Hoover React UH73300PC Review and features

Hoover React UH73300PC Review – How it’s 17 Key features works

Hoover React UH73300PC Review and features

Having a vacuum cleaner at home offers convenience at its best. Aside from making sure that your home is free from dirt and dust, you also have the assurance of an easy cleaning task. With the different options that are available on the market these days, choosing the best one can be daunting. One product that has caught our attention is the Hoover REACT UH73300PC model.

Hoover UH73300PC is the ultimate representation of trustworthy power and suction expected from an upright vacuum cleaner. It is well recognized because of its use of intelligent cleaning technologies, including the FloorSense Technology, among others.

Hoover React UH73300PC Review and features

Wondering whether this model is ideal for you? Let’s take some time in exploring all of the features that this model has to offer. At the end of this Hoover UH73300PC review, you will be in a better position to make a wise purchasing decision.


  • Micro-sensors detect changing types of floors
  • Convenient and easy above floor cleaning
  • Captures pet hair, dust and dirt easily
  • Continuous cleaning with multi-cyclonic technology


  • Quite on the heavy side
  • Not ideal for hard floor surfaces

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Key Features of the Hoover UH73300PC

The following are the features that you can expect out of the Hoover UH73300PC:Hoover React UH73300PC Review and features

Portable Lift Canister

The canister which was built in with this vacuum cleaner operates using the QuickLift Mode feature. As such, you can easily detach its canister for convenient and easy above floor cleaning. This means that you do not have to go through the hassle of completely bringing everything even though you just need the canister for cleaning.

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WindTunnel Surge

Hoover UH73300PC vacuum cleaner is also equipped with the WindTunnel Surge technology. This feature is designed to capture dust, dirt, as well as pet hair. This kind of technology is unique to this Hoover vacuum model, giving it the overall quality and performance expected of it.

FloorSense Technology

With the use of FloorSense Technology, this vacuum cleaner uses micro-sensors which detects the changing of floor types, automatically adjusting the speed of the brush roll in order to optimize cleaning. This feature is also combined together with the WindTunnel Surge feature in order to automatically maximize the capability of this Hoover vacuum cleaner machine.

Multi-Cyclonic Technology

This upright vacuum cleaner comes with a built-in advanced multi-cyclonic technology which ensures no loss of suction. This means that you will not have to be bothered being disturbed when cleaning, as a continuous suction is expected out of this Hoover REACT UH73300PC.

Hoover App

Aside from the capabilities offered by this app, it is also compatible with the Hoover App. This app enables you to easily customize your cleaning experience, making sure that you maintain your vacuum accordingly and ensure maximum experience each time you clean.

Advanced Swivel Steering

The incorporation of an advanced swivel steering makes this vacuum cleaner quite easy to maneuver and move around furniture. This will also help you manage this cleaner even in tight spaces.

Tool Attachments

In order to further maximize the potential of the Hoover UH73300PC, you can also take into consideration using the following attachments.

Crevice Tool

The Hoover UH73300PC comes equipped with a crevice tool, an attachment for this vacuum cleaner that reaches effectively through baseboards, corners, vents, radiators, as well as other difficult to reach areas. The length of this tool may vary depending on the model, and can also be replaced.

Deluxe Crevice Tool

A deluxe crevice tool is one that offers a 1.25 inch inside diameter for cleaning behind and beneath furniture and appliances. This attachment is also included in the overall design and packaging of the Hoover UH73300PC model, thus giving you the assurance that all spaces in your home can be cleaned accordingly.

XL Crevice Tool

As a product under the Hoover brand, the UH73300PC model also comes equipped with an XL Crevice Tool. This is an extra-long crevice tool that comes with a flexible tip. This can be used in cleaning difficult to clean areas and spaces, such as corners, baseboards, ceilings, as well as other spaces up high. This attachment can also be replaced when necessary.

Dusting Brush

A dusting brush is also included in this UH73300PC model of vacuum cleaner. It is designed with soft, round and long bristles, helping you whisk areas and surfaces including windowsills, lampshades, framed art, as well as blind.

Flexible Dusting Brush

A flexible dusting brush comes with an adjustable swivel point. This is the ideal attachment to use when it comes to cleaning surfaces that are described as delicate. This is made possible with the incorporation of natural bristles in this type of dusting brush.

Turbo Tool

A turbo tool is also included in this Hoover UH73300PC upright vacuum cleaner model. It is quite similar to that of a motorized brush head, though relatively smaller. This type of attachment tool provides rotating bristles, as well as a compact size which will allow you to reach areas that need to be cleaned completely.

Pet Turbo Tool

A pet turbo tool is designed uniquely to remove difficult to remove and stubborn pet hair from different surfaces including furniture and upholstery. This is what makes this Hoover React UH73300PC model friendly to owners with pets at home.

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Upholstery Tool

An upholstery tool is primarily designed to clean upholstery. As an attachment to this vacuum cleaner, you can have the assurance that upholstery items, as well as other surfaces that cannot be cleaned by the carpet attachment will be reached accordingly.

Pet Upholstery Tool

A pet upholstery tool is also incorporated with Hoover React UH73300PC vacuum cleaner. With this attachment, pet owners will no longer have to worry about cleaning up after pet hair, even when they are stuck into upholstery items.

Hard Floor Duster and Baseboard Duster

Dusters are also added as attachments with this UH73300PC model of Hoover vacuum cleaner. As suggested by the name, the hard floor duster is designed for cleaning up and brushing hard floor surfaces, while the baseboard duster will clean up baseboards with ease.

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What Users Are Saying About UH73300PC 

With a consolidated rating of 4/5, most customers who have already tried using the Hoover React UH73300PC are quite satisfied with their purchase. One customer mentioned that she loves the fact that all of the tools are useful, and at the same time it is equipped with a suction that is outstanding. It is also maneuverable, and converting to handheld is quite easy. Another customer also mentioned that this vacuum is great because it is reliable, flexible and powerful, despite being heavy.

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Why Hoover UH73300PC is Worth the Value that you Spend?

Hoover React UH73300PC Review and features

Most often, the gauge is a comparison between the features and the price. When it comes to this option, at a price range of $150 to $200, this Hoover React UH73300PC model is worth every penny spent. The price is just right, considering all of the features that is equipped with. As an upright vacuum cleaner, it is built with several advanced features such as the use of a Multi-cyclonic technology, FloorSense Technology, and the compatibility to the Hoover App.

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Overall, the Hoover React UH73300PC upright vacuum cleaner from Hoover is an ideal choice especially if you are looking for an upright cleaner model that is equipped with advanced features that can do the job for you. All of the features that are added to it are well thought of, and are designed to ensure that this model can be used easily in cleaning up different types of surfaces fast. Even though it may be quite heavy, it can be diverted easily to a handheld cleaning device.

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