Hoover U5140900 Review

Hoover U5140900 Review – Is it good enough to remove pet hair?

You don’t always need a huge, expensive vacuum cleaner. For example, if you have a modest pad like many of us do nowadays, you can settle for a budget vacuum like the Hoover U5140900 Tempo WidePath Bagged Vacuum Cleaner.

Hoover Vacuum U5140900 Review - Key Features of the Hoover Vacuum U5140900

Key Features of the Hoover Vacuum U5140900

Widepath Cleaning
If you have a lot of space to clean out, you can really use the Hoover Vacuum U5140900. Its 15-inch wide wide-path nozzle can help you clean big spaces easily and quickly.

12-amp Motor
This vacuum is run by a 12-amp motor. This kind of motor is typically used in bigger and more expensive vacuum cleaners because of the good cleaning performance it is capable of. This is great because you get to take advantage of power that other people usually spend more for.

There are filters in the Hoover tempo widepath U5140900 positioned between the bag and the vacuum such that air passes through them before leaving the vacuum. This is a nice feature because it helps ensure that you get to breathe easily. These filters can be rinsed off so you can keep cleaning them as often as you are comfortable with. A hard-to-clean vacuum is your allergic rhinitis’ nightmare.

Allergen Media Bag
Again, vacuuming is a pain when you have allergies. This is exactly why we recommend you the Hoover tempo U5140900. It has a special so-called allergen media bag. What it does is filter and trap pollens, dust, and other small particles and reduces their size to about 5 microns.

25-Foot Power Cord
You normally would not want a long cord or cable on your electronics or appliances because the longer the cord, the less power you get to use (although the difference is marginal). It also applies to vacuum cleaners, but there is no escaping the need for a long power cord. Luckily, this product has that covered. The power cord of the Hoover U5140900 measures a long 25 feet, which should be enough for your bigger rooms that need cleaning.

2 Extension Wands
TheHoover tempo widepath U5140900 comes with two extension wands, which is great because you always encounter hard-to-reach corners. You can always buy wands separately, but the ones that come with this unit are already enough for your average vacuuming needs.

Crevice Tool
We think you will like the crevice tool of the Hoover Vacuum U5140900 because it is just skinny enough and is angled just the right way. The design lets you get into spots that you usually have a hard time reaching with other tools. You can use it to clean corners, radiators, spaces between cushions, and even refrigerator coils and dryers.

Upholstery Tool
The upholstery tool that comes with the Hoover Vacuum U5140900 is nice because it is just wide enough to cover your enormous furniture, cushions, and mattresses.

Dusting Brush
The dusting brush is the one with the long bristles. If you run your fingers over it, you will notice that they are incredibly soft. They are great at dusting windowsills, frames, bookshelves, blinds, lamps, and other items or parts of the home that are hard to clean with ordinary tools.

5-Position Carpet Height Adjustment
There are controls that let you adjust for vacuum height in this product. You can choose among five positions, which cover any floor or carpet type easily. These controls are very easy to find and are intuitively designed, so you should not have a hard time figuring it out at all.

Lightweight Design
One more thing you may like about the Hoover Vacuum U5140900 is its lightweight body. It weighs just around 8 lbs, which means you can easily lift it or carry it to any room or up the stairs anytime.

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What users are saying about the Hoover U5140900

As expected, a lot of the people who have tried this vacuum are very happy with its combination of simplicity and performance. Several buyers even commented that they don’t usually go for bagged vacuums but the Hoover U5140900 changed their minds.

Hoover U5140900 Review - What users are saying about the Hoover U5140900

Of course, there are negative reviews, but we notice that most of them are really either isolated cases or matters that the manufacturer does not have control over. Based on these observations, it looks like the Hoover U5140900 is indeed a good investment.

Compare Hoover U5140900 vs. Hoover BH52210PC

The first difference between the Hoover U5140900 and the Hoover BH52210PC that really stands out is the price. The latter is easily twice as expensive as the former. That may be because it is around half as heavy and a lot more convenient to use because it is cordless. It also looks better. If you put the BH52210PC in a corner of a room, it looks more like a decoration than a vacuum cleaner.

Hoover BH52210PC Review - Compare Hoover U5140900 vs. Hoover BH52210PC

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However, we think that the BH52210PC is more for lighter cleaning. Power from a lithium ion battery may work for electronics, but an actual outlet still rules when it comes to appliances. Also, you can clean all you want without worrying that you may run out of power in the middle of it.

Is it good enough to remove pet hair?

Pet hair is very frustrating to remove. They are too fine and just stick to everything. Cleaning pet hair off certain kinds of furniture, for example, is a huge nightmare. It’s a good thing that the Hoover U5140900 is quite good at getting rid of hair. You can always use an attachment, but this product already takes care of that.

Does it do well on hardwood and carpet?

Hoover U5140900 Review - Does it do well on hardwood and carpet?

We were surprised at how well this vacuum works on just about any kind of floor. We think it’s the 5-position height adjustment that is mainly to thank for it. You can easily change the vacuum height to get it to clean different floor types. The Hoover Vacuum U5140900 works best on carpet, but its performance on the hardwood and similar floor types is comparable to that of more expensive vacuum cleaners.

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Final Verdict

All in all, we recommend the Hoover Vacuum U5140900 for your average house cleaning needs. As a budget vacuum, it offers a lot of value that you can’t easily find at this price point. First of all, it runs on a powerful and sturdy motor, the same kind used in more expensive or bigger vacuums.

Second, it is very light and has a very long cord, making it very easy to work with. We also like the tools that come with it. They may be basic, but they are well-made and get the job done right. It also has other neat features, such as height adjustment controls, extension wands, filters, and more.

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