Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Review

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Review – what extra features it has?

The Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH74210PC, as suggested by the name, is an upright cleaner. With this model, you can easily use the suctioning force that is common with commercial vacuum cleaner, despite being an upright model. Among the features that users love about the Hoover UH74210PC cleaner is its use of a dual-motor system, as well as five cyclones which provides you with a strong vacuum power which can last for several years of use. With its one button touch control, you can easily access the optimised brush roll to clean all debris types in your house.

If you are currently looking for a good option on a vacuum cleaner that can help you clean up after your pet’s hairs, and at the same time, taking care of all the other dust and debris particles at home, then you might want to take a closer look at this product by reading this review.

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Key Feature of the (Hoover UH74210PC) PowerDrive Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the top-of-the-line features that you can expect to see from the UH74210PC vacuum cleaner model:

Equipped with Two Motors
With the UH74210PC PowerDrive model, you can see two motors, both of which collectively produces 1,440 watts of power. Most of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers these days use this system on vacuums designed for commercial use in schools, hospitals and other large facilities. This model, however, despite being designed for residential use, comes with two motors working interdependently. One is used in powering the suction system, and the other is for the brush roll.

Five Cyclone Technology
One of the main features that attracts users into this model is the use of the Windtunnel technology. This means that this cleaner can spin air that it suctions at a fast speed, so fast that the force behind segregates huge debris from the air flow, resulting to the debris dropping to the bottom of the dirt cup.

When compared with other models using a single cyclone, the UH74210PC model uses five cyclones, all within narrow chambers, releasing the dirt right into the cup. With the use of this model, you may not be able to deal with reduced performance or clogging.

Dirt Filtration Feature
Since this model comes with a 1.5 liter dirt cup, it is possible for you to clean several rooms before emptying the container. The moment the cup becomes full, the release bottom conveniently opens the cup bottom, emptying the cup of dust, debris and dirt. In order to keep foul smell and allergens out, this model also comes with a carbon HEPA filter, allowing you to reuse and rinse the filter.

Advanced Brush Roll
The bristles of the brush roll of this model is designed to penetrate into deeply embedded dirt, decreasing the volume of hair that is wrapped on the brush. As you press a button, you can turn the brush on and off, cleaning mess on any type of floor. With its 12.5 inch cleaning path, a single pass will be enough to clean your floors.

Extra Features for Convenience
Aside from its primary technical features, the UH74210PC cleaner also comes with extra features that ensures convenience on your part as the user. For example, it is equipped with a no-scratch wheel as well as a scuff-guard bumper. You can even make good use of its set of wrap-around headlights, allowing you to see the dirt, as well as obstacles on the cleaning path.


  • Feels sturdy and effective
  • Effortless maneuvering with its Swivel steering feature
  • Advanced action brush roil
  • Can be used to clean different types of floors
  • Extra-large dust bin


  • Challenging to reassemble after emptying the canister
  • Not efficient as a hand tool mode

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What users saying about Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive

“I purchased this vacuum cleaner a couple of months ago, and I must say that I really liked its overall versatility. My beloved pet sheds a lot, and I always find trouble cleaning at home because of that. This vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning my cloth couch at home, as well as my hardwood floors.

Another thing that I like about it is its light weight, which makes it more convenient than my previous cleaners. It is also easy to maneuver, and I also like its cool LED lights. The only thing that I might not like about this purchase is that I was not able to get the black vacuum that I wanted. However, color aside, this model is highly recommended.”

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Hoover REACT UH73300PC vs. Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive – Which is the best?

Hoover is a respected manufacturer in the vacuum cleaner industry. Among the dependable products under their name are REACT UH73300PC and UH74210PC PowerDrive. While being under the same brand, there are distinct features that makes one better than the other. Determining the best one for you depends on your actual needs and purpose of use.

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Both of these models are bagless. This means that they come with an easy to detach canister for emptying out dust and dirt collected. UH74210PC, however, comes with an extra-large capacity container, which means that it can collect more dust and dirt, before you need to empty it out.

If you like linking your appliance to an app, however, the Hoover UH73300PC model is compatible with the Hoover App, allowing you to easily customize your experience in cleaning while maintaining your cleaner for optimum performance.

Why it’s better enough to remove pet hair and carpet cleaning?

One thing is sure. This Hoover UH74210PC model is primarily designed for households with pets. Why so? It is equipped with the Advanced Action Brush Roll, which has been uniquely engineered to go through deeply embedded dirt. It is also the same technology that makes it possible to reduce hair wrap from the brush, which is something very common with other models without this technology. It uses an advanced technology with its No Loss of Suction, making sure of a continuous cleaning task.

Interestingly, this model is also tested with the Paws & Claws seal, which means that it has met the manufacturer’s standard for optimal removal of pet hair on floors and other floor surfaces.

Is it Good enough for hardwood floor cleaning?

Yes, it is a good option for cleaning hardwood floors as well. In fact, it is designed with a swivel steering feature, allowing you to maneuver without hassle around, and beneath furniture with ease. It also has a quick release cleaning wand, which can let you transition from carpet cleaning to above floor, hardwood cleaning without the need to interrupt the suction.

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Final Verdict

The UH74210PC vacuum cleaner model is nothing sort of a weak appliance. The features that have been carefully added to this model contributes to its overall quality and capacity as a pet hair removal cleaner..

Aside from taking care of your pet hairs, this model can also clean different types of floor surfaces, cleaning through carpeted floors, as well as hardwood floors. With Hoover UH74210PC advanced action brush roll, there is no need for you to worry about hair wrap. These are just some of the reasons, and more, why we highly recommend this model.

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