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Golf Card Game: Play Golf with Cards

"It's not about the cards you've been dealt; it's how you play your hand.”

Since ages, card games had been the symbol of intellectual pastimes from generation to generation. And one of the most exciting variations is the "Golf Card Game."

But being excited isn't the only thing you get with the game. Why am I saying this? Well, the gameplay of this card game seems to be not-so-easy to understand for a first timer. You have to go over and over to acquire the rules and tricks of the game. Before that, you must know what the rules are.

Fortunately, this is the topic we’ll be talking about. Hold tight and roll in.

Why It is Called ‘Golf Card’?

The name seems pretty interesting to me. While the other card games have names like Poker, Rummy, Grin Rummy, etc., this game is named after an outdoor game.

Interesting, right? Let’s know the reason behind this-

Golf card is a game where two or more players are on a mission to score as little as possible with the cards in hands. In front of every player, there is a pile of cards arranges in rectangular or square shape. Players can draw new cards from the pile in order to score. The entire scenario is seen to be equivalent to be scoring a hole in the game of golf.

And that’s the reason people calling it the ‘Golf Card’ game.

Card Distribution

You need to have an entire set of 52 deck cards along with two or four of jokers. Each of the players will receive 6 cards (face down) and the rest of cards will be placed in the center. The top card of the pile will be turned up to let the game start. Players can arrange two of the cards as faced up. This continues till the games end. Players will always have 6 cards in front of them.

In the beginning, there is a dealer, and the player's turn of taking cards starts from the left of the dealer. Each player can take cards from either the stock cards of from the discarded pile. As the card is taken, the player can swap it up in return for one of the faces down cards.

And if he does so, the swapped card should be faced up. On the contrary, if the player discards the card drawn, he can either chose to make no move or can flip a card.

Golf Card Game: The Gameplay Rules

Like every other game of cards, there are some certain rules and regulation that controls and propagates the game. Let’s try to explain and understand the rules in a simple way-

The objective

The objective of the game is to deduce the value of the cards that each player has got. This can be done in two different ways. The player can swap the cards for lesser values or can do pairing the cards up with another card of equal rank. Either way, the player tries to get the least possible score.
 Eventually, the player with the highest score loses the game and the player with the lowest score wins it. To get to the end of the game, ten rounds should be taken place.

Pairing Up Cards

The card taken need to form pairs with other cards of equal ranks. It can be one of the same columns which override the values of normal points. The rule on which this pairing up takes place is-

  • One pair of Joker- Scores a 4.
  • Any other pairs that have the same numbered cards.
  • King is wild.
  • Ace is -2(Minus two).
  • Queen is 0.

How to Determine the Winner and Loser?

As the game goes on, payers keep drawing new cards from the pile and try to score lowest possible scores individually. But when does the game end?

Well, this answer can be explained in two ways. As you have seen, there is variation in the game of golf card, and each of them has different ending scenario.

The 4-Card Golf Ending

In 4-card Golf, if a player thinks that he has the lowest scoring cards, he can get his turn to knock others instead of picking up new cards from the pile. It ends the play, and the only rule of such knocks is, each player has to take one more turn each after the knock. Eventually, each of them gets their results, and the winner/loser can be determined.

The 6-cards Golf Ending

​​​In other games like 6-card golf, the rule of ending the game is pretty different. This rule works better if there are large layouts with more than 3-4 players. What it does is- whenever a layout card from the player is replaced, the new card is placed face-up. Whenever one of the players will have all the cards face-up, that's the end of the game.

A Glimpse of The Variation of the Game

Unlike every other popular card games, there are a few variations of the game. Depending on the number of gamers, timespan and of course, the scoring criteria, these variations take place.

Let’s take you through the most popular variants of the Golf card game-

The Four Card Golf

Four card golf is played with a standard 52 cards deck. And approximate player required is two to eight. According to many players, the game is played best with four members. The dealers distribute four cards to each player, and rest of the card is undealt and faced down as a pile.

Here is the basic of the gameplay-

  • Without showing one's card to another, the player can have a look at two of the nearest cards of him.
  • If you make it draw a card, you need to replace it with one of the four cards in your hands.
  • You can draw a card from the stock and still discard the drawn card without using it in the layout.
  • You can end up the game by knocking up in your turn. While knocking, you don’t have to do anything else. Others players will have their turns while they draw a card from the pile. They can stock or discard the card drawn, but can’t knock again. And that’s how the game ends.

The Six Card Golf

This is another of the popular games which are built with a few variations in the rule. Usually, played with a deck of 52 cards, and estimated number of players re two to four. The game can also be played with eight and even up to 16 players, but it needs to add additional packs of cards.

The gameplay is simple. The dealer distributes six cards to each of the plays, which are kept face down at the center of the table. The remaining pile of cards is put face down as a drawing stock.

Here are the rules of the six-card golf-

  • The turns start from the left side of the distributor. When a turn comes, the player can either draw the top card of the stock of him, or draw the top discard. If he choices to discard, he may replace it with any of the six cards of him.
  • If you draw a card from the stocked face-down cards, you have two options. You may either decide you don’t want it, or you can leave the situation as it is.
  • You can't discard the same card over and over is illegal. What it means is, you have to chose to use the discarded card to replace one of your layout cards.

Bottom Line

Although we've talked about two of the most popular variation of the golf card game, still there is something more. This card can be played with eight cards, and even nine. And for each of these game types, there are conditional variations. All you have to do is to consider the number of people and card, and you can set yourself up for any of these games.

Have a great time with Golf Card game!

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