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HEPA Filter Vacuum: Is it Worth It?

When searching for vacuums, people often hear the term “HEPA filter” or “HEPA filter vacuum.” However, more often than not, shoppers are not familiar with what this term actually means.

However, HEPA filtration is an important and worthwhile component to any vacuum. In fact, it’s a huge selling point for a vacuum and could or should often make the buyer’s purchasing decision.

With HEPA filtration being so very important, it is wise to educate yourself on what it means and on why it is important.

Understanding the Basics of HEPA Filtration

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First things first, it is important to understand that HEPA is actually an acronym.

It stands for high efficiency particular air. And, while that might sound like a bunch fo fancy words, it basically means that a filter meets standards put in place by the United States Department of Energy. These standards revolve around the filter’s relation to air quality and its overall efficiency as well.

A true HEPA filter will remove almost 100% of very small, potentially harmful particles from the air. These are the very same particles that often pose health difficulties for people, especially those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or general breathing difficulties.

Thus, for these reasons, a HEPA vacuum is definitely worth the often-increased price, especially for households that contain people with these issues or with immune compromised individuals.

HEPA Vacuums Work to Improve Air Quality

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Something you should understand is that any time you vacuum, you stir up the air in your home. This means that you also stir up any contaminants or pollutants, including the dangerous ones, that may be present in the air.

And, since vacuuming involves removing dust and dirt found deep in carpets and in or on other flooring surfaces, you really “stir deep” when you vacuum.

The good news about having a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system is that it filters out those impurities and thus makes the air that is circling around you and your family much cleaner and safer.

If you want to ensure that you are not breathing in dangerous particles when you vacuum and/or exposing your family members to these dangerous particles, a HEPA filtration system is definitely the way to go.

Reduce the Risk for Allergy Sufferers

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In addition to improving overall air quality, which can be beneficial for everyone in your home, HEPA filters are particularly good for those who suffer from allergies of any type.

When people have allergies, they often have multiple allergies, which can lead to irritating and uncomfortable flare-ups.

When exposed to air pollutants and other issues, allergy sufferers may develop trouble breathing, stuffy noses, itchy eyes, painfully tight throats, and, in severe cases, even potentially deadly reactions.

Pollutants are in the air all the time, but having them stirred up by a vacuum is a surefire way to cause a reaction for allergy sufferers. However, a vacuum with HEPA filtration sucks all those impurities right back in, leaving the air cleaner than it was before you vacuumed.

This is beneficial for sure if you live in a home with allergy sufferers. However, can you really surmise that no one who will ever visit your home is an allergy sufferer?

The answer is of course, no. Thus, if you want to protect everyone who enters your home and also protect yourself from any liability issues in the process, a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system is the way to go.

Reduce the Risk for Asthma Sufferers

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Even more serious than allergies, asthma is a major condition that can cause breathing difficulties and constricted airways in those who have the condition. Unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to death when the person in question cannot get a breath of fresh air.

Sadly, many things, including vacuuming, can often be a trigger for asthma. A sufferer exposed to the dust and dirt stirred up by a regular vacuum can quickly suffer from an asthma attack and potentially die.

Thus, if you have anyone in your home who suffers from asthma, a HEPA filter vacuum is an absolute must. This is true even in mild cases of asthma since the reaction can sometimes be stronger than usual and often out of nowhere.

Protect those you care about by choosing the right vacuum.

Get Rid of Smoke and Smoke Odors

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Another big reason to have a HEPA vacuum is because of its ability to get rid of smoke and smoke odors.

Obviously, smoking in the home is not a good idea. However, if you do smoke in the home, vacuuming with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter can greatly help to get rid of some of the smell left behind.

For this reason, many people find using this type of vacuum helpful when they move into a home or other dwelling in which the previous owner smoked. Likewise, if you have recently given up smoking and now find yourself bothered by that ever-lingering smell, the right vacuum can help you to get rid of the odor for good.

It’s not just cigarette smoke that these vacuums can help with, however. If you have had a fire or smoke damage related to a fire, the right vacuum can help you to gradually clear the air and to get your home back into livable condition once again.

Take Care of Pet Dander with Ease

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As much as we all love our furry friends, it is no doubt that having pets greatly reduces our air quality and our overall health.

Fortunately, a good HEPA vacuum can get rid of the pollutants found in pet dander. It can also help if you have a carpet that has been soiled by pet feces or urine and the damage it leaves behind.

While not everyone who has allergies can have pets, good HEPA filtration vacuums can sometimes make it possible for allergy sufferers to keep and enjoy their pets without suffering in the process.

The bottom line on this point is that if you have a home with pets, you need a HEPA vacuum.

Reduce Overall Dustiness

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While very harmful things, like mold and smoke, can often lead to allergy and asthma outbreaks, sometimes it’s the simple things that cause these and other health issues.

Dust, for example, is often a prime cause of breathing issue and other health issues.

Regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum, however, can go a long way in ridding dust from the air.

In fact, it can make your home less dusty overall and lead to you having to dust less often. If you want a vacuum that will help your health and also make your housework load a little bit lighter, then HEPA filtration is definitely the way to go.

These Vacuums Can be Surprisingly Affordable

There is a common misconception that HEPA filtered vacuums cost a fortune. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

While it is true that some HEPA vacuums are more expensive than the others out there on the market, there are also plenty of lower cost vacuums that feature HEPA filtration.

Sure, you may have to look for them a bit harder and do a little more “vacuum research” than you normally would. But, with that said, there are affordable options out there.

Sometimes, getting HEPA filtration at a decent price does mean sacrificing other features, but, honestly, what could be more important than the health and wellbeing of you and your family?

Plus, there are always sales and specials going on via different retailers. So, if you look and work hard enough, chances are that you can get a great all-around vacuum that just happens to have HEPA filtration without spending a fortune.

Even if you can’t land a killer deal, buying secondhand is always a possibility.

Plus, vacuums with this type of filtration system tend to be very strong and well-made overall, so even if you buy secondhand, there is a very good chance that you will still end up with a vacuum that will last you for life or, at least, for the long haul.

The Bottom Line: It’s Definitely Worth It

As you can tell by now, the question that we have posed to you is whether or not a HEPA filter vacuum is worth it, even if it means extra cost and/or extra work on your part.

And, as we hope you can tell, the answer is a definite yes. Even if means spending more money and even if it means doing more researching and searching and shopping, you will always be better off going with a vacuum that features HEPA filtration than one that does not.

At the end of the day, the health of you and your family may depend on it, so, with that said, commit to doing your best to buy a HEPA vacuum. We promise you’ll be glad that you did.

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