How to Clean Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Floors in Kitchen?

Tiles are most popular among flooring option. They are the more durable choice than the hardwood and laminate floor because of their easy installment and water resistance.

You may think why this article as tile floors cleaning is easy! You’re right these are easy to clean, but wrong way of care and cleaning can cause damage it early.

Lack of knowledge about the right way occurs dull and gloomy tiles. Also, make the tiles unhygienic for your family members. So, you need to know the proper way to keep clean and shiny of your tile. Also, make it last for 100 years approximately and super value too.

We are here to explain to you in detail about the tiles flooring care, deep cleaning techniques.

Let’s start cleaning.

How to Clean Tile Floors

Cleaning Tile Floors

1. Basic maintenance

Sweep or vacuum regularly

Start your cleaning with the sweep.

This is a very common and effective way to eliminate loose dust, food crumbs and other pieces of which can gather daily on the tile. Try to sweep your tile with the broom that is particularly made for tile. For example, in case of, natural and marble stones tile you need a soft bristle broom as hard bristle can cause of mark.

Else, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all dust and debris. You may have the pets that causes too much shed. On the mass-market, there is a lot of vacuum cleaner that has a good impact on the tile floor. So if you want to ignore broom you can give vacuuming thoroughly.

Mop the floor

Next, you have to mop your flooring; it ensured the shiny appearance. Also if your floor doesn’t need deep cleaning or doesn’t have any mark then daily mop is enough to keep clean your floor. To mop, first, you need a bucket of fresh warm water. Then deep the mop into the water and apply it all over the surface area. Repeat the process until the full floor is mopped. You can add soft detergent or dish soap (every day or weekly) with the water to pick up daily dirt and mess.

After mopping don’t forget to clean the mop with the freshwater. After all, a clean mop is better in cleaning, whereas dirty mop can cause a stink and leave a mark.

Dry the floor

Next and final step of basic maintenance is dry the floor. Either you use clean water or detergent mixed water, use a dry mop like Swiffer to dry out the floor as soon as possible. It helps to keep away from the stain of water which may occur with the wet mop.

Opt, switch on your ceiling fan to dry the entire floor if you want to skip the further mopping as it feels hassle for some people.

2. Deep cleaning techniques

If you see your floor become dull or have some mark and you can’t remove these with the regular cleaning procedure, then it needs deep cleaning. Follow these tips to get back the stain-free and clean floor.

Use warm water with vinegar

truly speaking, vinegar is an amazing cleaning product. it’s acidic in nature that is well to remove bacteria as well as a dust particle.

when you mop, take vinegar into (approximately ½ cup) the warm water and then run the mop as usual. it is perfect for the vinyl and ceramic tile but don’t apply it on the marble floor.

Use a disinfectant  for spills

An accident happens anytime! May the juice or water drops or even your pet pee on the tiles. In such time don’t leave it for dry. If it gets dry then it results in marks on your floor.

Stain cleaning is much harder than liquid spills. So try to clean as soon as possible. To clean the spill use disinfectant is a good option as it can kill the bacteria and keep safe you from infection.

3. Remove mildew

Mildew thrives damp and warm environments, that’s why it’s possible to see in the bathroom’s tile as this place has excess water and humidity. Mildew is the reason of bad small and sometimes it can trigger allergies in sensitive people.

But don’t worry, there has some inexpensive way to eliminate mildew. If you apply these below tips, surely mildew get lost from the tile, wall, and ceiling.

Mild mildew stains

You can use vinegar since its safe, non-toxic and can get out mildew from the different surface. First, take equal parts of white vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle to make a solution.

Apply directly onto the affected areas and leave it 5-10 minutes to settle. So that vinegar can penetrate and dissolve the mold spores. Now take a brush to scrub the surface and do that until the mildew gets vanished. After that rinse with water to remove all residue. Then dry the area with a clean dry cloth.

Moderate mildew stains

Take 3-4 cups of baking soda into a container ( medium size ) and add 1 cup of warm water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste directly onto the affected areas with the help of a soft brush.

Then spray vinegar directly onto the areas and wait until the mixture turned into the foaming form. After that, scrub the surface in a circular motion and continue it until the mildew disappears. Now wipe the mixture with a wet cloth to remove all residue and dry the treated place with the clean cloth.

Stubborn mildew stains

If your mold gets too hard that you can’t get rid of this then this step is for your help. You can use chlorine bleach as it’s effective at killing mold. But you have to use it carefully because of it’s a toxic substance.

So, don’t forget to wear gloves when applying it. Make a bleach solution with 1 part of chlorine bleach with 10 parts of water and take it into a spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle to combine it properly. Liberally spray the mixture onto the mildewed surface. Let’s leave it for 15 minutes to sit and dissolve the stubborn mildew.

Next just scrub the areas in a circular motion until the mold is gone and rinse with water. Last dry the treated place with the clean water.

4. Clean rust spot

Rusting is one of the common problems in tiles floor that you might have to face it in the kitchen and bathroom. It occurs when metal getting contact with water on the tile and depositing of iron particles on the tiles.

Cleaning of rust spot will save your money from replacing the tile with the new one.

 Use kerosene

Kerosene works wonders in eliminating rust spot from the tiles. To use it, don’t forget to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hand. Then a cloth and dampen it with kerosene. Apply the dampen cloth and rub the rust stain. Re-apply the kerosene till the rust seen. Then wash it with water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works great to remove rust stains from tiles without damaging. Create a solution of hydrogen peroxide (½ cup) and 1cup of water into a spray bottle. Spray onto the rust stain and scrub it with the brush. Continue the process until the rust fully gone.

Once the rust completely removed then don’t forget to rinse the treated area with water. This solution is also workable for mildew.

Lemon with borax

Another effective remedy is applying lemon with borax. Take equal amount of lemon and borax on the affected areas and waiting for dry before washing it with the water.

5. Don’t overlook grout line

Well, whenever people clean the tiles most of the time they skip the grout line; since cleaning grout seems a least favorite chore. So that after cleaning entirely, the tiles look dirty and unclean.

Luckily, there some easy way to clean grout line and your tiles look brand new again.

Homemade cleaner

You can use homemade cleaner to clean of grout line which is easy to prepare and quite effective.

To make it all you need a ½ cup of baking soda, a ¼ cup of vinegar, 1/3 of fresh lemon juice and 3 cups of water. Poured all ingredients into a spray bottle, spray the mixture on to the grout and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Next, scrub with a brush and rinse it with clean water.

Alternatively, you can use a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, a ½ cup of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Mix all together to make a mixture and apply into the lines of grout. Wait for 10 minutes and scrub it. Finally, give a thorough clean with the water.

Else if you don’t want to make a paste then sprinkle the baking soda and after that, spray hydrogen peroxide onto the soda. Then wait for dry and scrub it. Finally, wash with water to remove all residue.

Final verdict

Tiles have a shiny effect of itself that makes our home wonderful. So keep clean and make sure its remain hygiene since it’s important for our healthy life. Also, keep tiles clean to ensure its long life span and save your money.

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