Goplus CUT-50 Digital Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter Review

When we talk about plasma cutters, it is not just about cutting metals, it is more than that. Cutting metals was a tough job before the introduction of plasma cutters. You have no idea about the hard work that goes into the cutting of metals without plasma cutters.

You will physically become weak and exhausted. Therefore, plasma cutters came as a blessing in the welding industry. It did not just became the best tool to cut metals but also gave the welder many advantages.

When it comes to plasma cutters, there are many available in the market. Hence choosing the best one might be confusing. To make your decision easier, here I will review the GoPlus CUT-50 plasma cutter that came best according to me.

Key Features To Look At

If I say only that what is a plasma cutter, it is a metal cutting device that uses inert gas combined with current to cut heavy metals and alloys using the torch that comes with it. But let us see the key features that make this Plasma cutter best.

  • Heavily constructed from heavy-duty metal.
  • It is powered to perform.
  • A cutting performance like no others.
  • Adaptability in dual voltages.
  • Moderately lightweight with a weight of only 24.4 pounds.
  • Vibrantly yellow colored that looks good to the eye.
  • Compactly built with dimensions of 18.5*11*13.5 inches.


GoPlus Cut50 Plasma Cutter Review

Goplus® CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V...


In this section, I will break down all the features in full details discussing this plasma cutter thoroughly.

Build Quality

If you have ever worked with a plasma cutter or know a bit about them, then you must have an idea about inverter technology. This plasma cutter is constructed with all the latest technology. Inverter tech has been used here.

Even though it is tiny but packs in lots of latest techs. The transformer Is very small, but do not be confused about the size. Even though it is small, it is 30% more efficient.

The machine is very lightweight and comes with a handle which makes it very portable and enabling you to carry to your work stations or anywhere you want to.


These machines require to be heavy duty since they go through lots of harsh conditions. The GoPlus is weatherproof no matter how harsh conditions you put it in; it will still give the best performance. It can work in humidity as high as 80%. Not just that it can also work in a range of temperature between -10 to +40 degrees.

Do not worry it comes with an air-water filter, regulator and mounting bracket. So the internal parts are always safe and sound and will not rust since water and air cannot enter the inside parts.


Not many plasma cutters come with these much of accessories. This one comes with a cutting gun, a valve to reduce pressures, ground cable and brush to clean it. That’s not all a face mask is also included with the plasma cutter. Overall, just buy this plasma cutter, and you do not have to buy anything separately.

Heavy Power

Even though it is a small sized plasma cutter but packs in some serious power. It comes with a very long power chord of 3 feet in length and can work in both 110v and 220v. You do not even have to worry about switching any knobs or anything for different power outlets. You insert the chord, and it automatically detects the input voltage.

Heavy Power

No matter if you give input power of 110v or 220v, you can expect to get an output of 50 to 60 hertz with an amperage of 55A.

Smooth Cutting Ability

Well until now I talk about the power and its build quality. Although these two are very important factors while buying a plasma cutter. But the most critical part is the performance it is going to deliver.

It can cut through any type of materials starting from metals to steels, alloy, aluminum and many more. This machine has a unique ability to turn off gas delays since it can supply gas ahead.

The Goplus can thoroughly cut metals as thick as 12mm. You will not see any lagging or break in performance even if you are cutting very thick materials only by setting the right air pressure( dry air of 60 psi should work fine).

  • Dual Voltage support
  • Comes with inverter technology making it compact along with high performance
  • Can cut any type of materials
  • Heavy duty work capability
  • Produces very less noise while working
  • Can provide precision cuts of as low as 12mm thick.
  • Does not come with an air compressor.
  • The manual says nothing about the installation of the power chord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is evident for you to have some questions regarding this plasma cutter after reading the whole review. I will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

As this a high-frequency plasma cutter and not a pilot arc how to initiate the arc?

Yes, you need to ground the machine for a moment to start the arc, and if you are using a drag tip, then you do not even need to pull up the tip of the workpiece.

Does this work better in a 220volt outlet?

Yes, just invest a couple of dollars more and you can easily cut 3/8 plates.

What’s the Maximum thickness that this plasma cutter can cut?

You can cut at least 3/8 inch thickness, but you can also cut half an inch of thickness.

What is the max amperage that I can get at 110v?

You can even work with as low as 39 amps and get perfect cuts.

How much will the consumables last?

It is not very easy to say as it heavily depends on how much you are getting and the blowback you are getting. Also, the setting and air pressure are highly related to the usage of consumables. But I can say they can last longer than other plasma cutters.

Note That Worth

If you are professional, user and looking for some heavy plasma cutters, this might not be the best one for you. But for a DIY user or small industries, the Goplus CUT50 plasma cutter will come in very handy both for its massive power and immense compatibility.

Take to anywhere you want to and start your work. Work in any power outlets without a hassle. This is one of the best plasma cutters out there in this low price range. You cannot imagine how much power and performance this small machine gives until you use it for your own.

So for me, it is worth it for the price, and again now it is your decision whether you want this great deal at such a good price or spend some more money and get a machine that will not even be 50% efficient as this one is.

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