How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last

Have you heard the famous saying that the dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself? To reciprocate that love, you must feed your dog right. Dry dog food will help you show your pet that love in the most cost-effective way.

What makes dry dog food even more preferable is their ease of transportation. Dry food is lighter as compared to wet-dog food. There is also very little mess associated with dry dog food. In case of any spillage, cleaning is easy. Moreover, dry dog food is also long-lasting. But do you know precisely how long dry dog food lasts? Let’s discuss at length to get an answer to this question.

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How Long Does a Bag of Dog Food Last

It is estimated that dry dog food can last for about six weeks upon opening the bag. The longevity of the dry dog food is, however, dependent on certain factors. Keep reading to learn more on this factors.

1. The Expiration Date of The Food

It is essential that you opt for the freshest dry dog food and which have more extended longevity. To know the expiry dates, check the product details written on the bags or cans containing the food. Refrain from the dry dog food that is ambiguous on the expiry date. This means that there should be zero compromises in the manner the food is packaged.

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2. Storage Conditions

This is a significant influence on the durability of dry dog food. Cold and dry locations are the best to store. Any direct contact between the dry dog food with sunlight, hot temperatures and moisture could lead to the degradation of the food. Moisture conditions may trigger the growth of mold in dry dog food. Mold could eventually produce carcinogenic aflatoxins. High temperatures on the other hand can kill the vitamin content in the food. Avoid torn and damaged bags that could expose the food to such conditions.

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As you store the food, let it remain in its original packaging. Never consider storing the dry dog food in plastic containers. Plastic containers can cause oxidation which is harmful to the feed. However, you could put the original bag containing the food in plastic, glass or metal bins. It will prevent termites and rodents from getting into the food. Ensure also that as you store the food, the bag or can is sealed. Resealing the bags and cans every time after use is therefore very recommendable.

3. The Manufacturer

Fundamentally, you should ask yourself some questions. Does the manufacturer of dry dog food have a track record of selling quality food? What is the composition of the food? Some ingredients of the dry dog food can make it get spoilt very early. Checking the packaging of the food is also a plus. One should select dog food in small bags or cans since they can be consumed fast. Chances of spoilage are thus minimal.

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4. Dogs Metabolism and Activity Level

If your dog engages in a lot of physical activities, its metabolism is too high. It will, thus, demand more, consequently reducing the period the food will last. Besides, one must check the size of the dog as well. Bigger dogs will consume more as compared to the smaller ones. The time the dry dog food will last with the small dogs is, thus not the same as the time the food will last with larger dogs.

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Your serving size will also influence the duration the dry dog food will last. Experts recommend serving the dog at least twice every day. The quantity of dry dog food served depends on the caloric requirements of the dog.

Dog owners spend heavily buying dry dog food. The biggest secret to prevent losses is by keeping dry food in proper care. Proper care not only makes the food to last long but also ensures that the food remains in its right nutritional profile. Never forget the need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on quality, safety and freshness to the letter. In case you notice that your dog doesn’t want to take the food, check if the food is healthy. Quite often, such food may be spoilt. To protect the health of your dog, don’t hesitate to throw it away.

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