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Golf Cart Maintenance: Top Tips and Tricks for Beginner

The quickest way to get from shot to shot in Golf is the Golf cart itself. As a matter of fact, a personal cart is something that every golfer out there desire. But once you get one, a handfull of problems comes in with it. 

I am not talking about any problems that the golf cart can cause. I am talking about those issues that an unclean, old and poorly maintained golf cart can call upon. And if you are a regular guy with a cart of youth own, it's high time you get serious on maintaining it. 

But it’s not as easy to do as taking care of a basketball hoop. A lot of facts and an entire checklist you have to keep in mind. And throughout this article, we’ll take you to those individual facts, and the immediate guideline to get over with them.

So, let’s begin.

We will go to guides to maintain each part of the cart, but there are some external tasks to do. Apart from taking care of each part, make sure you have checked all the boxes on this following list-

Understanding the Manual

Every golf cart of the market has one manual with it. A thorough knowledge is in here that ensures that the user had the basic understanding of the security and maintenance. To reduce the chance of any unexpected malfunction, be a master on the manual.

Regular Routine Inspection

Like every other sensitive tool out there, it’s always important to do routing checkup of the golf cart. To check how it’s performing, start with checking the steering or the brakes. If you find these to malfunction, bring it to the attention of an authorized serviceman. Do this for other functional parts as well.

Clean It Whenever You Can

The idea of cleaning is one of the effective ways to keep the cart free of dirt, debris. They can not only cause a distraction in driving but also can cause sudden blown out engines if they get into it.

For you to make the discussion, let’s have some in-depth talks about part-by-part maintenance of golf cart-

The Battery

In almost any conversation with golf cart maintenance, you'd see the battery comes at the top of the list.

You know why?

Because just a little malfunction in the battery can occur incidents like dead carts to brutal accidents. So, it's high time you have a closer look at your battery's health. 

Battery Charger- Make sure you use a battery charger that fully capable of renewing the battery voltage of the batteries.

Battery Terminals- It's important to keep the terminals, posts, and connectors free of corrosion, rust and dirt. The best way to clean these parts in every alternative week.

Acid Level- Do check the acid level of the batteries for ensuring that’s everything’s going fine with it. Look for two or more plates wholly immersed in the acid or not. If they are not, then the acid level is low. Which means you have to refill the acid. 

Cell Health- To make sure that the battery won’t misbehave in the midst of use, do check the battery cells and tick the box of health for them. What you can do is- use a Battery Hydrometer that can detect a bad cell and you’ll immediately replace it. Taking it out and replacing will keep the other cells healthier.

Suspensions and Tires

Tire Inflation- Not only for golf carts, for every single car wheeler in the world, tire inflation plays a great role. While on the other side, bad inflations can cause excess wearing and more power consumption from the engine. 

To make sure everything’s going fine with it, use a tire pressure gauge. Whenever you find a tire with low inflation, use a car chuck or an air compressor. A regular duty of this job can keep youth golf cart out of almost any danger on-the-go.

Suspension Springs- Once or twice in a year, get yourself some time when you can check out the undercarriage of your golf cart. A lot of parts that forms the entire suspension are in here. Especially, I would mention about Cart Springs. A cracked or broken spring would be your worst nightmare in the middle of a journey through golf course terrains.

Water and Lubrication

Water-Although they are no parts of the vehicle, considering the importance of these two, we’ve kept them in a new discussion.

Let’s talk about water levels first. In a cart of any small automobiles, a full level of water is always a good assistance to the battery. So, keep it on your checklist and fill the battery water cells with water to a level of 1/8” to ¼”.

Don’t Overdo in this case by filling the waters while the batter is charging.

Lubrication-I was quite ignorant about this particular task and used to do lubrication once in a six month. But trust me, that hurt my cart's overall health. I hope you don't make the mistake over again.

Make regular and periodic lubrication of the entire cart. Especially the suspension systems should be lubricated on a regular basis. Keep the other parts in mind as well. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid as A Golf Cart Owner

Before we end, I would like to show you a few common mistakes that kill the performance of a golf cart. No matter you're a new or old user, I hope you'd avoid these few kinds of stuff once and for all-

  • A lot of issues may require preventive maintenance. For the sake of its performance and lifespan, don’t ignore these preventive maintenances.
  • Don’t underestimate the essence of quality accessories. Because they’re not for the visual of the cart. Each of them is parts of the entire performance of the cart.
  • Don’t pursue the tendency of getting most out of the tires. Tires are damage prone, and that can cause a leak out or weaker part at any time. Right after you come to notice such threats in the tires, take immediate actions to prevent and cure it.
  • Don’t let an inexperienced person drive the cart. Because a lot of wearing or damages to its functionalities cause by irresponsible driving. 
  • Don’t leave the battery incomplete of charge. This may cause prior damage to the battery cells.

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