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Golf Shoes – To Buy or Not to Buy is the Question

A golfer has to look good with his club, ball and a smart pair of shoes, isn’t it? Well, a question that beginners usually ask is whether it’s really necessary to wear a pair of shoes while playing golf. More than smartness, comfort and safety matter the most. Just imagine a huge ground where you are required to travel from end to another on bare foot. You are looking good with a polo neck t-shirt, a stylish pair of pants and a trendy. But when the shoes go missing, you will not actually look like those real dashing golfers. So, shoes if worn, can make a huge difference in your game.

A lot of experts, however, say that one does not require to wear shoes to play golf, which is a necessity in games like tennis, football and athletics. But you cannot deny the fact that wearing a good pair of shoes will keep you safe from sliding out during a swing. While taking such difficult strokes, you need to have full control over your body and your shoes can play a key role here. This is a big reason why famous golfers wear shoes engineered to give them the real feel of enjoying the sport. So, when it comes to taking swings, remaining bare foot might not be an advantage for you. So, why give your opponent a chance to outscore you and that also for a pair of shoes?

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Beginners who are still wondering whether they would kick off their practice sessions by wearing a pair of shoes must buy a pair now. The sooner they start practicing their shots with their shoes on, the better it is. Now, the question that pops up is what type of shoes is best for a golfer. Now, beginners would certainly look for the old school golf shoes with tassels in black and white. Experienced golfers can, however, pick such pairs that would give them a retro look. Golf shoes are now available in various styles, designs and colors. Newbies can always look for the street style or the moccasin pairs. Also, there are athletic type shoes and also those in sandal styles designed specifically for women.

Comfort instead of style should next be the concern for all golfers. To be very honest, cool and stylish golf shoes always make one look trendy. But if they are not comfortable to wear, winning the game might be a big challenge for him or her. So, you can pick shoes with hard soles and soft inners that will keep you at ease throughout the game. In fact, it would be best if you can invest a little on a pair, wear it and start practicing. This would give you an idea as well as the knowledge to consider which type of shoes would be best for you.

On the contrary, there are many who might not like the idea of playing golf in a pair of shoes. As said earlier, it’s not mandatory for one to wear shoes and play the game. One can always play barefooted on the ground. But this also needs heavy practice, especially with the swings. Since there is a matter of balance and power while taking the right swing, you need to practice the same without your shoes if you really don’t want to wear them at all. For best results, you can always take help of a trainer who can rather help you play golf without your shoes. In this process, you will get to know about the right ways to take the shots being barefooted.

Some keen individuals who are about to step into the world of golf also wonder whether it would be wiser to invest on shoes as part of the kit. Well, it is not necessary but certainly recommended for all to wear a good pair of shoes. As a matter of fact, golf is such a sport that needs to be played with ease and comfort. Once you are barefooted and start playing the rounds, it will be embarrassing for you to suddenly decide that you want a pair of shoes. To avoid such odd situations, practice right from the initial days with a durable pair of golf shoes having gripping soles. Believe it or not, you are bound to hit the ground with confidence. At least, buying a pair of golf shoes will never be a bad investment, that’s a promise.

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