Hoover UH72400 Review - Does it good enough to remove pet hair?

Hoover UH72400 Review – Does it good enough to remove pet hair?

When work schedule is about to get tight to the point where we could no longer juggle things at the same time, we all wanted to get an extra help especially in doing our mundane household chores and luckily with Hoover UH72400, cleaning is made easier and effective. This is a wind-tunnel, steerable, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner. It’s a flexible and convenient vacuum cleaner that you can glide around corners and obstacles seamlessly while not having to worry its weight and conveniently dispose of accumulated dirt.

Key Features of Hoover UH72400

Here are the key features of Hoover UH72400

Steerable Technology
Enables you to roam around amidst obstacles, furniture at home, and uneven corners at ease by smoothly twisting its handle to your desired direction.

Multi-Floor Cleaning
Once activate, the brush will automatically switch where you can go cleaning from your carpet to your floor at no stop with just a button away!

asy to lift means you can carry and move around seamlessly from room to room as it weighs less than 14 pounds with wand and tools attached to it. The wand as well can be used in cleaning stair cases and elevated surfaces, areas, and objects like the ceiling fans so you won’t have to carry the whole vacuum.

Exclusive Wind Tunnel 3 Feature
While typical vacuums only have one, Hoover UH72400 has 3. It lifts and removes dirt with 3 channels of suction while you can attach accessories that can clean narrow surfaces as well, removing stubborn dust and dirt.

AllergenBlock Technology
It prevents most of the pet’s dander, dust, dirt and other particles going back to the air which means once it sucked up the dirt there’s only a tiny chance of blow-backs.

Durability and Quality
It has a set of two replacement agitator belts and each product is entitled to a Limited Warranty of 5 years so you can assure you can use it at a long period of time.

Fits on Hoover WindTunnel Upright models as well, which uses the Hoover 38528033 belt. Also for Commercial WindTunnel bagless, BaglessWidepath, BaglessPowerMAX, Bagged Catlina, and both Bagged Tempo and Bagless Tempo models.


  • Hoover UH72400 is lightweight that weighs less than 14 pounds you can carry around area to area in your home.
  • Multi-floor cleaning technology that you can switch on in just a push of a button, ready for combat cleaning from floor and carpet vice-versa.
  • Filtration Features is rinseable and replaceable, that means you can clean the filter and re-use it a number of times, and in case it gets lost of damaged you can as well replace it.
  • Steerable feature for easy maneuver and glide while so it lessens the probability of hurting your back and straining your elbows and arms while cleaning
  • The handle is adjustable and can extend up to 14ft so you can reach dusty areas under your bed and other furniture.


  • As it is lightweight, the dirt canister is as well smaller so it needs to be emptied from time to time especially in strenuous cleaning where massive dirt can be accumulated.
  • The vacuum has a small cleaning coverage so you need to go over on those areas repeatedly, aside if you’re cleaning your home quite often so there is only a bit of cleaning to do.

At a Glance Hoover UH72400 Review

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Compare Hoover UH72400 vs Hoover UH70210

The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T- series UH70210 is a WindTunnel, Pet-Hand Tool feature, Cord Rewind, Bagless Upright Vacuum has unique features that the Hoover UH72400 doesn’t have.

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One is the Cord Rewind ability that functions by gently tapping the pedal it will then retract the 25ft cord so you can neatly keep your vacuum after use. Hoover UH70210 also has 5 positions for height adjustment; you can adjust the setting to suit on your preference for any flooring type.  The handle is as well adjustable/ foldable; you can turn it up and down. It has Air powered Pet Hand Tool specialized for users who are fond of pets where you can easily dispose hair from couches, floors, and carpet.

Although Hoover UH72400 doesn’t have these features compared to Hoover UH70210 which weighs 18 pounds, Hoover UH 72400 has its lightweight advantage plus the steerable feature making it more comfortable. It has a longer cord as well up to 30ft that means you can reach to specific areas without having to plug and unplug the product. Thought it doesn’t have Air powered Pet Hand Tool, the wand can still be used to clean up pet dander and dirt.

What users saying about the Hoover UH72400

Going over on comments online from people who purchased the product, most of them rated the product satisfactorily as it meet the quality and the price of the product. Most of their comments were about its lightweight and the manoeuvrability that enables them to move easily while cleaning,

Another thing is that the suction of the vacuum cleans the area well, and many are happy about the durability where they were able to use the product long enough and most of them recommend the product.

Does it good enough to remove pet hair?

Running through comments, Hoover UH72400 actually is good in removing pet hair, as its suction power is reliable enough to clean it out, and because of its AllergenBlock Technology it then prevents blow-backs of dirt and pollen making it safer from allergy stimuli.

Why it’s better for carpet as well as hardwood cleaning?

As Hoover UH72400 has WindTunnel® 3 Technology that has 3 channels of cleaning suctions reliable to lift stubborn and tiny pieces of dirt in surfaces and narrow areas.

It also has Multi-Floor Cleaning feature or Multi Floor Brush that once activated it will automatically switch if you’re cleaning your carpet or even hard floors and you won’t have to push multiple buttons to do so.

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Final Verdict

It takes quite a lot of research and product canvassing to attain information in a specific product just to get the deserved quality with a reasonable price.

At first Hoover UH72400 deemed to be a just a good vacuum maybe because it’s lightweight and the canisters are small subjected as not applicable for heavy-duties, but because of its embedded unique features, it turned out to be a small but terrible vacuum in a good way. With its tested and proven quality and durability based on unsolicited testimonies, it’s definitely a worth vacuum you can have with a reasonable price you can get.

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