FORNEY INDUSTRIES 271 Combo Welder Review

Welding is a task that people often find intimidating. Because there are a lot of injuries tied with the work of welding. That’s why it is crucial to invest in a good welder but without spending a king’s ransom on it.

The FORNEY INDUSTRIES 271 140A Combo Welder is a machine that fits into these criteria.

It keeps into account the dangers of the work of welding and has added functions based on them. From things like a fault indicator to specific modes of welding that are fit for beginners. In short, this welder can adjust to everyone’s comfort.

In this article, you will find features and using techniques of the 271 Combo Welder which will help you to decide whether it is a good option for you.

So, let’s get started!

FORNEY INDUSTRIES 271 140A Multi Purpose Welder Review

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder


The price of a regular welder makes every buyer flinch a little. But considering things like safety, durability, and user comfort, the best move to make is investing in a welder that will last for generations to come.

The 271 Combo is good enough to fulfill this need. It is not only lightweight but is also portable and can be easily used by beginners.

But that is not all. The 271 Combo can be used for different categories of welding making it all the worthier of your money. From stick to four different kinds of MIG welding, this machine is all you’ll be needing for your welding work.

As it is multi-functional, you won’t have to worry about getting a welding machine for 10 more years!

A major advantage of buying this welder is that it does not need gas to function. Although if you want, you can use a gas wire.

It can work in 2T and 4T trigger modes which you can use for more precise short and long welding. Because of the premium despooler that the 271 has, it can monitor and optimize the arcs as well.

The most intriguing feature of the welder is the indicators it has. As accidents can occur merely from overheating, this machine has a built-in over-temperature indicator. It also has a fault indicator for any major or minor problem the device might have.

While this welder has countless features, we will discuss prominent and major characteristics that set it aside from its competitions. What makes this worth your time and money? Keep reading to find out.


The weight of the 271 Combo welder is a feature that deserves attention. We need to move around welding machines when working more than we think. And because most don’t exactly consider this when buying themselves a welder, they spend half the time pushing their machine and less in their welding work.

And for those who buy a welder for personal use, they won’t always have someone to help them move their commodities either.

In other words, the less the weight, the more the comfort. At only 25.8 pounds, this welder is very lightweight yet durable. It is also portable and has a nice handle at the top for you to comfortably move it around.

Multifunctional Work

The 271 Combo has been made in a way that it is suitable for any kind of welding work. It can be used for:

Not only that, but it also covers four different modes of MIG welding. This feature itself makes it worth every penny. But lucky for you, it has much more to offer. It also works at synergic and manual mode.

While the 270 140A welder operates at 150 Volts with a 20-Amp input, it can give an output of 140 Amps.

Safety Features

FORNEY went all in with the 270 Combo Welder. Not only is it a 3 in 1 welder that can work in different modes, but it also has certain smart features included that assure the safety of the user. So, if you are using safety as an excuse to never try welding, you can’t do that anymore.

Safety Features

The 271 Combo Welder has an over-temperature indicator which will let you know if the machine is over-heating. This is very crucial when it comes to using any machine at all. The other indicator is to identify if any other component is faulty

Although you won’t find any fault with its construction, using the machine for a long time or not maintaining it well might have a toll on it. Hence, the fault indicator can save you from causing more damage or a major accident it may have resulted in.

Beginner Friendly

Yes, the idea of welding might scare off a lot of people. But some individuals still want to give it a try.

With several DIY videos, many people become interested to do the welding work needed at home without any outside help. The 270 Combo Welder is perfect for these people.

It really is very beginner-friendly. The synergic welding mode basically indicates that the machine itself knows what needs to be done. It not only monitors the arcs that you curve but also optimizes it.

Alongside making sure nothing goes wrong, the welder also tries to reduce the spatter as much as possible. The wires that come with the machine and the Euro-style disconnect are also very easy to maintain.

Overall, if anyone who hasn’t tried welding wants to start, then this FORNEY 270 will not only be safe but also be a good investment of their money.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very durable
  • Supports several types of welding
  • Good for beginners
  • Optimized wires and smart features
  • No foot pedals
  • It could have been designed a bit better

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of generator will I need to run this?

Ideally, a generator you can use to run this machine can be of 4000W minimum output with no low-idle function. If there is a function like that, turn it off.

2. Can I TIG Aluminium materials with this welder?

Because the FORNEY INDUSTRIES 270 140A Combo Welder is only DC Output, it will not be able to TIG/MIG any Aluminium material. It does not quite have enough arc to do it.

3. Is the 140Amp a gas welder?

The 270 Combo is not a gas welder, but it can be used with a gas wire.

4. Do I need a special outlet to plug this?

You do not need a special outlet. The standard 110 outlets will most likely work fine.

5. What is the maximum AMP output in the stick mode of this welder?

Although the maximum AMP output in the stick mode is usually 90-100 Amps, at times it can go up to 140 Amps as well.


Considering all the features of the FORNEY INDUSTRIES 270 140A Combo Welder, I can guarantee it will be a good investment.

The durability and multi-functional features of this machine make it a strong contender in the market.

It is easy to be intrigued by other welders out there as each one will have something that makes it stand out.

But if you are looking for a multi-purpose welder that is also fit for non-professional use, the 271 Combo Welder is your answer.

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