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Golf Posture: Tips of the Trade

What keeps a golfer mostly concerned is a good swing analyzer. But what some golfers do is that they fail to address the ball in the right manner. In this context, Jimmy Ballard has to say something. According to him, the best thing is to stay as tall as possible throughout the swing. This means that you must get your rear end underneath in the setup instead of sticking out. Furthermore, he gives us a brilliant example in this context.

If you are asked to weigh a sack of potatoes which would be quite heavy, your arms will naturally remain on top of your chest as well as your butt underneath. This would let you easily support your weight with your leg muscles. Keeping that position, you can easily turn and hand the potatoes towards your right. Rather, you can even toss them to your left. These are nothing but the key moves in golf swing for someone who is right-handed. If you wish, you can always get some balls in an empty bucket to experience the feel of tossing. With this, you will observe that you will not be required to toss the basket by reaching over the top.

Well, Jimmy loves telling people to feel as if they are resting on a stool instead of bending over. Just imagine the quarterbacks who stand tall while preparing to alter their weight and deliver a pass. Another analogy of a baseball hitter can be used here in this context. Great hitters are not required to bend over for hitting a low outside pitch. For this, they rather stay tall and allow the bat to move down so that they can hit the ball and go for a normal swing.

Beware of your Back

Beware of your Back

As the ball in the sport of Golf gets started on the ground, most of us prefer to bent over and make that way throughout the swing. As a result, it causes a lot of strain at our lower back. This further makes it quite difficult for weight transition from the rear leg to the front that can be quite critical in any athletic movement. Moreover, it leaves a tendency to go for a bad swing for amateurs mostly.

You must have heard about Manny Ramirez. So, you must also be knowing how tall she stands while taking a swing. Well, you can always get into regular practice by standing in front of a mirror. Just make sure that the rear end is underneath you and your head is far off your chest. So you don’t have to drop your head because you will still be able to see the ball by just looking down. Once you are set, you can make the swing and yet stay tall, thereby allowing your weight on your front foot. Trust me, you will feel yourself a better golfer in comparison to others with such improved postures. Most importantly, you will find good results for not only your back but also for your ball flight.

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