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Golf – A Game that Needs More Mental Power

When you start learning a new game, you gradually take more and more interest towards it, and this interest triggers as you keep learning new techniques with time. Golf is such a sport that not only needs physical strategies to play the game accurately but also mental strategies that keep you steady and confident on the course. Where a game takes almost around 4 hours to play, you need to have that level of patience that would transform you into a real golfer. So, if you are really willing to play well, you must be good enough in techniques. What goes far beyond gripping a club and taking a putt is visualizing the sport as to how it is actually played. Focus does half the job in lending success to a golfer, who must be therefore adept enough to stay alert on the courses.

Now, let’s start with visualization, which is the first step towards building a mental strategy. Visualization or what is called imagery is a mental technique that lets you program or reprogram for creating a particular experience on a constant basis. Precisely, this is called visual motor behavior rehearsal. Experts say that when you start learning new skills, this mental strategy works wonders. In fact, it also polishes the ones which you already possess. In fact, this proves to be beneficial in three ways:

Needs More Mental Power

  1. Lowering anxiety – Anxiety is the biggest hindrance to a golfer who can, therefore, suffer a major loss in a game. The more you are struck with anxiety, the higher are the chances of losing the game. So, when your anxiety level is zero, that is, when you are calm and relaxed, your chances to become tense in the game are minimized to a good extent.
  1. Raising self-confidence – When you hold the club and aim the hole with the ball, you tend to become nervous and create a volley of questions on your mind. Will the shot be perfect? Will I make it? Will it be too embarrassing if I fail to get a point from this simple stroke? So, if you are mentally strong, nothing will bother you and you will have super confidence in taking every shot with a smile.
  1. Preparing you for a warm-up game – The more you warm-up for a game, the better it is. It is rather quite foolish to hurry up in getting into your game. So, mentally stable golfers take time and relax before taking their club and going for their first shot.

So, prior to building your mental strategies, it is very important for you to build good habits, or otherwise, things might look really tough for you. However, a few creative techniques are there that would help you to practice visual motor behavior rehearsal:

  • Keep imagining by taking help of pictures. Try to avoid thinking with the help of words.
  • Stay focused and keep a relaxed attitude. Don’t be nervous, the moment you feel you might become nervous, just allow your mind to get transported to some good memory you had with your friends or family.
  • You are sure to face distractions on a golf course. So be prepared for it and get used to it. Despite, keep your cool and stay calm.
  • Try imagining that you are taking different types of shots on a golf course. Say, you are swinging the club just like an expert would do. There is no harm in imagining good things. The more you do, the more inspired you would be.

Budding golfers have a tendency to enter into competition with others on the ground. If you have similar plans, just wipe them off and be yourself. Play golf for your own good and try to learn from your own mistakes. Even if you want to compete with others on the ground, keep a sporting spirit and adopt a mentality to learn from your defeats.

Despite, it’s any day better to compete with yourself. So, here are a few ways to do so:

  • List the types of clubs you are good and comfortable with.
  • Mark the distance a shot covers when hit by each club.
  • Note the average flight of a ball.
  • Check your reactions when you make errors, and ensure that you are having positive ones.
  • Keep an eye on the usual direction of your shots

Follow these strategies and you are sure to succeed in the world of golf.

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