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How to Choose Golf Balls Wisely

Golf Balls: Why It Is Important To Choose Wisely And Reasons To Buy Used Ones

What does it take to perform brilliantly on the course? Of course, it takes excellent skills. However, apart from your technique, a successful game requires having an excellent strategy, precision, and make the right equipment choices! Every piece of equipment matters and while golf clubs may take the first position in terms of importance, next go golf balls. Although it may seem insignificant, choosing the right golf ball, in fact, can improve your game.

Why Is It So Important?

Experts believe that at least 50% of a player’s success depends on whether he has the right golf balls or not. Unfortunately, many beginners tend to overlook this important factor.

In a matter of fact, a ball can influence several important indicators such as speed, distance, and trajectory of the hit. Therefore, it’s not wise to go with the first option that you come across. Instead, when choosing a good ball, try to consider the following nuances:

  • Feel – there are balls with soft and hard feel. The ones that fall into the first category are often chosen by pros because they focus more on playability rather than distance. Options with hard feel, on the contrary, contribute to distance and are more durable.
  • Trajectory – a ball can either lessen or boost trajectory depending on what dimple design it has. Thus, balls with smaller dimples lessen trajectory, while options with larger ones improve it.
  • Distance – as a rule, golfers have to choose between distance and control on the greens. Thus, it is essential to decide which factor is more important for your style of game. If you are looking for more control, opt for balls with higher spin, and if you are looking more into the distance, choose options that were designed to enhance it. Finally, there is one more category of balls that come in a mixed design, providing both decent control and distance.
  • Construction – choose three-piece construction for a higher spin and better control or two-piece for high rolling distances and durability.

New Vs. Used Golf Balls

choose golf ball wisely

Although new equipment is considered to be generally better, it is not always like that. Many golfers believe that used balls play worse than new ones. However, we would like to dispel this myth by showing you the obvious benefits of purchasing used balls:

  1. They aren’t worse than new ones

If you buy a high-quality used ball, it will play just as good as a new one! However, it is essential to pay attention to what you are purchasing – they shouldn’t have any water marks, scratches, scrapes, or other damage. If you find the best place to buy used golf balls and pick the right option, you will never regret buying a used ball!

  1. Buying used balls is more environment-friendly

It takes more than 1,000 years for a single golf ball to break down. Now, think of how many balls are left in the fields, ponds, and forests after each game and try to imagine the scale of pollution. Thus, by buying used balls, golfers stimulate cleaning of the environment and cut down the production.

  1. All golf balls get lost

Golfers know that balls usually get lost within the first few rounds of the game. It will be a pity to lose an expensive, brand new ball as soon as you get out to the course. However, it doesn’t sound to even quite as terrifying to lose a used golf ball.

  1. It is more cost-efficient

First of all, obviously, used equipment costs twice less than a new one. Thus, buying used balls can save you lots of money. However, that’s not the main point. Now look at it like this – once you take the first shot with a brand new ball, it already becomes used. That doesn’t sound like a good investment.

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