If you are in need of a handheld vacuum cleaner, then you are at the right place, and your timing has been perfect as we are about to review a top notch and so much popular handheld vacuum. The Hoover Air 20 Volt BH52160PC can be a replacement for your old vacuum or it can be a new one, this might be the ideal choice for you.

As there are lots and lots of handheld vacuums available in the market, don’t get confused as it’s the one that can meet all your requirements. It is compact, and lightweight and does not has the common problem of handheld vacuum cleaners such as loss of suction power and sudden death. This machine is the perfect example of cordless cleaning within a compact design.

Why Do You Need A Cordless Vacuum?

Well over the course of time we have witnessed a lot of debate on the topic that which one is better the conventional vacuum or the new and compact handheld vacuums. Let’s settle this for once; there are cases in which cordless are more viable options, and standard won’t function efficiently. Some of which are mentioned below

  • If you need to clean a small area of your home and want to clean multiple places then this is the better option.
  • This Handheld cleaner is light and portable.
  • You can move this cleaner easily as it’s lightweight and Handy.
  • It can be stored in a smaller space and can be kept anywhere, even can be mounted on the wall
  • With its multiple attachments, much used to clean” hard to reach” areas
  • This can be easily used in cars and boats where regular vacuums won’t function well

What Makes This Vacuum Stand Out From Rest (Features)

There are some features of Hoover Air BH52160PC Cordless Vacuum which make it great and stand out from the crowd. The special features are mentioned below.

  1. Versatility:

    Hoover Air 20 Volt vacuum was designed keeping versatility in mind. It was designed to be used on all the different surfaces where the regular vacuum cannot be used. With this little machine, you can clean carpets, stairs, Hardwood floors, and many others. Thus your entire cleaning domain is increased. Also, the machine weighs a mere 2.1lbs which make it highly portable and easy to carry anywhere.

  1. Suction Power And Reusable Filter:

    With its high output motor, this little fellow can generate a serious vacuum which is capable of all the dry surfaces. As compared to other machines it’s surprising that, it doesn’t make any noise considering all the other strong suction vacuum generated.

  1. Battery Power:

    This vacuum is driven by an industrial grade removable type 22 volts lithium ion battery and deliver a flat cleaning time of 15 minutes. The battery provides fade-free power means it won’t start to decrease as soon as you start cleaning. The removable option lets you flexibly charge your battery and even use additional ones when needed.

  1. Filtration System:

    The Hoover houses a Dirtbag and filter which is washable and can be easily cleaned with running water. The filter needs to be cleaned after 4 to 6 uses, and overnight drying would be okay.

  1. Transparent Dirt-Bin:

    It features a transparent dirt bin which is easily removable and can be removed just with a push of a button. The inside filter prevents the dirt from spilling over.

  1. Special Attachments:

    This vacuum comes with lots of attachment, and each one of them is designed for particular

  • Motorized Powered Turbo Tool: With this accessory, you can quickly and effortlessly pick up the hair of pet from furniture and carpet
  • Crevice tool: With the aid of this tool you can clean hard to reach areas such as channels of the window, under the bed and others

Besides the features mentioned above, there are lots of other features such as Battery Fuel Gauge, Fast charging, ergonomic design, and many others.

Pros & Cons

  • Noise free
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Decent suction Power
  • Multipurpose
  • Cheap
  • Great Design
  • High charging time

Final Verdict

With all the features and cleaning power anyone surely love with the machine and can carry it in car or boat too. I would like to recommend this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner who is looking for a portable cleaner. This dust buster is available in a decent budget and can serve you better than some of the so called cleaning machines available. I believe that it should have an improved battery life. Personally, I feel that it’s worth giving a try. Also, it fits in your budget so stop waiting and get one of these for your house.