, 5 Gallon Size FoodSaver Bags, Only 1 Lunch & Leftover Container, One Sandwich & Snack Container, One 2.5Quartz Quick Marinators and One  1.5 Quart Rectangular Canister.

  • Q: Can you vacuum seal bread with it?

A: Yes you can, but it’s not recommended. Instead, you can get a FoodSaver hard side container to avoid collapsing the bread

  • Q:  How many bags can it seal consecutively before stopping to cool down?

A:50 bags then you let it cool for about 15 to 20 seconds before resuming to the next sealing session.

  • Q:  Is there an integrated hose?

A: Yes, there’s a retractable accessory hose where you can attach a marinating machine. Meaning, you can marinate your food quickly and in a matter of seconds.

  • Q: Does it work with the zip lock bags?

A: It does work only with the FoodSaver zipper bags, but you would still need to buy an additional Zipper bag adapter. Then attach it to the accessory hose to get started.

  • Q:  Is the tray removable?

A: You can take the tray out and clean it.

  • Q: How much does it weigh? And what are its actual dimensions?

A: 16.8 pounds and 18.9 x 15.3 x 15.1 inches

  • Q: Does it make a single or double seal?

A: Single Seal

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Comparison FoodSaver V3860 with Weston 65-0601-W PRO-1100 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

The Weston 65-0601-W PRO-1100 sealing machine and the FoodSaver v3860 are undoubtedly two of the top lot in all sealing and packaging machines available for sale. Both the machines have superior quality design and automatic functioning which allow easy user operation. Both the machines also provide the feature of manual control as well as roll cutter and storage if needed by the user.

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However, the v3860 takes the lead when it comes to head on comparison between functionalities and the price. You can get the FoodSaver v3860 for almost 50 bucks less than the Weston machine. Not only this, the Weston only allows single sealing mode for canisters whereas FoodSaver allows an added mode for marinating.

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Why the FoodSaver v3860 might be the best choice for you

The FoodSaver v3860 is not only a kitchen accessory- it is the savior of your day if you too have been facing the food wastage or spoilage problem a lot. With an easy push of the button, you can now seal pack your unused cut fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish and other stuff before storing them. Regardless of the food item’s state- dry or moist, the food will remain fresh for five times the original duration.

FoodSaver v3860 allows you to marinate food items or canister seal them within a few minutes – something that used to take hours before. Not only do you save more than 10 times its costs in the first year, its load of brilliant functionalities do not fail you in the years to come as well. What’s better, it comes with an attractive chrome finish and a starter kit to help you get started on sealing and packing operations!

Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer

  • The machine measures around 1 inches x 18.9 inches x 15.3 inches and weighs 16 pounds (heavier than the lot).
  • It features SmartSeal Technology that identifies the type of bag and seals it accordingly with no manual touch ups whatsoever.
  • The machine provides two sealing levels that are good for both the dry and moist food items.
  • The A roll storage functionality and roll cuter (part time bag opener) have been provided in the machine. .
  • Has two modes of functioning- Marinate mode and the Canister Mode that can seal both canisters and bags evenly and perfectly.
  • It comes with a great starter kit that includes Marinator, Cheese grater, FoodSaver bags and two containers.


  • Automatic operations for easier and enhanced user experience.
  • Professional grade and strengthened seals for best possible protection of food items.
  • Different modes and levels provided to cover all types of food items and packaging.
  • It is easy to setup and use.
  • It has automatic bag detection that detects the type of the bag and performs the required operation.


  • The machine does get overheated sometimes after long hours of operation.
  • No longer comes with a bag opener as advertised.

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Final Verdict

Money and food are the two most important resources for you and your family and if you are keen on saving both of them together, this FoodSaver product is the perfect choice for you. This fully automated machine not only saves space, money and food, it also helps you save drinks and other items for future consumption. Going with the integrity of the brand as well as the load of amazing feature’s backed by thousands of happy customers, the FoodSaver v3860 is surely a valued addition that you can make to your kitchen.

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