How To Clean Crane Drop Humidifier Without Damaging It?

Who ever knew that you could artificially restore moisture in the air! With a Crane Drop humidifier, you can peacefully survive the hot or even warm and dry weather. The appliance offers many benefits, but self-cleaning isn’t one of them. This means you should know how to clean Crane Drop humidifier.

Without regular maintenance and care, a humidifier can cause serious risks to your health. And that’s because wet, dirty humidifiers don’t take too long to get contaminated with bacteria and mold. And more often than not, they also provoke respiratory irritants and allergens.

So if you’re suffering from an allergy or asthma, then a dirty humidifier might give you a hard time. But weekly cleaning can prevent this. It’s important to clean the humidifier and eliminate all unwanted elements from it to keep the environment around you healthy.


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Time to find out how to do so!

How to Clean Crane Drop Humidifier?


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What you will need:

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Lint-free microfiber cloth (4-5 pieces)

Cleaning the Water Tank: The Method

1. Empty the tank

The first step is an obvious one. You turn the thing off and unplug it. Pick up the water tank from the base with the help of its handle. You can even grasp the container by its sides and pull it upwards.

Flip it over before unscrewing the cap. Turn the cap counterclockwise to unscrew it and then set it aside. Now it’s time to empty that tank.

2. Add the cleaning solution

Pour clean water into the water tank with at least two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar.

You need to shake the mixture inside the tank thoroughly. But before you do that, put the cap of the appliance back on.

Let the vinegar and water mixture sit in the tank for half an hour. Following which shake it again, but this time vigorously to remove all the buildup.

3. Empty the tank again

Unscrew the cap to drain all the water and white vinegar mixture. Then rinse it with clean, cool water thoroughly.

4. Wipe the tank

Use a lint-free, damp microfiber cloth to wipe the outside and inside of the clean tank. And leave it open for at least two hours for the air to dry.

And this is how to clean Crane Drop humidifier tank. Let’s find out more!

Cleaning the Water Basin and Other Parts: The Method


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1. Add the cleaning solution

Pour two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and water into the basin. Let this soak inside it for about 30 minutes. Then empty out the contents.

2. Wipe with the cleaning solution

Take a bowl and add 4-5 cups of clean water with some white vinegar into it. Then dip a microfiber cloth in the solution to wipe the basin with it. But while doing so, please make sure that you don’t disrupt the sensor of the water level.

Once you’re done wiping, rinse the humidifier’s basin to get the vinegar smell off it. It’s important that you rinse it thoroughly. Otherwise, the air around you might smell like vinegar whenever you use the appliance.

3. Wipe the other parts of the humidifier

You can use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the sensors, both float-style and water level. To clean the former, you need to lift the plastic cap. This particular component is located right above the round water float and plastic pin.

You can also wipe the pin and pieces with the same damp cloth. But don’t forget to re-assemble them once done.

4. Wipe the nebulizer

The nebulizer is located in the appliance’s water basin. Feel free to clean that part as well. But do it gently using a cloth dipped in water and white vinegar solution. Wipe it clean until the scale buildup gets eliminated.

In the end, use a dry cloth to wipe out all the water. Don’t forget to do the same for the feet and base exterior of the humidifier. (Why you should use filtered water in a humidifier)

And this is how to clean Crane Drop humidifier water basin and other parts. It’s time for wrap up!

But before that, here’s a video that shows you to how to clean and use the Crane Drop humidifier.

Crane Drop Shape Humidifier [ Use & Cleaning ]

Wrapping it Up

Now we all know that Crane Drop humidifiers do an excellent job at adding moisture into the surrounding air. This means that such a device is useful during the hot season and even warm and dry climates. It sounds magical, doesn’t it?

But don’t be under the impression that the humidifier will not collect mineral deposits. It can even promote the development of microorganisms, including mold and bacteria. And such harmful elements give rise to major health risks, especially if you have an allergy or asthma.

Not many people know this, but mold in humidifiers contributes to causing flu-like reactions along with respiratory infections. So it’s necessary to eliminate the entire mold from the appliance. And you can do this by frequent sanitizing and daily cleaning.

It doesn’t matter what shape or brand the humidifier is; weekly cleanings should be a priority!

How often do you clean your Crane Drop humidifier anyway? And do you follow the same cleaning procedure? If there’s any other effective way of cleaning, then please do let us know.

I hope you found what you were looking for in the article. Just like many other articles I write, this one too was created to provide the most efficient and quickest solution to your problem.

Thank you for reading and do come back again soon!

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