golf cart dimensions

Golf Cart Dimensions

A golf cart’s dimensions can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, model and options included. On average, a golf cart’s dimensions are just over 4 feet wide by just less than 8 feet in length.

Yamaha golf cart dimensions with a backseat are 91 inches long and 44 inches wide, while the same cart with no back seat measures 91 inches long and 108 inches wide.

Cub Car’s standard model carts measure 48 inches by 91 inches, while the model with a back seat measures 48 inches by 104 inches. Cub Car’s CRT limo cart, which holds six people, has a 48-inch by 144-inch width.

What is a golf cart?

golf cart dimensions

Golf carts are small vehicles intended to carry two golfers or their clubs around a golf course or desert trails with less effort than walking.

What is the width of a golf cart on trailers, garages, and others?

The first question you want to ask about golf carts when shopping for a golf cart is how wide they are.

Moreover, if you intend to tow it somewhere or use it as a vehicle, it may help to be aware of the width to get the right size trailer for it.

A standard golf cart is about 4ft wide, 8ft long, and there is usually a back seat that folds down into space for the golf clubs if you use it on a golf course. The average weight is within 900-1000pounds.

When purchasing a golf cart enclosure, knowing your golf cart’s width and length will help too.

It might be easier to find bigger golf carts with more robust engines, but they will be more expensive as well. For example, Club Car XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo is 12 feet in length, making it 4 times longer than a standard cart.

How Wide Should Your Trailer Be?

Because your golf cart is typically 4X8, one can tow it using just a 5X10 utility trailer. Basically, they have ramps really high, so you can pull the golf cart up and then secure the rack at the back.

A 5 x 10 works just fine when you need to move a golf cart around. The back gate is off so that we can re-deck it. It would help if you also strapped down the tires so that the golf cart doesn’t move while you’re going down the road.

Will the golf cart fit in the truck bed?

If you own a standard truck and a standard golf cart, then it will fit snugly in the truck cab. Once you have the golf cart in the truck bed, you’ll need to buy ramps to drive it out when you get home.

If you get ramps with a load capacity of 1,500lbs, then you’re good since most golf carts weigh around 900lbs to 1,000lbs.

Additionally to the ramps, you’ll need straps to tie the golf cart to the truck bed so that it’s secure, especially if the tailgate must be opened during transport. Most ramp kits come with straps, so be sure to use them.

The importance of golf cart dimensions

Different golf carts come in different shapes and sizes, but the numbers can be confusing when looking for the right size. So here’s everything you need to know about Golf Cart Dimensions.

When looking to purchase a vehicle, many questions should be asked beforehand – color, features, and functionality are all important out of the box – and size should also be included. As the golf cart will be housed and trailed, it should fit as easily as possible.

Whenever choosing or researching a cart, the exterior dimensions are measured by their length, width, and height. Given here are some considerations to consider when choosing your preferred cart.

How long is a golf cart?

Generally, a two-passenger golf cart measures 8 feet long or 96 inches long at its longest part. There are also longer golf carts on the market with multiple rows of seating or more room for cargo.

The exact dimensions can be found in the tables below based on the make and model of the cart.

How wide is a golf cart?

golf cart dimensions

Golf cart width measures from left to right across the widest part of the cart, including the wheels, excluding any side mirrors or other accessories. A golf cart’s width is less at the front than the back for functional reasons.

Golf carts made for four or six passengers average 4 feet wide (48 inches). Exact golf cart dimensions depend on the make and model and the seating configuration you choose on your cart.

How tall is a golf cart?

A golf cart’s height is measured by measuring its tallest point from the ground up. There are two ways to calculate its height — a distance between the tire’s contacts with the ground and the steering wheel or measurement from the wheel to the top of the cart.

A golf cart without a roof is usually measured from the bottom of the tires to the steering wheel. As with width and length, manufacturer height differs. For more information, see the tables below.

Different types of golf carts

golf cart dimensions

The types of golf carts include hand and pull carts as well as electric and gas ride-on carts. Any of these can cater to people of any price range. Read on to learn more.

Push Carts

People would prefer not to carry their bags constantly around a course, and most courses don’t allow gas or electric golf carts. So go back to the days when golfers used pushcarts instead.

These affordable carts are typically the most popular because they are super easy to control and are inexpensive. Most of them have three wheels and are more significant than traditional golf carts. Due to this, they tend to take up more space in your garage than pull carts.

Pull Carts

A pull cart is a bicycle with two wheels that can be dragged behind a driver. They are ideal for people who do not yet have a lot of clubs to carry. They are generally lightweight, making them easy to maintain, and they can also be folded down for storage later.

Gas Carts

Gas carts are much more powerful than electric because they run on natural gas, not a motor, just like a car does. Of course, gas carts are noisier and require similar upkeep to a car, including regular oil changes, tire rotations, and engine maintenance.

Nevertheless, there is nothing like the speed of a gas cart for an extensive golf course with lots of space in between holes.

Despite their perceived negative environmental impact, gas carts have some environmentally friendly features. One such innovation is that they don’t keep running when the ignition is turned on. Instead, they kick on when you hit the pedal and shut off when you lift off the weight.

These features save you gas, reduce emissions, and reduce noise when you go for a stroke.

Electric Carts

An electric cart is the go-to ride-on cart of today and with good reason. They minimize noise on the golf course, require little maintenance, and have low maintenance costs. They run on batteries that charge a motor.

The batteries charge when the cart is plugged into the wall, though some models on the market have innovations like solar panels on the roof.

People of all ages have been able to come together to play golf, and even those with disabilities can’t be left behind. Electric golf carts have brought the sport to a whole new audience.

Making it easier to bring gear and people along, golf became a family activity in place of a sport reserved for men.

Diesel Carts

Compared to gas carts, diesel carts are noisy and create pollution. Yet they are preferable to some people as they get better gas mileage and provide more power. This is great if you will drive over a lot of hills or travel for a long distance.

It is possible to equip diesel carts with powerful motors. They could be elevated, or they could be 4-wheel drive, which would give them most of the features of four-wheelers, only with a lot more space in between.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

If you find a pushcart appealing but have concerns about whether you have the strength to move it up and down the hills at your local course, you might consider buying a remote-controlled cart instead. The carts always have to be rested by charging the batteries while you are not using them.

You can move them in any direction with the click of a button so that you can save all your strength for the course. They’re designed to handle all kinds of weather, so no one has to worry when it’s a little rainy and muddy outside.

New Carts

A new golf cart can be quite expensive, and it starts around five thousand dollars. But if you buy something new, you can choose all the features that you want. And if it’s brand-new, you won’t have to worry about having to replace parts at all.

When new carts are purchased, they typically come with an extended warranty that takes care of any problems you may have.

Used Carts

Used carts are generally available for about two thousand dollars. Since the designs haven’t really changed that much over the last ten years, there’s a good chance no one will notice you’ve purchased a used cart.

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