How to Get Rid of Carpet Allergies

How nicely you decorate your home with the carpet! But did you know the carpets call millions of the dust on it those are gradually creates the allergy and asthma problem.

Carpets can carry dust, dirt, pollen, and more that are the reason of running nose & eyes, itchy throat, and eyes, and sneezing. Especially people who have the allergy and asthma they suffer more than the other people. They can’t live a normal life as they have the sensitivity to the dust.

So what’re the solutions! I don’t tell you to avoid the carpet. The carpets have really enhanced the beauty of the home. if you clean the carpet properly and routinely you don’t need to be worried about the carpet,

Proper cleaning makes sure that your product lasts long with give you a healthy family.

Now I’m sharing some idea of the carpet cleaning which is truly effective and you stay safe from allergy too!


4 key to clean the carpet to avoid allergy

  1. Use Non-toxic product

Always keep remembering that chemicals are harmful to your body. If you have the allergy it is the best option to use the non-toxic product for cleaning if you have the allergy.

Baking soda with vinegar is such an amazing cleaning product but non-toxic. It is very easy to use and gives you a clean carpet.

Add the equal amount of baking soda and vinegar and some water to make a solution. Then put the solution into a dispenser bottle and spray on the carpet. Give some minute to let them set and dry. Now rub with a clean cloth (use white cloth for the better result as you don’t want to any dyes on your carpet) and you notice the dirt will disappear like magic. This solution is able to remove the stain.

  1. Vacuum regularly

This one is my personal favorite as it works really nice! Regular vacuum make sure you that ant dirt or dust can’t accumulate on the carpet. It also removes any stain from the carpet.

Moreover, if you suffer from allergy or asthma then definitely you should go for the vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. Because it was designed to remove 99.98% dust particle and able to purify the air.

Also many specialist and doctor would like to suggest to the allergic person for HEPA vacuum filter to get relief from the dust.

Likely, you are a pet owner but you have the allergy too or your family member gets asthma. In such case, you need to vacuum your carpet with HEPA filter. IT can accurately catch the pet hair.

So, vacuum your carpet in weekly or after 3 days to keep away from the dust particle.

  1. Vapor Steam Clean Carpets

The best way to clean the carpet is giving it vapor steamed. You can purchase a steam cleaner or rent a professional to do it if you don’t want to do yourself or you have no time.

This is best as it can heat the water up to 221degrees and you will be happy to know at 60 degrees all the dust particle are destroyed. You can also add the just little amount of carpet cleaner detergent with water while steaming. It will give you more shiny carpet.

One important thing is before you go for the steaming first find what kind of carpet you have. Some of the carpets are metal and others are wool or synthetic. Different types of carpet have the different level of the heat tolerant.

Also for wool carpet, you can apply the ‘Formula 90 Powder’ detergent or for synthetic apply the ‘Power Burst’. A standard steam cleaner permit you to adjust the temperature of the steam

After steaming let the carpet dry from wet. For completely dry it takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of the carpet. Avoid walking on the wet carpet especially barefooted

  1. Spot Cleaning Stains

Honestly, it is workable to remove spilled drink, pet urine, coffee stain, blood spots and other stains.

  • Pressing down a white paper towel to suck up the urine of the pet or coffee stain from the carpet. Doing this step until the urine is disappeared and remember don’t use the same towel, for each press you have to use the new fresh paper towel.
  • Next put the little amount of vinegar and water into the spray bottle. Now spray onto the stain and again press it with the paper towel. Repeat this step until you get out from the bad odor.
  • Lastly, use some sprinkle of the baking soda over the area which is a great natural odor absorber and let them dry. You might see some yellow staff come up too. Then vacuum the area all up that should take care of stain.
  • Alternatively, you can use 3% of hydrogen peroxide to remove these stain. For this process first, you have to know the type of the carpet and apply on the corner of the carpet to ensure it will suit your carpet.

Final Verdict

Allergy problem is definitely a sensitive issue. That’s why you should care about these. Just clean with a regular routine to avoid allergens as much as possible. So you and your family live a comfortable life with easy breath!


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