Gourmia GVS415 Review - Multi Function Vacuum Sealer

Gourmia GVS415 Review – Multi Function Vacuum Sealer

Since time in memorial, we’ve had different ways and methods of preserving food depending on where we come from and our cultures and what worked for us. But things have changed. New and fresher methods have come up. People are in the market looking for ways and products to preserve food naturally without adding preservatives and chemicals. A much convenient and simple modern method. We’ve been smoking meat, salting, drying etc. but for the modern-day person, time is at times an issue, you want something fast, something you can do as you are on the go. Using a Gourmia GVS415 – Multi Function Vacuum Sealer just does exactly that.  It does it better than any other method out there.

Gourmia GVS415 Review - Multi Function Vacuum Sealer

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A simple and faster way to keep your food fresh and preserve the taste. It’s small and compact device, a device you can comfortably place on your kitchen counter top without taking much space in your working area. If you have left -overs or you want to store food in small portions maybe already cooked or raw for various purposes, then Gourmia GVS415 vacuum sealer will do that. It does this by sucking out oxygen in the bag helping to extend their shelf life and also maintain their taste and color.

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You not only preserve taste and food but you also get to experience the gourmet cooking techniques from the comfort of your home. For example, you can use your vacuum sealer to dry age that is associated with high-end restaurants at a quarter fraction of the cost. The device itself is small and compact, thus no worrying how it’ll fit in a small kitchen without making your space looking overcrowded with appliances. It also comes with plastic bags that get you started.

Some of us love to prepare meals once a week maybe because of time or to try to cut cost on other expenses like gas, ingredients and every other thing that entails cooking. When you get this device, you have the advantage of preparing your meals maybe for the whole week, pack it in different portions and stack them in your freezer.   And we all know that buying in bulk is way cheaper. Since after sealing it, the bags become flat making it easy to arrange them in your fridge and here is where you can eliminate the freezer burn because you won’t have to use it or way less. You can also use the modern technology of immersion since water is locked out completely.

Gourmia GVS415 Review - Multi Function Vacuum Sealer

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Again storing up things in a fridge leaves the smell of different foods but after sealing them, you don’t have to worry about this since everything is locked in.When you check all these, its saves you time and money spent cooking every day. How great is it for us storing food and still coming to get the same great freshness after storing? Gourmia GVS415 also multi-functional since you can seal moist and dry foods at different pressure levels.

The buttons and labels on it are easy to read and maneuver through. All you do is put your food inside the vacuum bags, press the green light for the empty function and the red light for sealing. Place the open edge of the bag into the sealer, press the buttons and you’re done, this whole process takes about 20 seconds to complete. How great is that for your busy schedule?

Gourmia GVS415 Multi Function Vacuum Sealer At a Glance

  • Cable storage
  • Three modes; vacuum and seal, seal only and cancel
  • Extra high vacuum pump (50Kpa)
  • Red light for sealing bag function
  • 120v/60Hz/110w
  • Quick and easy Sealing (less than 25 seconds)
  • Green light for space function
  • Compact size: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
  • TUV SUD safety approved

Gourmia GVS415 Review - Multi Function Vacuum Sealer

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The current market price goes for less than $50.00. This at first glance might seem, well a big amount but once you consider how much you get to save once you decide to invest in it. You can’t have any regret.With all the above features,chances of spoiling and taking it for repair are so minimal.Customer review about Gourmia GVS415 – Multi Function Vacuum Sealer.

Gourmia GVS415 frequent asked questions (FAQ) from buyers:

  • Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes, it does. A 1-year warranty. Replacement or repairs of defective parts are at the seller’s discretion. In the event that the repair isn’t possible, the seller will replace the whole product or the damaged part. If the replacement doesn’t suffice, the seller has the option of refunding the cash value of the product or the spoilt component.

  • Q: What makes the GVS415 better than the other versions?

A: This one comes with a lot more functions such as the dry or moist food, pulse and manual option, regular or gentle pressure. Not to forget it also comes with a bag cutter.

The GVS435 has more functions such as Normal or Gentle Pressure, Dry or Moist Food, Pulse, and a Manual seal option. It also comes with a bag cutter.

  • Q: Is it safe?

A: Safety of our appliances is one of our top priorities. Its TUV certifies. We ensure the quality of our products so you can count on safety, efficiency, and usage of high-quality appliances.

  • Q: Can I use food saver bags on it?

A: Yes you can use the food saver bags, compatible bags

  • Q: Can I cook the food in the bags?

A: Yes you can

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Final Verdict

Gourmia GVS415 – Multi Function Vacuum Sealer is the real deal. Fast and easy to use, pocket-friendly and safe too and does make noise. Simple instructions and a small compatible size to not over crowd your cooking area. Definitely, this is the vacuum sealer you have been looking for. Purchase it as quick as you can, and your kitchen experience will never be the same. Convenient for almost everyone. Enabling to preserve your food and locks in all the goodness when you come to prepare them.  It’s definitely of great value and something worth purchasing.

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