How To Exercise Your Dog

A dog should exercise daily. The exercises are to make them pant and not exhausted. As the dog owner, you need to be very creative and come up with different games to play in the form of exercising. The daily exercises should include but not limited to playing fetch, Frisbee and swimming. Alternate the exercises to make it fun and kill monotonous. The dog will always be looking forward to the next kind of exercise.

All dogs need to exercise it doesn’t matter whether they are having physical conditions or they are old. Dogs with arthritis need to walk so that they can get their muscle joints moving. Others due to old age they become slow. They also need to be exercised to keep their bodies working as it should be.

Lack of physical activities leads the dog to become weariness, detrimental and disappointed. Due to this, they develop destructive behaviors, lose muscle mass and become overweight. All this can be cured by getting them out every day.

exercising dogs in hot weather

Areas where winter temperatures go below freezing points, pose a challenge to dog owners. The dogs too get bored. This should not be an excuse not to exercise, some indoor activities can help the dog to have mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Dog Exercise Programs

1. Play Dog Fight

In other words, tug of war. It is a fun game that engages both body and mind. The tug can be used as a shirt or a simple rope. You ought to have taught your pooch some basic bite inhibition before playing the game. Some dogs become aggressive and overly competitive after this game.

Dog Fight

2. Play Hide And Seek

Have your dog sit in a room and go hide. Call out its name and tell it to find should name your dog and let it be identified with that name always. The game lets your dog use their sniffing tracking method. It is both a mind and body game.

Play Hide and Seek

3. Take Your Dog For Swimming

Make sure your dog has no water phobia. Otherwise, it will not get in the water. Take it slow if it doesn’t know how to swim. Swimming impact is great especially to the dogs with mobility issues. Best for the old dogs.

Dog in swimming pool

4. Take Your Dog To A Neighbor’s

Dogs are perfect in socialization. When they get to meet they connect very fast. They start running up and down and in the process of the exercise.

Dog in neighbours home

5. Let Your Dog Chase Bubbles

Blow bubbles a couple of times and points them to the dog to chase. If the dog doesn’t get the concept, blow and try to catch the bubbles by yourself to set an example. Dogs are fast learners. The whole point of this game is to make sure you catch the bubbles before they hit the ground.

Dog chasing bubbles

6. Play Nose Work Games

Chop up few carrots and hide them around the house. If the dog is not aware of the game start by smelling tricks until the dog gets it. Let the dog sit somewhere and go hide the carrots. After hiding let the dog go and find them. The dog will have to walk all around the house in search of the treat.

nose game for dogs

7. Take A Walk With Your Dog

Dogs get over-excited whenever they are let out of the kennel. They do not know the appropriate time to take a walk. So they depend on their owners. They walk provides physical and mental exercise and highlights their day.

walk with dog

8. Play Using A Flirt Stick

A flirt stick is an exercise stick for dogs. You have to move it around and the dog will keep on chasing to get the lure. Start slowly and in short sessions as it is tiring.

Dog play with flirt stick

9. Give Your Dog A Job

A trained dog is very obedient. It becomes easy to even teach it some household objects. Ask the dog to gather clothes from the floor and take them to the laundry. It has to take one by one. Tedious work but after all its exercising.

dogs job

10. Get Your Dog Toys To Chew

Chewing toys for dogs is the best way to burn calories. Some get crazy about chewing toys and bones. Getting them new toys will excite them for days.

Chewing dog toys

11. Teach Your Dog To Use A Treadmill

Some treadmills are specifically for pets. They need to be trained on how to use one. When the treadmill is off let the dog mount on it. Then turn it on at a slow pace. don’t leave them unattended. Cheer them up to get rid of fear.

Dog using treadmill

12. Play Mind Puzzles

Puzzles make the dogs active due to the mental challenge. Play with the dog’s mind by keeping on changing its food bowl every fortnight.

mind puzzle games for dog

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