Clean a Laminate Wood Floor

How to Clean a Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate floor enhances beauty to your home. This type of floor resists scratch, moisture and wear and tear; that makes it durable too than real wood.

But it’s become pale if you aren’t serious on clean it. Even replacing is not an easy option at all. So a better way to keep the floor for many years, you need to clean it regularly.

According to that, know the right way to deal with it because a wrong product like soap or harsh cleaner can cause damage or streaks these. You may go hither and thither for an easy solution but can’t find it actually! Don’t worry! Now you are in the right place.

We are here to tell you the cleaning tips and tricks which are compatible with the laminate floor. Wish you get the proper solution from these below tips.

6-amazing ways to clean up your laminate floor

  1. Sweep the floor

Sweeping is the basic and primary way to keep away the laminate from the dust. It will help to remove massive dust particle easily. If you skip it and go directly in mopping, then friction occurred between the mop and the dust particle that results in a scratch on the floor.

So the good thing is trying to sweep as a daily chore and prevents such scratches from forming. Don’t use the traditional broom, hard bristle, or standard brush that tends to damage the, take soft bristle for sweeping. Use a dust mop to remove surface dirt.

  1. Run a vacuum cleaner

Instead of using a dust mop, you can use a vacuum cleaner that comes with a soft brush attachment. Don’t use a random vacuum for this type of floor, as these can harsh on it.

We recommend having the vacuum cleaner for a laminate floor that readily available out the market at an affordable price. In fact, this would be a good option for those who haven’t enough time for the traditional way of sweeping.

  1. Use a mop for deep cleaning

It’s best not to use steam cleaner, buffer, or polisher because laminate is not as durable as another flooring type. Using of these may void your laminate. So, the question is, how can you give deep clean to this type floor?

We advise for deep cleaning, merely you need elbow grease with a mop or Swiffer which made of a microfiber or terry cloth, and these are washable and re-useable. Else the mop is friendly to your floor that wouldn’t have harm to your floor. Before you use the mop, don’t forget to be drowned into the warm water and wrung it to remove excess water.

Alternatively, you can purchase a spinning mop that comes with a bucket. The foot paddle on this bucket offers hand-free wringing that you will not suffer from hand pain. Even with the help of this product, you will not need to deal with dirty water anymore.

  1. Clean up the spill immediately

 Say goodbye to your sloth, if you want to keep your laminate stain free. Don’t allow any liquid like coffee or drinks to gather on the floor for a prolonged time, and it hampers the protective layer of the laminate.

Sometimes, liquid spill fell onto the floor trying to clean up it as much as early. Use a microfiber cloth since it is best in absorbed any liquid spill. When clean with cleaner, spray onto the mop or microfiber cloth not to the laminate floor.

Dry the surface with the help of a dry cloth and don’t leave any moisture on the surface.

  1. Clean up the mineral or any stain

If you want to remove any stain, then either vinegar with rubbing alcohol or a mild detergent is the best domestic option.

Or else you can grab commercial cleaner that only intended for laminate floor — adding any extra fragrance when you clean with the commercial cleaner since this already impart a pleasant smell. Further, additional ingredients may destroy the coating layer.

However, if your floor already has a stain or mineral deposit, then use white vinegar and distill water. First, mix the vinegar with one bucket of warm water. Then dampen a mop into the solution and squeegee it to left out excessive water. Next, rub the affected area with a microfiber cloth. Then, clean the floor with the distilled water.

  1. Dry the floor

After treating with the wet mop, its time to dry out the floor. If you leave it in soggy, then the upper layer gets swelling and results ultimately spoil your floor.

That’s why you should desiccate it after cleaning with water. To dry, use air or dry microfiber cloth.

Maintenance tips for your concern

  • Do not use vinegar directly as it has mild acidic.
  • To clean edge of the floor use soft brush which comes with a vacuum cleaner
  • Avoid walking with stiletto heels onto the laminate floor. Keep out these shoes outside.
  • Try to purchase protective pads for the bottom of the furniture like chair, couch, tables and put these under the furniture that will protect from any scratch and dent on the surface.
  • If you have pets, don’t forget to cut their nails since these cause scratch on the laminate. Try to train them to not pee on the floor.
  • Though laminates are resistant to moisture but still water-based cleaning system such as steamer is not reliable as it can cause warping and other damage.
  • Say no to hot water, but warm water is good, and it will not give any stroke.
  • Do not clean the floor with abrasive brush or pads, for instance, steel scrubber which can leave a mark on the top coating layer.
  • Polish, oil, or wax aren’t a good option at all for the laminate; these can leave a waxy film on your floor that is hard to remove.
  • Don’t use soap in the cleaning solution, which can make your floor slippery.
  • Keep both indoor and outdoor floor mats at the entrance of your house.
  • Whenever any things like candle wax or chewing gum stick to laminate, use ice to harden it. After that, scrape off with a plastic scraper and then wipe it to clean with a damp cloth.

End up

Your laminate is a long term investment that, with proper care will last for many years. It’s all about maintaining regularity with minimum product. Also, knowing what’s not to do means spend less time cleaning and will have much time for living.

After reading the whole article we think, cleaning of laminate doesn’t seem difficult to you as it doesn’t require too much product. If you follow this above instruction, you will be amazed to see the changes on your floor.

Lastly, if you apply another trick to keep clean your laminate floor, don’t forget to share with us in the comment box below.

Happy cleaning.

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