Advantages of hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring Options

Almost every first-time homeowner and remodeler find it hard to choose which flooring material to go with. The market has seen the hot trend of hardwood flooring to gain momentum daily. In case you’re considering placing in wood floors, you can’t turn out badly. The unmatched hardwood flooring beauty goes with most present-day, country, traditional decor and so on. you can put hardwood flooring in any room, even though basements and kitchens need special contemplation.

Hardwood flooring options Reviews

Hardwood Flooring Options

Finished or unfinished hardwood flooring?

When you hear of finished and unfinished hardwood flooring many questions cross your mind deliberating on which is better than the other. The truth is that both have their advantages from different perspectives. In an artistic approach, both have no comparison to the warmth, elegance ad beauty of unfinished hardwood flooring which is sanded, and a craftsman expert customizes it to one’s liking.

Unfinished flooring is a decent alternative on the off chance that you need a custom stain applied before the last finish, or if you want to match the shade of the current flooring. After hardwood flooring establishment and recoloring, the surface is given a few layers of protective completion. In case you’re considering including hardwood flooring in your kitchen, unfinished hardwood flooring is a great decision since the finish will enter and seal the creases between sheets, keeping water from leaking between sheets.

Prefinished hardwood originates from the factory facility previously sanded and fixed, which means the entire installation work goes rapidly. There are no smells and VOCs from completing on-site. There is no denying that prefinished flooring installation is a lot quicker process, you can stroll on it immediately after installation is done, unlike unfinished flooring.

All things considered, we will, in general, consider new hardwood flooring as an interest in your home, and it is something that will be there for a long while. The hardwood floor that you pick is something that you will see, live with, and value each day, and hence, we feel that the additional days required for on-location sanding and completing is of insignificant bother when contrasted with the numerous years that you will make the most of your new hardwood floors.

The main difference between the two-hardwood flooring is that the finished flooring is ready to install from the factory since its already sanded and coated. Unlike the unfinished flooring which is raw and must be installed first then sanded and coated on site.

Advantages of unfinished flooring

Appearance: Unfinished floors look like genuine wood. Even though strong prefinished flooring is genuine hardwood, due to all the numerous factory coated layers of polyurethane and additionally recolor, our thought on prefinished flooring looks plastic, with a less recognizable pattern, hence less warm. unfinished hardwood that has been done by a specialist on-site proficient resembles a gem.

There is nothing that looks at to the common warmth and magnificence of a hardwood floor that has been sanded and treated by a genuine specialist. Once more, this is our assessment, and everybody has their very own inclinations. We couldn’t care less for the slanted edge and lines on the floor that you get with prefinished flooring, yet a few people truly like them.

Finish options: From the endless various types of wood accessible, to the numerous stain hues, and a wide range of completion choices, anything is possible with unfinished floors.

Similar stain color: for unfinished floors perfected on-site the wood is uniform and smooth while stain color is painted to all seen areas.

Matching flooring: since the finishing is done in the house you can request the expert installing to match with the old finishes of the room since finishing is done onsite.

Advantages of prefinished flooring

Minimal mess: since the wood is already sanded and coated in the factory, no mess in the installation process which is quick and easy. Where else, unfinished flooring the wood is raw, and sanding must be done before coating it to give the final finish. Sanding process creates dust making the process messy.

Time: installation is fast and easy compared to unfinished flooring. Once the process is through you can stroll around the floor instantly and even arrange your furniture.

Zero smell: since there is no use of chemicals in the installation process, there is no smell on-site as the wood is treated in the source factory and sold as a finished product ready for installation.

Cost: Although prefinished flooring may cost more for the material, with the reduced work expenses of just an installment, prefinished flooring, for the most part, winds up being more affordable than unfinished hardwood flooring which after installation it’s sanded and coated on site.

Engineered or solid?

Engineered hardwood floor is a facade of genuine wood stuck to a few layers of wood underneath, like pressed wood. This gives the wood superb security after some time and settles on it a decent decision for any zone of your home, including underneath basements.

Considering the thickness of the hardwood facade, engineered hardwood floors must be sanded and revamped on more than one occasion during its life Engineered hardwood has a piece of wood on the top surface. This gives the natural look when used on floors. Always known as man-made or manufactured wood, it was initially made to help overcome the weak points of regular wood. For instance, it addresses well issues like susceptibility to dampness and warping.

The rates of engineered flooring options often become higher following the facade thickness on the top wood, style, wood species used, and brand. So, in the case of budget-friendliness has a vital role during your decision-making process. Although this type of floor looks like a solid plank since it is thicker. It consists of many compressed layers. It has two components including 3 to 12 fiberboard, plywood, or unfinished hardwood at the core and bottom part. time.

Solid wood, on the other hand, is available in 3/4 to 5/8 inches wide. It can be coated and sanded as many times as you want in its lifetime. it’s vulnerable to changes in dampness and isn’t prescribed for basements.

What types of hardwood is best?

The great hardwood floors are made from wood types that are promptly available and hard. Oak, maple and cherry flooring, are for the most part great decisions. Different types incorporate bamboo, mahogany, walnut, and ash. You’ll pay a high cost for most exotic hardwood species, e.g. jarrah, mesquite, and mesquite. Check to ensure the hardwood flooring you pick originates from reasonably harvested woods.

Reclaimed hardwood floorings a good alternative option, which you can discover at rescue yards. It likely has a few signs of age and wears, yet you’ll pay about half what it would cost for similar recent flooring. If they don’t have what you’re searching for, request to be notified when what you want is in stock. rustic flooring is a particularly decent decision if you’re remodeling an old house.


When deliberating on which hardwood flooring options to use in your space its goo to survey around the stores and get feedback from homeowners who have used different types of hardwood flooring so as t make an informed decision. You don’t want to later regret the option you made. Different hardwood flooring is good for specific spaces hence the need to check all the parameters needed for each room considering the pros and cons of each flooring in different conditions. This is precisely important in spaces such as kitchen floors and bathrooms.

If durability is your main concern, then opt for a material that is easy to maintain. In addition to regular use, the flooring will get scratches from pets and children. Another hardwood flooring option you need to consider is eco-friendliness.  Finally, this trend of using hardwood flooring will not end anytime now. While the materials are solid, conservative wood lovers find the options ideal and match every home style. Of course, choosing a suitable floor material has never been easy. But despite your needs, hardwood flooring provides a stylish and long-lasting look over time. If you need the best one for your home, its vital to consider comparing all the types of floors available.


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