Hoover FH50251PC good enough to remove pet hair

Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Review – Does it good enough to remove pet hair?

Does Hoover FH50251PC good enough to remove pet hair?

As everyone tends to lead a busy life, we sometimes don’t have time to clean carpets around our areas and spaces. Nonetheless, we hire around workers to help us into clean it regularly.

However, relying on these people always is impractical. They aren’t existing and present always to assist you in cleaning. Sometimes, you just need to do things on your own easily. That is why, it is important to purchase a cleaning device that would effectively remove every dust, stains, and contaminant no matter what sizes into your carpets.

Presenting Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite, an intuitive and reliable way to clean your carpeted stairs.

To know more details about this Hoover Power Scrub Elite, then check out this review to follow the Hoover FH50251PC’s functionality and quality.

Hoover FH50251PC Review - Key Feature of the Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite

Key Feature of the Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite

Easy to Operate and Clean
The device may seem complicated just by looking at it, but reading through the instruction manual will make things easy as it needs to be. For basics, it is important to fill out the clean water tank with water and detergent solution before the operation.

Choose the cleaning and the wash mode easily rotated through a button. Turn on the device and start cleaning! After noticing that the dirty water tank is full often indicated by a change in motor sound, carefully remove the water tank and wash it again for utilization.

Solid Construction and Design
This 18.5 pounds automated carpet cleaner is mainly fabricated from high-quality plastic well-coated with black and red. It’s quite portable with incorporating a handle with a trigger on it to easily control the operation, two transparent water tanks serving as a vessel for dirty and clean water.

And a brush system that spins on to remove stains and bacteria. It’s a well-engineered design incorporating organized features to ease convenience while utilization.

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  • Multiple Cleaning Modes

This scrubber incorporates three powerful modes that could easily be selected upon according to your own likes on cleaning operation. Respectively, this mode includes a deep clean mode that is utilized for dirt and stain cleaning. The quick clean mode with heat force that effectively dries less than 45 minutes of operation. And lastly, the rinse mode allowing the carpets to be washed on with soap and water as necessary as it is.

  • Anti-microbial SpinScrub Brush System

The brush system exists through multiple strokes spins around in such a way of removing not just stain but also microbes that could cause diseases. Aside from that, this device not just removes dirt but also eliminates the odor that is caused by pet mess and litters. It incorporates a 2 in 1 rubber inserts and a detergent powder for effective stain removal.

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  • The Readily Attachable Cord is Short

Some users find the cord that is incorporated into the device quite short for utilization. Barely 20 feet in length, has it intuitively limited out the range of operation. Most users understand how the manufacturer has been preventing to extend the cord length for safety and money purposes. However, it would be intuitive to cater on lengths up to 30 feet which is quite helpful on cleaning intricate and sensitive areas without moving much the device itself.

  • No Water Level Detection for the Tank

Another thing, the tank containing water does not have any indicator or sensor that will note upon the user the usage of water while operating the device. Though the tank is transparent, the swirling and turbulence around the tank make it really hard for water to be detected. This could be a minor issue but it would be helpful if this would be addressed readily as necessary.


What users saying about Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub?

Incorporating an excellent rating on Amazon, the device is entirely reliable for utilization. A lot of users were satisfied with the service that this cleaning device induces. The assembly of the device is quite easy handling a few screws to attach around the parts of the device. The two water tanks are easily clean.

The operation is reliable though a bit slow as compared to any regular vacuum cleaner. The device also includes a hose with two brushes to cater on suctions on carpets situated in stairs and sensitive areas in the house. It also incorporates a power cord that reaches out a maximum of 20 ft.

What users saying about Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub?

Generally, all the comments with this device are positive. It is easy to use and at the same time, gives astounding service on cleaning carpets. It literally does what it advertises on!

But nonetheless, there are still features that most users felt that could be improved on. First of all, the power cord should be extended up to 30 feet or more. The current length is quite okay but to compete with other carpet cleaners, it should be longer as necessarily it should be.

Aside from that, some users are not completely contented with the suction power that the device initiates. It’s a bit comparable and better to any other devices at the same price but still not enough to clean as needed.

Also, the filter is quite impractical to clean. You need to open over and clean the filter regularly to make sure that the device won’t smelled on as you’ve prevented it to happen.

Compare with Hoover FH50150 vs. Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub – Which is the best?

At first glance, you’ll eventually see the difference in color between these two devices. Hoover FH50150 is shaded with intense red while the latter bright red. Nonetheless, coming from the same manufacturer, both devices have the same body structure and in fact, overall design.

In fact, the only main difference to the function of the two devices lies on its upholstery tool. Hoover FH50150 uses bristles rather than rubber nub for which is utilized than the latter. This feature is especially utilized for intricate mostly pet stains that could go along the carpets.


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Additionally, it has also some multiple add-ons as related to the upholstery tool incorporated. Other than those things, there is really no quite difference between the two devices.

Looking at its price, you’ll notice that Hoover FH50150 is more expensive by only a few dollars as compared to the latter. This is quite reasonable though with all the additional features it manifests.

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But nonetheless, if you are trying to save more money, then it’s best to opt for Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub. The bristles are just a minimal feature that is a bit really similar to the rubber nubs.

Why it’s better enough for carpet and hardwood floor cleaning?



Basically, the device is advertised only for carpet cleaning. It is made exclusively for carpet cleaning and there is no existing information that relates it to hardwood floor cleaning. Its brushes and cleaning mechanism is generally made to clean on carpets as necessarily.

Though it induces a general cleaning ability, there is no assurance that it will do well in hardwood floors as compared to carpets. But nonetheless, you could give it a try and test it with yourself.


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Does it good enough to remove pet hair?


[mks_one_half]Does Hoover FH50251PC good enough to remove pet hair?[/mks_one_half]


Pet hairs on carpets, absolutely yes. It literally does not just remove pet hairs but also pet litters and wastes that could lay around your carpets. Nevertheless, it also removes and washes out the carpet making it clean and odor-free as it was before utilized.

As said, the device is mainly fabricated for carpets. Anything that lays around the carpet will be easily removed from this device.



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Final Verdicts

This powerful carpet cleaner incorporates invigorating features that establish cleaning durability and quality. Nonetheless, it employs efficient cleaning and washing operation removing not just dirt and stains but also the odor that could accumulate around your carpets.

The good thing is that this Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub is currently being sold cheaply and even discounted to let you experience more the efficiency of this product. A totally must have for any carpet user!

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