Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review

Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review – Why sealing can sometimes become inconsistent?

Household owners know how troublesome it is to pack foods properly to keep the freshness sealed. If the seal isn’t tight enough, or if there’s a hole in the packaging, then consider the freshness gone. The Geryon Vacuum Sealer aims to rectify this situation by providing tight seals for each bag.

Geryon’s Automatic Vacuum Sealing System also aspires to eliminate freezer burn, as well as reduce food waste and spoilage. For the most part, it does get a lot of things right.Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review

Interested purchasers can check out our review of the Geryon vacuum sealer to see if this product is a great fit for your home.


  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Seals bags in as little as 10 seconds
  • Seals are nice and tight


  • Sealing can sometimes become inconsistent, but most of the time it’s due to operator error

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Key Features of the Geryon Vacuum Sealer
Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum Sealed Freshness

When cooking food in advance, most of the time putting it inside a conventional plastic or paper bag won’t be an ideal suggestion as the freshness can escape the container leaving the food’s taste to wither away. The Geryon Vacuum Sealer, on the other hand, can effectively lock the freshness and heat of the freshly cooked food.

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An Ideal Companion for Sous Vide Cooking

For those who don’t know enough, sous vide cooking implies to the method of treating and preparing food through partially cooking ingredients followed by vacuum-sealing and chilling them. As such, having a tight seal on preserved food is a must for sous vide cooking. The Geryon Vacuum Sealer delivers this advantage to its users to help bring better results for this cooking technique.

Keep Foods Safe From Freezer Burn

What happens when food has freezer burn? Any particular piece of food that has freezer burn gets damaged due to oxidation and dehydration. It is the result of air reaching the food, and this scenario is the general result of food not placed in an air-tight packaging. Due to the air-tight seal of the Geryon food Sealer, it can help protect food from freezer burn.

Keeps Dry Foods as Fresh as Possible

Dry foods, such as beans, cereals, and nuts, can get spoiled if left alone without placed inside a proper package, or if said packaging doesn’t have a tight seal. Place dry foods in packs sealed by the Geryon Sealer to keep your provisions as fresh as possible. Therefore, it makes itself to be an excellent model for packing children’s lunches for when they go to school.

Keep Other Items Safe

The Geryon food sealer is not just aimed to protect food items from oxidation, dehydration, freezer burn, and the like. The product can also assist in keeping valuables safe so that they remain as clean as possible. Keep items secure from humidity, dampness, dust, grime, molds, and other unwanted elements with the aid of this vacuum sealer.

Compact Size

One of the challenges of outdoor barbecues is that there will often be the excessive preparation of food. Instead of throwing those away, users can just bring the Geryon Vacuum Sealer with them in the first place. Its compact nature won’t take up too much storage space so putting it inside a bag is just an easy feat.

Simple Yet Stylish Design

Many wouldn’t care about the looks of vacuum sealers until it sticks out like a sore thumb. Thankfully, the Geryon food vacuum has a contemporary yet simple design. Sure, it won’t be much of an eye-catcher, but its looks aren’t gaudy as well. Also, because of its simple looks, it can fit into any home décor just fine.

Smooth Operation

Users don’t need to follow overly complicated instructions or push tons of buttons just to get their food and other items tightly sealed with a vacuum sealer. With the Geryon Vacuum Sealer, the operation can be done with the use of its three buttons. The buttons are also clearly labeled, so users don’t have to fiddle around with them just to know what they do.

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Geryon Vacuum Sealer vs. Razorri E5200-M Vacuum Sealer

Razorri E5200-M Vacuum Sealer Review
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Both the Geryon and the Razorri E5200-M Vacuum Sealer are compact and efficient vacuum sealing devices. Interested purchasers might get confused as to which device to get, especially if this is their first time to purchase such a product.

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Also, both automatic vacuum sealers are found at roughly the same price point. Perhaps the key difference here is that the Razorri E5200-M Vacuum Sealer offers more control in sealing than its Geryon counterpart. However, Razorri’s offering is the more expensive model of the two.

Ultimately, it boils down to how much money is willing to be spent, and if more control is needed or not.

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What Users are Saying About the Geryon Vacuum Sealer
Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review

Most of the Geryon Vacuum Sealer’s customer reviews dwell on the positive side, albeit there are some negative comments by some individuals.

One reviewer mentions that this product is “a must have in our kitchen.” He highlights its ease of use, compact construction, and air tight finish when packing and sealing foods.

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Another reviewer mentions that it’s “a great product for a busy mom.” Sealing food and other items takes mere seconds to accomplish. Add that to the advantage of having an air tight seal, and the device makes a good recommendation for anyone looking for an excellently performing vacuum sealer, according to the customer.

However, some reviewers point out that it often doesn’t make a tight seal. After carefully looking through the situation, it was found that it was due to operator error, and the device is not entirely at fault.

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Final Verdict

The Geryon Vacuum Sealer is, without a doubt, one of the most appealing automatic vacuum sealers on the market for many reasons. It provides air tight seals, it’s easy to carry around with its compact and lightweight construction, and it’s not as expensive as other models out there. However, the lowered cost of this device does come with a disadvantage, and that is it offers lesser control than others.

For people who are perusing around the market for an easy-to-use barebones automatic vacuum sealer, this is definitely worth the pick.

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