How To Clean Your Carpet With A Steam Mop

Who loves a messy carpet? We don’t think that anyone like it. If your room carpeting is dirty, it will not only look ugly, but it will also have a negative effect on your mind.

There are many types of carpet cleaning machines available in the market. These are usually bulky and heavy. But if you are looking for a tool for easy DIY carpet cleaning, then we would definitely prefer a steam mop.

Wondering how to clean carpet fibers with steam cleaners? Then this article is for you. Through this article, we gonna tell you how to clean your carpet with a steam mop.

Let’s sail our ship.

Reasons To Use A Steam Mop to Clean A Carpet

There are many benefits you can get from a steam mop to clean your carpets. I mention here some of those –

Grab All kinds Of Dirt: Traditional carpet cleaners are usually effective for cleaning severe dirts from carpets, but sometimes small dirt or particles is not cleaned with it properly.

Almost all steam mops are particularly adept at cleaning small messes. So, if you want to clean all types of dirt and stains from your carpet from severe to small, then a steam mop will give you a great support. But obviously, this must be a good quality product.

Studies have shown that, regular steam mopping reduces all kinds of dirt and debris from steam cleaning carpets by up to 85.5%.

Easy To Carry & Maneuver: Of course, it is much more convenient to use a steam mop instead of a bulky carpet cleaner for regular carpet cleaning.

Because, a steam cleaning mop is lighter in weight than a regular vacuum cleaner and it is also easy to carry. As a result, you can easily transfer it from one room to another. At the same time, you don’t have to know too many rules to run a steam mop. Operating a steam mop is much easier compared to other cleaning machines.

Germ Cleaning Facility: Since the steam mop does the cleaning job with high steam, along with cleaning carpets and remove stains, it also kills the numerous germs with its high steam. You can call it two in one! That’s why we declare a steam cleaner as a good choice to keep a healthy flooring.

How To Clean Carpets With A Steam Mop – Step By Step

We’ve compiled this whole process shortly for your convenience. Let’s start reading without delay.

Remove Furniture’s

Moving furniture is a laborious task. But before you begin carpet steam, you must remove all kinds of furniture from the top of the carpet. But why?

This is because you will find a lot of dust and stains under the furniture which is difficult to clean without moving it. In addition, removing the furniture and loose objects will make it easier for you to operate the steam mop for better cleaning.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

We know, you want to skip this part. But without proper vacuuming your floors, you may face some difficulties to use a steam mop on the carpets of your rooms.

There are many kinds of messes you will find on your carpets and area rugs including pet hair, crumbs, loose dirt that is very hard to clean with only a steam mop.

Before start using a steam mop to clean the carpet stains, you need to make the floors suitable for it. And vacuuming is an ideal way for this task. Once the carpet is well vacuumed, you can do the rest of the work with a steam mop easily.

Securing Carpet Glider

Okay, now you have to set the carpet glider on the head of the steam mop. This carpet glider attachment comes with the steam mops. With a little pressure, you can attach it to the mop head. Follow the user manual carefully if you find it difficult.

Adding Water To The Mop

Now, you have to fill the steam mop tank with water. You can use tap water here. But keep in mind that, don’t overfill the tank, it can be harmful to your machine. Also, it can be hazardous because boiling water may spread everywhere near you during work. So, to get an accurate water measurement, must read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here we must say another notable feature of a Steam Mop. That is, there is no need to use any harsh chemical as a cleaning solution with a steam mop. The powerful steam of a steam mop is able to clean maximum dirts and killing germs.

Target Far Corner First

Plug the machine, press the start button and give it time to warm up. Always begin to clean dust mites from the carpets and mattresses from the flooring where your foot traffic is high. This could be your doorway or far corners of the room. To get an effective result, try to begin steaming the carpets from the far corner.

Steam Through Straight Lines

If you steam the carpet without a plan, chances are high that you’ll miss something to clean. Experts say that if you move the steam mop in a straight line on the carpet, there are low chances to miss any dirt’s.

Let The Carpet Dry

After finishing your carpet cleaning job, you will feel calm when you look at it. But after use the steamer on the carpet, you need to give it enough time to dry before using it.

It may take up to four to ten hours to dry, depends on the type of carpet. It’s better to open your windows of the house to enter fresh air to make the drying process fast. And if you have a fan, you can also turn it on to dry the carpet quickly.

But don’t walk on the wet carpet before it perfectly drying, otherwise, your whole hard working can be ruined and the carpet became dirty again.

Final Thought

A steam mop is not only a better option to clean your carpet, but also steaming can properly sanitize your carpet compare to any other chemicals. It’s natural, safe and easy. What else do you want?

Here, we tried to explain how to clean your carpet with a steam mop. Let us know your feedback about this article in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share with us your next DIY carpet cleaning experiences with a steam mop.

Happy cleaning!

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