Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

Hamilton Beach 78213 NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer – An impartial Review

Food is a need that our bodies can’t survive without. However, it costs money and so, we need to preserve it for as long as we can. As the economy gets harder each day, no family that wants to survive on the other side would want to throw food away. It is for this reason that you need proper food storage tools like the Hamilton Beach 78213 sealer.

No one likes to go to the market to buy food items for every meal they wish to prepare. And this is where the Hamilton Beach 78213 comes in handy. You can now buy your foods in bulk and store it for long without worrying about it getting spoilt.

The Hamilton Beach 78213 is a durable food sealer, owing this to its high quality, thick materials. Out of the box, this unit is pretty much easy to operate. Besides, it’s a sight for sore eyes. Place it on your kitchen countertop and expect nothing less than a heavenly look.

Because it comes in a compact design and has a small stature, you can place it just anywhere. In fact, you will not compromise your space to achieve an effective sealing. Also, it weighs about 4.2 pounds. This means that you can quickly relocate it from one place to another in your kitchen.

In the package, you will find accessories such as pre-sized bags. The icing on the cake is that it is compatible with other brands like the FoodSaver bags.  And to reduce bag wastage, the Hamilton Beach 78213 lets you custom-make your bags. In turn ensuring, that you only package the intended amount of food in the right-sized bag.

For added protection of your stored food, it integrates a powerful action for vacuum and sealing. It works effortlessly to suck out all the air from your packaging bags to keep your food fresh for long.

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What are users saying about the Hamilton Beach 78213 Vacuum Sealer?

Users who bought the Hamilton Beach 78213 had a lot to appreciate about it. Most users were generally pleased with how easy this machine is to operate. Another aspect that was well received is its compact design. There was also the aspect of how well it eliminates all the guesswork in its vacuum and sealing process, and this gave it a high score.

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A couple of other users also gave it a good review for maintaining their stored food longer. They also mentioned that they can now buy big packs of meat and other food items without worrying of it getting spoilt. Using the Hamilton Beach 78213 has helped its users save money and also time. No wonder, it has been rated very acceptable score out of 5 stars. Well, this is undoubtedly a good score for a machine in its class.

My experience with the Hamilton Beach 78213 Vacuum Sealer

Hamilton Beach 78213

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I have been using this unit for about 16 months now. And it gets me thinking, what was I waiting for really? Well, they say, you never know till you try! So far, I can’t complain. In fact, this unit tops my list when compared to my previous brands.

Usually, it takes me less than a year to discard a vacuum sealer. Get me right here; I am not anything close to Bill Gates.  But because every sealer I have owned before the Hamilton couldn’t serve me for even a year. However, here is the best part of it. Since I got the Hamilton Beach 78213, the worry is a rare noun in my everyday vocabulary.

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First I couldn’t be any happier saying that I am now able to stock up my favorite foods and ingredients and enjoy them at my convenience.  Before, I would buy everything in small quantities so that I wouldn’t have to toss it when things went bad. But now, I buy vegetables, meats, and fruits in bulk and freeze some of it. Besides, I also seal my dry foods. Hence I am assured of eating fresh chips or pasta when I like.

How affordable is the Hamilton Beach 78213

The Hamilton Beach 78213 is as good as any of the FoodSaver model but costs less. You will not have any excuse for not having a food sealer in your kitchen. The cost of this model is equivalent to buying two pairs of pants or even a pair for some. For just a few dollars and you own a machine every second spent sealing your foods.

Comparison between the Food Saver V2244 and the Hamilton Beach 78213 Vacuum Sealer

The two vacuum sealers are in the same price range. In their packages, there is an included starter kit. The V2244 uses the CrushFree instant function to prevent crushing delicate food item while the 78213 uses the vacuum only seal setting.  The FoodSaver V2244 are designed to work best with FoodSaver bags and rolls unlike the Hamilton 78213 that is compatible with any brand. However, even though these two sealers share similar features, also, the FoodSaver V2244 comes with an accessory hose and port for sealing canisters and marinating food in just minutes. There is also a patented drip tray that is removable and dishes washer safe.  So, if you are on a tight budget, either of these machines will serve the purpose equally.

Why you consider the Hamilton Beach 78213 for your kitchen

This gorgeous, powerful kitchen appliance comes with straightforward and precise instructions. So, even if you are new to using a food sealer, you will not experience any issues operating the Hamilton Beach 78213.

Hamilton Beach 78213

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It comes integrated with six-quart-size and 4-gallon size heat seal bags that let you get started right away. The bag alignment is accessible with the extra wide vacuum chamber for locking air out and keeping freshness in.  This unit also has versatile controls that let you vacuum and seal for the standard traditional sealing. Or if you like to seal delicate foods, it has a vacuum only setting that enables you to do that.

Depending on the type of food you wish to seal, you can choose from two sealing options. With the normal seal, you can seal dry foods while the extended seal for sealing moist foods.  Every time you use the Hamilton Beach 78213, it’s a step forward towards saving you on the money.

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Features and Benefits of the Hamilton Beach 78213 Sealer

Hamilton Beach 78213

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  • Includes a starter kit; 6-quart size and 4-gallon size heat seal bags to get you started right away
  • Extra wide vacuum chamber for locking out air to lock in freshness
  • The normal seal seals dry food while the extended seal is used for moist foods.
  • Allows for easy bag alignment with extra wide vacuum chambers


  • Its compact design occupies less counter space
  • Lightweight hence can be relocated easily
  • Affordable
  • Seals both dry and moist foods


  • It has a downtime of 20 seconds between sealing sessions.

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Final Verdict

The Hamilton Beach 78213 is one of the most common vacuum sealers in many modern homes. It ensures that your stored food remains fresh for long and full of flavor. The best part is that your preserved meat, poultry, fruits and any other food item are free of the freezer bag. This unit is not only an affordable piece in your kitchen but also a great addition. If you are looking for a vacuum food sealer, you can never go wrong with the Hamilton 78213.

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