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Starting Golf? Advice and Tips for Beginners

Starting to play golf can be a daunting prospect. The thought of missing the ball, getting in someone’s way or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can turn a beginner golfer into a bag of nerves.

Follow these must-know tips for beginners about the golf swing and rules and etiquette, to be confident playing golf on the course.

Golf Swing Tips for a Beginner Starting to Play Golf

A golf pro can look at an amateur golfer and tell from the way they stand to the ball whether they are any good at golf.

The same concept applies to most skills – a violin teacher can tell a good violinist simply by the way they hold the bow.

A riding teacher can tell a good horseman by the way someone sits in the saddle. The list is of examples is endless but one thing is for certain, learning to stand correctly to the golf ball is vital to building a swing that will hit the ball into the air consistently.

Grip and Stance Advice and Tips for a Golf Beginner

  • The golf swing is a chain reaction if a golfer starts off correctly the rest automatically follows – standing to the ball well, often referred to as the stance, is the first part of the swing.
  • The key for a beginner building a good stance is to learn how to place the hands on the club correctly, which is called the grip. If a beginner learns to grip the club correctly the rest of the body, arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet normally slip into the right position.
  • The correct golf grip allows the arms to hang in a relaxed natural way from the shoulders. All a beginner has to do, to be ready to hit the ball, is aim the shoulders at the target.

The Golf Swing for a Beginner is Simple

As a beginner progresses they can learn all the complicated theory that more experienced golfers like to tinker with, including backswing plane, downswing transition, impact release and the finish. These are terms a beginner may well hear the first time they visit a golf range, but the essence of a swing is very simple.

Once a beginner has learned a good stance they should concentrate solely on a turn of the shoulders back and forward with a swish of the hands at the ball. It is no more complicated than swinging an axe at a tree. Keep the swing theory simple – just get the grip right.

To learn more about the grip, stance, and swing for a beginner there is volumes of advice online, but complicated theories are best avoided – just turn, swish and turn.

Must Know Rules and Etiquette for a Beginner

To be confident on the golf course as a beginner there are certain courtesies that should be followed. Most of these are common sense and a more experienced player would politely point these out on the course to someone playing for the first time. It is important to remember that everyone who has started to play golf has been in a similar situation and most golfers are very patient with people who show they are keen to learn the rules and etiquette. Following are some of the most basic rules for a beginner.

  • Don’t talk when people are hitting.
  • Try not to stand too close to someone who is swinging as it can be off-putting.
  • Do not wheel a trolley onto the golf green or tee.
  • Put back any divots that are taken out of the fairway.
  • Congratulate someone if they hit a good shot and do not show annoyance if you hit a bad one.

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