How Long Do Cats Sleep At Night

Cats naturally sleep a lot. They can easily puzzle those unfamiliar with these feline friends’ lifestyle. They can sleep anytime, any day, any place under any circumstances. However, their crepuscular nature makes make them more active early in the mornings and late evenings.

Fortunately, the domesticated cats adjust sleeping routines and sleep more at night. After all, their owners feed them well. They don’t have to hunt for food at night.

How Long Do Cats Sleep

Unlike humans, cats spend most of their day sleeping. Depending on their age, health, and mood, old cats sleep an average of 15-20 hours per day and newborn sleep 24/7. Their hunting nature requires a lot of energy. That’s why thy sleep more to regain energy for the next prey.

do cats sleep at night

The reason why cats are top sleepers in the animal kingdom, they are omnivorous. Their prey can’t be caught easily. They need bountiful energy to hunt them down. If not, they will suffer hunger. So they resolve to sleep (resting) to save up energy for dinner search.

Do Cats Need Much Sleep?

As explained above, cats are programmed to sleep most of the time. They have cycles in the amount of sleep. Like kittens get to sleep almost the whole day. As they age, sleep patterns decline due to the bizarre habits they develop. Older cats sleep less than kittens as they have the responsibility of food provision. Stalking, chasing and killing their prey burns most of their calories. Thus, sleeping to conserve energy.

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Do Cats Always Have Sound Sleep?

Cats have what we refer to as “catnaps”. As the cats sleep their eyes are usually slightly opened and their ears convulsing and revolving where the noise might be. This is known as snoozing. Again the main reason why cats sleep too much. They sleep while still alert for any prey. Their primal instincts help them get plenty of rest and still alert to awaken any noise. In short, they don’t sleep deep.

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Do Cats Dream and Snore?

The actual time taken by cats to sleep deep is 25% of their two-thirds of the 24 hours usual sleep time. Cats are assumed to be dead asleep when they form a curved shape and eyes firmly closed. They even put their tail over the face. Sleeping deep in all animals is critical for the body’s capability to revive and maintain physical health.

The cats ought to dream in these conditions. They do snore when the airway to their nostrils is obstructed. The cat breed that mostly snores is Himalayan and Persian cats.

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What Happens When The Cat Changes Sleeping Habits

At times you will notice the cat may be sleeping too much or too little. don’t make this change lightly. Kindly call a vet. The cat might be suffering from gastrointestinal issues or maybe it is in pain. Whatever the problem is, do not diagnose it by yourself. Seek medical advice. However, if the cat starts sleeping on fresh litter, worry. For reasons best known to them, the kitties like the feel of a fresh litter under their feet.

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Are Cats Friendly?

There are times you will wake up to your cat curled up fast asleep on your chest. First-time cat owners get a little bit worried. Thinking that the cat is afraid. The few possible reasons for this behavior is that you are trusted, want to keep warm, you are a comfortable spot, they feel safe near you and lovable. All these reasons make humans a perfect match company. That’s why cats get domesticated. They can freely relate with to the man.

why do cats sleep on their backs

To Conclude

When you bring a cat home, provide physical and mental needs for the cat. Otherwise, you will not rest after a hectic day at work. Have an enriched environment for it. Like you have to change feeding time. Give the cat food before you retire to bed. Have playtime. Create time for the cat to play. Playing will make the cat wear and in dire need for rest. Widen the cat’s world by having bird feeders in the compound. This will make the cat have a busy time during the day. That way you sure to relax quietly in your house. The cat will have time to sleep due to the exhaustion of the day activities.

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